Sony Tablet (Sony S1) launching in Canada, possibly September 14th


  • choy

    is there a 3G version?

  • Clockwork

    Do we get Timescape as well? lol

    • Cadet

      i have two SE android device and i don’t use the timescape
      it’s quite useless xDDD but it’s a cool concept
      mediascape is better to use instead (i hope they keep that part)

    • Clockwork

      Trust me Cadet I know. I own an x10.

  • Jordan

    Knowing Sony they’ll likely price themselves right out of the market. If they can’t hit $499 for the 32GB model they won’t sell enough to stay relevant. It doesn’t matter if techies like us don’t like the iPad (though I own one and do like it) the fact remains that the iPad is – and always will be – the market leader, and no competitor will even come close without a seriously better value proposition and great marketing/advertising.

    • Bear (Mobile and Tablet Specialist)

      Oh if I ever read a more deluded statement, that was one! Another brainwashed Apple.

      The Ipad came out in 2010, check the specs on some HP Tablets that were released in 2003!!! Not only do they match the specs they blow them out of the water. Please spare us all your fanboy comments. You are behind and blind!


    • jay

      what i’ve learned from your comment is that apple fanatics not only have all the right answers, but can also see into the future. can i acquire these powers by simply trading in my sony ericsson arc for an iphone?

  • TheOnlyZirian

    I am sure the price will be expensive as any past Sony device has, mainly their line of laptops.

    • Cadet

      hate to admit but i do have to agree with you -____-
      i think camera’s are the only ones that are actually a bit lower in price….

  • Trev

    I actually like the way it looks and its PS cert.

  • Rick Ramalho

    Oh yeah! Another tablet. Just what the market needs. Now if only they could find buyers for all these tablets.

  • Alex H

    I for one AM interested in this one! A tablet that isn’t trying to look like/be like the iPad. If it integrates with other Sony devices even half as well as it suggests, I’m sold! But, I admit, I am fully in the Sony camp. I’ve already come to terms with that. 🙂

  • aaa

    why is there an apple logo under the “x” button? haha

    • Dimitri

      trololo i just saw that also. I am guessing he took this picture with a Iphone or the ipod touch. You can see its not in the picture it self.

  • Ted

    I like it

  • ice_cold

    What happens if they release the 2nd generation.. Does sony call it “S2” lol.. Samsung won’t play nice..

    • ajanu

      It will have a new name not S1, and the S2 exists, its a clamshell dual screen tablet

  • Bleven

    Given Sony’s past history, I wouldn’t put it past them to screw it up either in terms of pricing or features. Exhibit A: Sony dash

  • Clockwork

    Anyone know if the camera’s within the tablet have the Exmor sensor? Can’t find any spec about that anywhere.

  • Paul Q

    I sure hope it comes with at least 5 GBs of presinstalled bloatware.