Chatr to release the Sony Ericsson txt pro CK15a


  • Sean

    Android ?

    • Terry Tan

      No android. I think this is the same phone than Sony Ericsson xperia mini pro but not android. The price is ok for 125$ Probably future shop or best will have some discount like the Nokia C3

    • John Wang

      It runs “Sony Ericsson proprietary OS”.

      Connectivity: 2G (no 3G) + wifi.

  • Eric V.

    At that price point it’s a damn shame they don’t make a CDMA version. Do you have any idea how wildly Public Mobile customers would flip out (no pun intended) to get a Sony phone for $125? I’d be the first one in line.

  • Superfly

    @eric….. Not quite understanding your logic…..CDMA is bell/telus ONLY!!!!!!!! And the tech is old and on it’s way to the landfill. Rogers and all new entrants are gsm/hspa/aws including telus/bell as well (since 2 years ago). So why would anyone want CDMA devices….. Because they live in a closet from the year 2000 with waiting for the earth to end. Gee…….

    • Victor

      Public Mobile uses CDMA.

  • Jonesy1966

    How quickly will this eat up your 100MB data allowance?

  • JustinCredible

    Jonesy, Mickey the fat uglu f**k-why donèt you go eat Wind Mobile’s a*s. You’re such a pathetic moron and no one listens to you. You’re an i***t.

    • Jonesy1966

      Wow, not only is your grammar and spelling astonishingly atrocious but you had to cowardly hijack someone else’s ID to take a pot shot at me! A proverbial trifecta of fail!