Chatr officially launches “the Social” LG Phoenix and its data offering


  • benry

    another great innovation, from Canada’s greatest telecom carrier. this is good news for sure.

  • sid

    Sorry, but what’s innovative here? I hope you were being sarcastic.

    • lukehard

      exactly. I wanted ot let people know please stay away form chatr, they are having serious calling voicemail, dropped calls issues. after speaking with tech named KIDUS, who told me that 4 days ago of an issue was “not fresh enough”, sent internet chatr messages to my phone when I don’t even subscribe ot internet and hung up the phone because i had ton inform him that this phone is 3g (he put me on hold to verify this), THEY HAVE NO CLUE! and not dealing with the calling issues that I am not alone in having in Torotno, it’s a good deal but they suck now (last year no/little problems).

      Problems are intermident, not the phone or sim card, have done troubleshooting and others having problems.


      any questions, please let m know I can try to help explain the ongoing issues with chatr. Again, they were not always this way.

    • lukehard

      p.s. I left chatr two days ago because delaing with calling issues for over 3 months and beign told by other tech named KAMAL (who was nice, unliek KIDUS who should be fired), that network issues may not be resolved until MAYBE January 2012!!!


  • benry

    no sarcasm – it is a great day to see one of the big 3 push data into the prepaid space. rogers is taking the leading edge in this regard. a sign of things to come…

    • Jack

      Chatr (Rogers) isn’t the only one that has data for prepaid. Telus has been offering 250MB of data with unlimited text for $20/month for a while now, now that must be innovative for you.

  • TP

    I never thought $10 for 100MB and $6/MB in US were considered “discount”. Rogers is innovative, for sure.

  • mrtepes

    *vomits*, another phone made from stolen Apple tech,. Get an iPhone! Don’t let other companies leech off of Apple

    Apple invented smartphones
    Apple invented operating systems
    Apple invented batteries

    That is why non-Apple products run like crap. Windows is slow and buggy, android devices have horrible battery life, other phones experience is crap. That is all because Apple innovated. All other companies just stole Apple’s tech and made horrible copies. Stop using products made from stolen tech. Get the real deal. Get a Mac, get an iPhone!

    • TomatoGuy

      What we have here, is a perfect example of Apple-brainwashed customer.

    • Alex Perrier

      BlackBerry? Palm? Windows Mobile?

    • whueipf

      “Apple Invented Batteries”

      What? Seriously? I’m pretty sure batteries were around before 1976. And I think batteries would have existed then because what else would power the devices Apple stole tech from?

  • lukehard

    WARNING I am a current chatr customer and am having reception issues in large downtown Toronto and tech finally got back to me after talking to him for over a month (june 30th), and this was his response “the network is overloaded and won’t be fixed until new tower are built MAYBE IN JANUARY!!! 6 months/half a year away!!! I am not making this up, I can give names and dates. WARNING ROGERS/CHATR customers.

    I wish I was making this up as I’d rather have reception then credits for not making calls,calls dropping etc. family members having problems with rogers too, tells oyu there is a real problem. Open to solutions,suggestions!

  • littlebabywawa

    Give exact names/phone numbers/locations so we can call to confirm!

    • lukehard

      I’d love to. Sherway gardens dodgy recepetion,commerce court, first canadian place, eaton centre area (right outside fido store) intermident problems and funny thing is calls would drop while talking to chatr customer service!!!

      Spoke with tech on June 30th, finally spoke with them again yesterday. p.s. supervisor named Alex at call centre has no idea what he is doing and had to call back and speka with csr since he had no clue what was going on.

      can’t believe I’m saying this but might consider trying Mobilicty,public or wind mobile as your recetption area may not be as big but reception may finally be about the same.
      tech issues aren’t being dealt with.

  • Curious

    This all looks good, but what can be done with only 100meg. You could burn through 100meg in a few days with light usage. On an android device minimum I would consider is 1gig.

  • Alex Perrier

    Only $102.40 for each additional GB! No worries! Surf happy!

  • littlebabywawa

    Alex Perrier sounds like a total i***t, is this all you do all day and come on to make stupid comments. I use chatr in the same areas and have no problems whatsoever. Trust me Wind Mobile/Mobilicity don’t come close and they are s**t providers.

    • Jim R

      Koodo’s Data Saver (flex) plan that starts at $10 beats the Chatr data plan by a cosmic mile in terms of overages.

  • A B

    100mb of data? that’s a joke right? mobilicity and wind give unlimited and service really isn’t crappy at all…

  • Mongoose

    What you all fail to realize is that you don’t actually need this s**t. You never have. It’s a luxury and anyone who complains that it’s not enough or not up to their standards is a puerile f*****g i***t who ought to be shot and burned to ashes with all records of their existence wiped clean and all who knew them brainwashed to forever draw a blank at any thought of the motherfucking loser. You’re all a bunch of spoiled brats and I hope you all rot in hell. Goddamn children! Die! Die! DIE!!!

    • KV

      you mad bro?

  • LazerAndroid

    mobi will not lastwith competiton like this.Once Big3 REALLY start paying attention,they will have no trouble crippling Mobi,and then buying them outright.With backdoor deals,and spreading lies, Mobi is already on the “endangered list”.

  • Fresh

    I was on chatr and got tired of waiting for data. This ridiculous pricing vindicates my decision to jump ship to another carrier. You’d have to be very ill informed and unaware of the cell-phone market to pay that, even if you only use very little data.

  • yan

    No thanks, I’m happy with my 6gb of data with koodo for $25 per month. chatr must be joking with this 100mb deal,,,,,,lol lmao lol. I can go through 100mb in 1 day. Chatr really didn’t do ts homework on this. watch will happen now with all chatrs subscribers who were waiting for data are now going to jump ship to either koodo with 6gb of data for $25 per month, or wind, mobilicity 5gb of data for $10.


      You’re right, all those customers on a quality network are going to switch over to companies that lost them in the first place because of dropped calls, no signal in-zone, and non-existent customer service. There’s nothing like a BMW without wheels…..


    This posting is incorrect. You will not be “charged” those overage rates. Those are the rates that additional data costs the customer but it is still on a pre-paid basis. (ie, no surprising bills or confusion to worry about.)
    Also, this data does NOT work on Blackberries and Iphones. It is strictly for Android handsets. (A decision, no doubt, set in place by Chatr’s daddy, Rogers.)

    Get the facts straight, folks.

  • lol

    thanks for the info. chatr rep!! stop trying to persuade ppl. u know 100mb is a freakin joke.


      I just research things before I go blabbing about it on the internet. Try it sometime. So refreshing.
      And ya, it’s not the best, for sure. But at least the plan actually works. What’s the point in getting a “great plan” at Wind/Public/Mobilicity when it doesn’t work half the time???

  • rickey

    just wondering i have an unlocked blackberry can i use it on chatr and can i use the email and blackberry messenger on it with the 100 mb data plan chatr is offering ,currently using it on rogers network.


      100mb would be enough for BBM and emails, yes, but currently the Chatr data package only works on android phones.

  • mark

    grr. why cant rogers offer this on their main network prepaid? cause id buy one! still cheaper then getting a crappy curve 8520…..

  • tony

    chatr is a piece of s* what the hell is with this plan ??? 100mb of data ??? we are in 2011 soon 2012 wake up!!!! stop scamming people – who ever came up with this marketing campaign is a big moron! it won’t work, worse you will lose more customers, 4 in my family already – monday I will be changing my service provider and never coming back! stupid fks!~ we work hard for our money and you are trying to scam us with this crap thinking it will work! forget it!

    • lukehard

      You are correct scam Tony. I was also told whiel having calling issues (not data), that to turn your phone on to 2g, (mine is unlocked), I explained ot them I had tried that and did not resolve network problems and I said you mean to tell em you tell every customer who has a 3g phone, such as this very lg phone that they shoudl eb using slower speeds on 2g in order to get reliable “no worries talk happy” service? Yes. This was what KIDUS tech person told me.

      I left, and suggest others do as well. Customer service is a joke when dealing with issues problem is no escelation process.