TELUS HTC Amaze 4G officially “coming soon”


  • CamLS

    Finally a new, and good, HTC phone for Telus! This will be my next phone and I can finally retire my w***e of a phone that is the BB 8330.

    • JTe

      Don’t worry. I feel your pain. I have a BB 8330 also. My contract with Telus expired back in June. My phone is slow and freezes every once in a while (I’m sure you know what I mean). I will be soo glad to throw this phone out the door. Now just debating on 3 phones, Ruby, Hercules or Nexus Prime. Can’t wait for my first Android phone…

  • kenypowa

    Apple disappoints; HTC delivers.

    Keep in mind that HTC Amaze 4G has 1.5GHZ dual core (iP4 S is mere 1.0GHZ), NFC, 2MP front facing camera (iP4+ only has VGA), with a peak download speed 3x that of iPhone 4S.

    Apple should seriously stop copying and starts innovating. Siri, who will Apple sue next?

    • Begging for a fight

      There is NOTHING about the iPhone, iOS or Apple in this article, yet you felt the need to write a comment revolving about how disappointing Apple is?

    • bob

      How do you know that the iPhone 4S is 1GHz? No number has been announced yet.
      When the iPhone 4 came out, everybody was telling it had a 1 GHz CPU while it ended up with a 800 MHZ CPU.

  • astudent

    I think I found my dad’s new phone now will he finally move away from his flip…that time will tell

  • Zirian

    Looks interesting.

  • Zirian

    So this will be quad band as well? I.e. support AWS? I see it on GSM Arena.

    • Victor

      On Telus it only lists the GSM bands, but on the T-Mobile site it lists the same as gsmarena. Hopefully its the same as the T-Mobile version. But I want the dark blue version instead of the white one.

  • Victor

    I hope it is quad band and I hope they get the dark blue version instead of the TMo colours

  • Squeegee

    Supposedly the atrix is an hspa+ phone capable of 14.4bps but the best I get on the bellus network in markham is 6mbps. Does anyone actually get more than 7mbps download on an hspa+ phone?

  • Tannis

    Yes, solid lineup from Telus. If only they’d expand their coverage in Manitoba.

    • aka

      Telus has their own 4G towers covering Winnipeg, but outside of Winnipeg is up to the MTS.

  • Sean

    I can now see why apple is trying to sue everyone because every does phones better then them everyone likes siri yet i see nothing but complaints about the iPhone 4S. I siri-ously want to get away from my iPhone 4 and onto one of these nice android devices

  • Jay

    Hmmm, interesting. I have been waiting for the Nexus Prime, but the specs on the Ruby/Amaze aren’t too shabby and I’m a huge HTC fan.

  • GDub

    That Sense3.0 is sure a drag on HTC’s phones. Wonder when they’ll get tired of Sammy’s GalaxySII eating their lunch.

    • EC

      what kind of dumb comment is this? you dont like the launcher on your android phone? CHANGE IT TO WHAT YOU WANT. there is literally like a hundred out there

      do you not know how to make a choice?

  • Alex Perrier

    Telus is really smart to get some “superphones” like the Galaxy S II X and now the Amaze. The pre-4G peak speeds of 42 Mbit/s (average 7 to 12) are also crucial because Telus lacks the almost-4G basic LTE that Rogers and Bell have.

    Aside: the original ITU definition says LTE Advanced (not Basic) at 1 Gbit/s peak is true 4G.

    All that being said, which would you rather buy? One of the 42 Mbit/s peak dual HSPA+ Androids at a lower cost, or one of the 75 Mbit/s devices at a higher cost? Personally, LTE costs too much for me to justify the extra spending.

  • Mark

    SWEET! Puts the iphone 4.1 to shame.

  • lrn2spell

    More excited for this than ip4s. Would welcome news on nexus prime even more though 🙂

  • Jay Jay

    HTC keeps rising to the top 😉

  • Jofa

    ya the iphone4s is only 1ghz BUT it’s a far superior processor to the snapdragon in the htc, sort of like the exynos 1.2 ghz in the bell samsung gs2 blows the 1.5 ghz qualcomm out of the water

    • EC

      No. it depends on the benchmark, even the 1GHz tegra 2 will beat the samsung 1.2GHz in some benches

  • krstnlndsy

    oh no….this or the Galaxy S2 X?? I can’t decide!

  • Nic

    this is a flagship phone and it has a 3.5 inch screen are you serious?

    • Mark

      Where do you see 3.5 inch? It’s a 4.3 inch screen.

    • Kenn

      Learning comprehension is a skill….

      From the blurb above:

      “4.3-inch qHD Super LCD display with a resolution of 960 x 540”

      Have a nice day.

  • Nic

    oops wrongs phone – me likes this one – i was thinking this was the iphone lol

  • Patrick

    No news from Bell regarding to LTE handsets, Telus has two awesome phones coming soon, common Bell, give us some LTE.

  • Todd

    Both this and the Galaxy S2 X that Telus will be releasing are inferior to the normal Galaxy S2 that Bell has. The processor and GPU are slower. Both are bulkier (the HTC is heavier and thicker, the GS2X is a brick with no increase in resolution). According to the MobileSyrup review, the GS2X loses battery life due to the dual stream antenna. Since the HTC is quite similar to the GS2X and has a smaller battery, it will probably perform worse. Yeah, Telus has a great line up, getting inferior phones 3 months later. On top of that, all the plans got worse as of today.

    • lrn2spell

      Way to be a negative Nancy there Todd… I’ve used the GS2X and yes the resolution isn’t as nice as the GS2, its still damn nice. Also the build quality is superior to the GS2. Lighten up man, you’re so angry!

  • aka

    Wow, 3 new Android phones announcement within a months time, 2 of them dual-core 1.5Ghz units (HTC Ruby and Samsung S II X), the other being the still respectable Sony Xperia Ray single-core 1Ghz Snapdragon S3 processor. Other than the next Nexus phone by Samsung, can’t really see what else could top these units, spec wise. But it would be interesting to see what else is available during the holiday shopping season!

  • Bryan

    when is this or the galaxy s2 X coming out, i just sold my crapple iphone 4 so i could buy one of these two phones.

  • Trevor

    This is great news! I’m a big fan of Sense, love a phone with weight and a solid build. Surprised the Amaze is coming with 3.0 and not 3.5 like the Runnymede though updates come (fast on xda) 😉 this has the features to keep it on the top of my new phone list.

    Can’t wait!

  • Nic

    my bad – to many tabs open I am a fan of this phone I was actually in the process of commenting iphone 4s

  • Klauset

    So it basically comes down to 4.5′ WVGA or 4.3′ qHD? HTC please! Now it’s just a waiting game ’til they sell it for free at best buy maybe around December time. A better christmas gift for a Jewish Atheist such as myself I could not think of haha.

  • Deli

    Exynos is the best chip overall in this generation of Android phones. There are limited areas where TI or Tegra or SnapDragon will surge ahread, but overall, my hat tips to Samsung for the Exynos.

    HTC is doing a great job and happy that their revenues have jumped again!

  • Steve R

    Telus is KILLING me with these “coming soon” product launches. S2 has been coming soon for 6-8 weeks now