Video: Rogers HTC EVO 3D Review


  • Sean

    Latest version of android is 2.3.5…

    Overall this sure seems like a nice phone 3D is cool and having used a 3D phone i am glad you don’t need glasses

  • Barry

    Just so you know, the latest version of android 2.3.4, as the Nexus S is only at 2.3.4, and any latest updates are automatically pushed to the nexus devices…

    3D is just a fad, it won’t stay, it hurts the eyes when in use for a long period of time, and eventually gives a headache… Like I said, it’s just a fad, there’s no use for it other than depth perception.

    • Barry

      No phone has that in use in Canada, there’s only one device that has that, and it’s the Nexus S 4G, exclusively for Sprint in the US

  • patrick

    Nice review ,but stop the bs htc and give Telus a high end supper phone so i dont have to switch to bell

  • John

    Who cares what version of OS is on it, point is that 3D sucks and hurts the eyes, that’s all!

    Won’t last!

  • Jay

    Im seriously considering giving this device a go. Anyone know a good price to sell my Nexus S for?

    Also, whats the advantage of having lower ping and higher download speed? Rogers regular 3G network seems to be pretty good. Im consistently getting 3.5 mbs/sec download speeds.

  • kenypowa

    Thanks for the excellent review. HTC is banging out slick devices, so does Samsung. No wonder Apple is suing these 2 companies.

  • Jake McKillop

    I am flushing my bb bold down the toilet and buying this phone ASAP!

  • andrew

    ^thats why there’s a 3d on/off switch. 3d aside, what does rogers have that is better? This also has wifi calling, i’m not aware of any androids that support this, in canada at least.

  • Dell Freak

    I have played with the HTC and the LG 3d phones and can say I actually prefer the LG when it comes to the screen quality and 3d viewing experience….I would save the 50$ and grab the LG if I was in the market for a 3d phone…Now that beeing said….Where to hell is Rogers version of the Samsung SGS II? They are loosing market share for every day they go without….There is no excuse to not have the SGS II….The Captivate was a so dissapointing compared to the bell or telus version…They better not do the same thing and bring in a watered down version….I am surprised that Rogers brought back HTC products considering the 911 HTC magic fiasco….and I think if they continue to sell HTC products that they bring in the Sensation…Rogers is on the right track however seem to be falling behind the 8 ball lately…Bell is killing them with their new line up of superphones….Hope they are listenning

  • nat

    CM uses 2.3.5 sources and releases 2.3.5 roms for many devices that are available in Canada. This could only mean that there are, in fact, people in Canada that are running 2.3.5. Don’t say baseless statements as if they were fact. Unless you meant Google official support then I concur.

  • Pigs Like Cheese

    I think pigs in 3D would be awesome! Pigs eating cheese in 3D is even better!!

  • Paul Q

    Big bulky shItty phone. Say it how it is. Pitiful next to SGS2.

  • Joe

    I was hoping the video above would have shown a cop car pulling up as the driver was using his cell phone.

  • Jon M

    I got this phone from Rogers Customer Relations over two weeks ago replacing a iPhone 3GS. I wanted a flagship and I got one. I must admit that I wanted a SGS2 but I am not sorry at all for getting this phone.

    I find that the phone is very smooth and the 3d is fun but without the ability to share with other people it does not have much of a function. You can convert 3d photos into 2d ones which makes it easy to post online. I agree with the reviewer fully, I do wish the battery life would last longer as I hated my 3GS for lasting only a day. Right now I am trying to find the best compromise for this. I must say that Android phones rock, I can see why Apple is ripping off Notifications! I could go on and on about this but without proper integration of contacts I doubt I would want to go back to an iPhone.

    Very Fast, Hackable (I read that you can OC this to 1.8ghz STABLE!), a Amazing 2d Phone screen, Love showing the 3d off too, lots of accessories available online. Feels amazing without a case! You can even buy new backs for it (some have kickstands). This phone might get sluggish benchmarks but keep in mind that it has double the ram compared to the Optimus 3d. Some people might not like the 3d but when you show them avatar, it truly shines.

    No 1080p video!, Squishy Volume Keys, Home and Search Keys are easy to press by accident without case. Really could use a 16gb SD instead of a 8gb. 3D is not widely adopted yet so no easy way to share 3D content. Battery life could be better (You can buy extended batteries and cases online however). Raised camera pod makes it easier to damage so most of the time I leave it glass down on my desk.


  • Jon

    is the screen gorilla glass

  • brigette roberts

    cool n is it better than the htc wildfire s

  • keiYUI

    Is that promenade mall I see? I know where you live 😉 Ohh yeah and great video btw… LOL

  • Tom@BBM

    Screen is very crisp on both devices but the 3D just works better on the EVO. Having tried both devices for extended periods of time, the EVO just looks, feels and works better to me despite its shortcomings.

  • Bubble Shooter

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