Infograph: Psychology of the Angry Birds addiction


  • Sean

    Now i can tell my teachers there is science why i am playing it at the back of class =D

  • Farquari

    Angry c***s

  • Joe

    my mood improves 100% of the time after I drink alcohol

  • ToniCipriani

    That also doesn’t count those who installed “free” versions.

  • Bill

    All those stats are based on a survey of only 500 people – hardly a big enough sample to provide accurate statistics

    • Nascar39

      The pie chart pic says 1000, still small but twice as good as 500. lol

  • Alex Perrier

    So on the TouchPad, the HP store says there is Angry Birds HD for free and Rio HD for a fee. However, in the free game there is a link to Seasons HD. This is not in the HP store. Why is it like that? Seems like a bug to me…

    Anyway, i prefer playing on a tablet. 🙂

  • Mark

    Addicted to angry birds. That’s funny. I played it for a couple days and then deleted it. Not fun at all. Can’t understand all this angry birds hype but w/e.

    Now battleheart is an amazing game if we are talking about “good”. Alas the average angry bird addict will have a hard time comprehending how to even play lol.