Rogers BlackBerry Curve 9360 details and confirmed pricing


  • TomatoGuy

    I guess Robbers are finally getting a message that a lot of people don’t want to sign 3 year contract for mid range phone. At $150 for 1 year this BB will definitely be a hit. Too bad that battery is only 1000mAh though.

  • Eric V.

    I will be happy to wait six months to see if these things fall apart like the damn 8520’s did. Build quality (or lack thereof) is the main reason I’m considering Android, and the main reason why RIM is bleeding customers — in my opinion.

  • Sean

    Great One and Two year pricing. Since it’s not a high end you shouldn’t to sign a long contract and they aren’t forcing one on you with these kinds of pricing


    FACT: The keyboard on this phone is bigger than the screen.

    • K

      Your identical comments on the RIM devices are getting tiring. Why do you have so much time to put down your “fact” in every recent Blackberry-related post?
      And what if the keyboard is bigger than the screen. The keyboard is very well-liked and is the main selling feature. People buy this phone for the keyboard! And if they don’t need a bigger screen, then this phone is perfect for them.
      I would appreciate it if you can stop with your comment because people have read it many times before already. Put down something more interesting and not-known.

    • Admin


      Please refrain from personal attacks, all viewpoints are allowed on this forum. Thanks.

      – Rick from MobileSyrup

    • sargent

      you are getting tiring and boring fact finder. grow some balls and post new stuff

    • Adam

      Most people buy Blackberries for the keyboard, but some people buy Curves because they don’t know any better.

    • ToniCipriani

      Yes, you made your point, the keyboard is bigger than the screen.

      Now my question back to you: So?

  • Jer

    Why does the article state the device is $349, but the chart above says $299 under no term?

    • Milpool

      $349 if you just buy it (“device sale” — a straight sale) and $299 if you buy it to use with Rogers without a term (“no term”).

      Essentially, if you’re gonna buy it from them but do so to unlock it and use it elsewhere, they’ll tack on another $50.

    • Laura

      $299 on a month to month commitment. $349 to buy it and do what you want with it.

  • juues

    this phone is brilliant phone and will crush iphone5

    beware apple

    • Adam

      I lol’d

    • Dee McSimmons

      I pooped

  • Dave

    $149.99 Retail Price for BlackBerry Curve 9360 and that’s all it worth. These cariers jerked up the price so high in order to get you into a contract then given you a “deal” by signing a 2-3 years contract and yet most consumers would fell for it, same things to all of the so call “smart phone” out there are ridiculously over prices. After all, this is only a phone and it will be dead in few years.

    • Adam

      No, Dealer price is much more than $149.99, retail is going to be higher than dealer price.

  • Ryan Bidan

    This is a good phone, but I recommend looking at Samsung

  • peter

    $349.99 wow thats way over priced for a basic smartphone. I paid $350 for my Nexus S from Koodo which is a superphone and has huge specs compared to this basic curve smartphone. RIM is releasing these new bb’s at way over charged prices. The curve 3g should now be at $75 bucks, and this new curve should be at $149.99 now that would be more reasonable for a basic smartphone with basic specs.

  • S S

    I’m very surprised at the pricing. Especially for the 1 year and 2 year prices. Usually with the Big Three the pricing is usually always heavily skewed towards the three year term.

    It would be nice to be stuck in only a one or two year contract!

    Normal Big Three Pricing:
    Device Only: $650
    1 Year: $649
    2 Year: $648
    3 Year: $199

  • VeZZ

    Why Rogers and not Fido when Koodoo already have this phone? Do you think Fido will get it later?