Bell BlackBerry Curve 9360 will be $349.95 outright


  • astudent

    still too much for my blood

    • TomatoGuy

      Comparable HTC Status from Telus sells for only $249.99 outright. BlackBerries are doomed because of the high price points. No one considers them as high-end smartphones anymore.

    • Alex Perrier

      Bell’s just known for selling phones for more than they are worth. Rogers is probably the priciest, and Telus’ prices are usually equal to or slightly lower than Bell’s.

      In light of the BlackBerry 9300 costing $300 at Koodo, it’s clear that Bell just wants to get as much money as they can. For the same reason, they still have the 8130 for $250 at Solo Mobile. i get an error when trying to buy it, but it’s clear that Bell and Solo charge too much for too little.

      What RIM should do is put a reasonable MSRP on their phones. That way, there’s less gouging by the carriers.

      Finally, will there be any AWS version of any new BlackBerry phones? It would make sense, because BB phones available at virtually all carries helped the company a little. WIND and Mobilicity advertise the Curve a lot, the Bold a little. Multiple carriers slows down RIM’s fall, at the very least, like a parachute.

  • Nick

    Pretty good, considering the specs are mostly as good or better as the 9780.

  • kin

    Koodo will have it for 300 according to another blog post here. Will get it from them instead.

    • Sunny

      Thank you Kin for the heads-up. I, too, would like to support CDN companies but $350 is still quite steep and I don’t really need the level of security BB provides.

  • Pacoup

    In order to compete with Android, this should be 200, the new Bold should be 350, and the Torch’s should be 400.

    Then I think BlackBerry could do some major damage to the competition.

    • Friend

      I say get it to $300 and I’ll buy, what RIM should do is make this $300, bold at $400, torch at $500, and kill the pearl if they haven’t yet.

    • skullan

      “In order to compete with Android, this should be 200, the new Bold should be 350, and the Torch’s should be 400.

      Then I think BlackBerry could do some major damage to the competition.”

      The highest price Telus Android is currently $529. There’s no reason why the Blackberry should reduce beneath that, especially the bold due to its touch screen and keyboard.

      The curve is over priced for being an entry level device. I’m not sure what they are thinking. However, I don’t think it should be beneath $250.

  • kardi

    Not too bad.

    My qustion is why the hell is the Bold 9900 so friggin’ expensive? It’s robbery what they’re asking for it outright. Especially considering it has a smaller battery and the camera on board is sub par. Even the Torch 2 outright is overpriced.

  • Baka

    I like. We like. You like?

  • Harold the Barber

    hit me on my blackburrrrrrrryyyyyy

  • peter

    $350 wow thats expensive for just a basic phone like a blackberry. my samsung nexus s cost $350 brand new from koodo, and my nexus s is 100 times better than a plain old blackberry. RIM is releasing these bb’s with high prices, their gonna fail. For that kind of money you can get a high spec android which is worth you money

  • Dave

    Rim must be dreaming, the BB 9900 not even worth $350.
    BBE, BBS is very old news, what else is there? nothings, nada
    zil, They should drop their prices in haft in order to survice in the next few years or it’s OVER.

  • George

    I hope people aren’t getting bb’s just for BBM. if so their not smart at all..BBM is very limited cause it can only be used on a blackberry. there’s an app called whatsapp which works exactly like BBM, but is way better cause you can use it on Iphone, Blakberry, Android, and even Nokia.

  • TP

    Between Nexus S and this, I’m sure where my money would go if I were to buy a $350 phone.

  • George V

    is telus going to be getting the 9360?