Apple confirms upcoming October 4th iPhone event, “Let’s talk iPhone”


  • MRose

    What is it officially called? iPhone4S or iPhone 5?…Maybe we’ll find out on the 4th

    • douglasjordan

      my theory is iphone 4s now 5 in q1 2012.

    • Fergun Collins


  • douglasjordan

    *advanced note if you are an android use and don’t like apple, its because apple is not for you; one cannot deny the the os hw harmony you get with apple.

    • douglasjordan

      just want to note i am not strickly saying ios when say harmony, apple has a good complete package, paying 1000$ for a 11″ laptop with 2gb ram is not worth it BUT iphones are competitivly priced and offer ios so i think its worth it.

    • bob

      Depends. At $650 outright, the iPhone 4 is clearly NOT competitively priced and never was.

  • yanic Lemaire

    Can’t f*ckin wait to that date ! 😀

  • phoneguy

    I love how its over 60% nooooo lol haha apple u suck…go android!!

    • Gussy

      The only reason i won’t be getting a new one is that i had to sign a 3 yr contract. Plus i only had my iphone for less than a year. If i could upgrade i would, but that would be expensive.

  • Sean

    AS someone with an iPhone 4 I quite like the iOS 5 features that i have but i better get the assistant. Don’t cheap out apple and give it only to the new model.

    Any who they waited to long and i’ve decided the next phone will be the next nexus phone

  • Alex

    Can’t wait!

  • Dimitri k

    I will buy it if it does not look the same as the all the older iPhone’s. I like the specs i have been hearing but as long as Apple puts those in.

    A week today we will hear what this iPhone will have. Its been to long.

  • Gary

    MRose, I heard two versions are coming out. iPhone4S and iPhone5.

    • MRose

      Thanks for clarifying. I was honestly confused because I keep hearing the phone names being tossed around.

    • daveloft

      An image at the top of the article which shows a 1 on the phone icon is clearly telling you that only 1 phone will be announced.

  • adrian

    only buying iphone 5 if it works on mobilicity/wind network. otherwise it’s bb qnx or nexus prime

    • daveloft

      Well from what T-mobile has said today it’s very unlikely T-mobile will be getting the new iPhone and if T-mobile isn’t getting it, Wind and Mobilicity are definitely not getting it.

  • Justin

    I might buy it if the price were $400 or less without contract and if it had a memory card slot.

  • cass_m

    I’m not upgrading my Galaxy S soon because … I really like it. Software updates will do for me until my contract runs out or until something super spiffy comes around. How can someone decide to get an unreleased device? Since the iPhone 4 is on sale right now, why wouldn’t you just get that and update the OS as it becomes available. It’s not as if iPhones offer features not already found on other devices.

  • DarkisFever

    Well at least we can finally stop hearing people whine about when it’s coming. iPhone is a decent phone but I still do not understand all the hype and craziness of people who buy the new version every year. To each his own.

  • Mark

    Finally!! Now the galaxy S 2 will be cheaper thanks to the new iPhone. GS2 here I come!

  • picks

    Not buying one but will watch the press confrence just to see what’s a coming, probably won’t beat my optimus 2x on specs cause I know apple won’t give us a removable battery, micro sd card slot, micro hdmi port, and I doubt the screen will be biggher the 4 inches, and highly doubt it will be AWS which means no Wind/mobi/videotron support

  • Greg

    The last iPhone came out about a year, so most people would have about 2 years remaining. Will it be too costly to upgrade for these people, or will they just pay it.

  • Minsanis

    iPad 2’s announcement date was March 2nd. Their invite logo had a big “2” on it. Now they are announcing the next iPhone on the 4th of Oct and the phone icon has “1” on it. I am thinking they are just announcing the next iPhone 4, namely “iPhone 4S” and there will just be the only one being announced.

  • Joke!!!!!!!

    That’s a lot of votes in a hour. Nice website traffic! You don’t get that many hits when you guys do a giveaway. I’m not saying I’m just saying.

  • Joke!!!!!!!

    I smell bulls**t.

  • Joke!!!!!!!

    Hmmm. 22 comments but 600 votes! Really.

    • ToniCipriani

      There’s no rule saying you have to comment if you vote.

  • Downhill Dude

    I’ve never given Apple a penny of my money, and I don’t expect to start now. I’ve never even downloaded a song from iTunes. Nope! No iPhone in my future.

  • HTCmachine

    Why anyone would buy iPhone 5 over Nexus Prime is beyond me.
    You only have to wait a week longer to get a better phone people.

  • saffant


    It’s also 10x moe.g.stable than optimus 2x..

    And seriously what’s with so many anti apple fanboys; just because it doesn’t suit you doesn’t make it a bad device. (I’m an Gs2 owner, so don’t bring up that I’m being biased it something)

    • daveloft

      All he said is it won’t have things like removable battery, upgradable memory and HDMI out like his Optimus 2x. That’s not really anti Apple. That’s just a list of features many want in their phone and unlikely Apple will offer.

  • FadedSpark

    Undecided. I could easily pick up another line dirt cheap and enjoy it, but do I want it? Probably not. The GS II is doing fine for now.

  • Joke!!!!!!!

    Android sucks! Best news of the year.

    • Jerk

      Android has majority of the market share, so apparently it doesn’t. My Samsung Galaxy S2 has better specs than the iPhone 5 will and the Galaxy S2 has been out since July.

  • Jay

    Let’s hope the iphone 5 will be as good as the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant since we already know it’s weaker than the current S2.

  • Ex-iphone user

    This is great news because other better phones will drop in price to fight the apple hype.

    I bet this new iphone will certainly have the best screen ever seen so far though. The retina display on the 4 is still amazing

  • spee

    interesting…im due for an upgrade since i dropped my 3gs in the lake:)

    Im considering switching over to Galaxy S2 LTE still waiting on details on that… OR the iphone5,,,,

    We shall se

  • Jerrik

    I’ll stick with my more superior Galaxy S2 until the version of the Galaxy S2 comes out for Bell.

  • Stuntman

    I’m still waiting for a keyboard slider version from Apple.

  • MikeMike

    the only reason im buying one is because im eligible for a hardware upgrade and i plan on selling it for as much money as possible to some apple fanboy …

  • Seller

    I think you guys are overblowing the who “1” above the phone icon. It means nothing.

  • Sandman2749

    If you are reading too much into the picture at the top, you could surmise this:
    1) Since it’s Oct.4 – it must be a 4s otherwise they’d announce the iPhone 5 on the 5th
    2) The clock says 10 o’clock – that’s obviously the screen size in cubits. 
    3) The map shows highway 280 which means they phone will be $280 without a contract (or maybe that’s the monthly payment?)
    4) The green phone icon shows 1 missed call. It was Steve’s wife asking him to bring home milk.
    I know, pretty scientific eh?!?

  • ricky

    I gues only one phone is coming out, coz the cal. shows the date, clock shows the time and the 1 in a red circle represents the number of phone on launch date.. wired…

  • E

    It would be hilarious if all this hype, and they just made another version of the iphone 4.
    Flock isheep, flock.

  • DB

    I asked some one at apple to ask what’s the next iPhone will be called it’s going to be called i
    Phone 5.

  • Mike

    Probably not. Unless they change the design for once like they finally did with the iPhone 4, and it’s specs better be competitive with android phones (dual core CPU, 1GB RAM, SD-slot, hdmi out, removable battery, flash, mkv/avi/FLAC playback, AMOLED display) many android phones have had this for a very VERY long time (minus dual core/1GB ram), yet apple has never put ONE of these in their smartphones, they jack up the price, and yet millions of people (morons) are still camping out just to buy their products (toys)???? Where’s the sense in that? Only way I’ll buy an Apple product is they have to really impress me. If nothing comes close to the GSII (which I wouldn’t be surprised) I won’t even be interested.

  • Richard

    I can read my GSII in direct sunlight with sunlgasses on. Not the same could be said for Iphone 4. Love GSII just wish it had longer batter life and better ascessories already. My wife will be getting Iphone5 because her 3gs is screwing up. Personally i think it is robbers network causing the problem.

  • Patu

    i think it’s gonna be an iphone 5 (calendar icon 4 + phone icon 1)= 5 hence iphone 5…lol jus saying

  • Jesse

    The amounts of “Yes” means that people blindly buy into crap….

  • Terry

    Not excited to see apples release of a phone that will already be outdated and priced about $250 more then phones that are superior in performance and specs, Just to see it sell a billion units in a few days due to the stupid logo on the back of it. iPhones suck almost as much as our ridiculously brand addicted culture.

  • Alice

    Hi John,G’day. Wondering if I’m the only one having a prbleom in dowloading this podcast (#350). I’m using a PC and have been trying to download since yesterday but its’ giving me an error that the file cannot be is unavailable or cannot be found. Would you mind tkaing a second look.Thanks.