PC Mobile releases the Android Samsung Galaxy 550, fruit not included


  • Dave

    what about the mango’s? are they included then?

  • Alex Perrier

    As their first Android, which Virgin is trying to clear out, PC Mobile’s 2.1 choice is a little disappointing, but the price is just about right…

    But even if they had a better Android, PC’s plans aren’t really that great. It seems like they are only good as emergency prepaid service.

    Considering all this, maybe buying an Android elsewhere, then unlocking it, makes more sense than to buy an obsolete smartphone.

  • CH

    how is it the “cheapest” when virgin’s is only 89.99?

    • Jeff

      There 79.99 at Pc till Sep 8th! Thats how there cheapest smart azz….

  • Lucas

    why would anybody go on PC mobile? The phones suck- and the plans suck…

    • sylvie

      Pc mobile does not sucks….. I am with them since june and they have great plans……

  • Michael

    Thats funny. That’s exactly how much I pay for my Holiday Miracle Plan (with tax included)…

    • whocares

      I think you mean that’s how much you pay for horrible coverage and dropped calls.

  • Greg

    Unlimited internet browser or $10/month data plan. What’s the difference?

  • Big 3

    they just need some local minutes on their $15 plan then it’s good to go!

  • Technodork

    I love how they use a mango in the add lol shot at WP7? lol

  • Rashypoo

    PC doens’t have the cheapest per-say… its been 99 on virgin for the past few weeks lol

  • Tibbs

    Sorry guys my wife has one of those phones. She wants to get a skin. Where should she look?

  • ED

    I bought PC Samsung Galaxy 550 about 7 months ago. Where can I get the servcie to fix the problem? Phone doesn’t boot but the Samsung logo and Android banner keep comming up repeatedly.


    • matjessam

      If you still have your bill take it back to the store that you bought it with its box and everything that came with it even if you dont have the bill take it there and see what they can do for you because it is a pc product they should help you