Fido Optimus 2X, Xperia Pro and Galaxy Q all launching in August


  • Alex Perrier

    Giving pit bull prices a good home.

  • Dimitri

    Honesty Fido is a good company. I am switching to them once they get the iphone 5 ( which i hope they do). It’s just they are slow on getting new phones out. With this i am sure a lot more people might wanna switch over from Rogers to Fido for only $100. ( YES i know Fido is owned by Rogers).

    • PeeJeff

      You should really wait for the Nexus Prime then, specs-wise it should trump the iphone 5!

  • Big 3

    Wow it’s awesome if Xperia Pro is gonna be released in Mid august. Funny thing that Sony Ericsson itself will be selling the phone in late sept.

    Fido…please get discount smartphone plans…

  • Fury

    “Fido…please get discount smartphone plans…”


  • Tsubasa

    That’s a great selection for Fido! If you are gonna go from Rogers to Fido for $100. Make sure you get your Save HUP or upgrade first from Rogers then jump.

  • Wade

    You can’t save your upgrade if you wish to switch to Fido. The way the switch works is: 1. You must be at least 1 year into your current Rogers contract. 2. You have to call into Rogers and inform them of your intent. 3. You can’t cancel, you must port over your number to do the cancellation. 4. You pay the first $100 of your cancellation fee and fido pays off the rest.
    What I’m getting at is that if you upgrade first the you have a new contract and can’t switch for 1 year.

    • HK_Forever

      Will you get a new fido phone and data plan or keep using the Rogers plan?

    • Mo_Sene

      Thats not true , you can HUP then switch to fido or vice versa . Its call interbrand migration and let me give you all the criterias ,which if u meet nothing else matters :
      1- The phone number needs to be active under the same account for at least a year
      2- you need to keep the same phone number (only port outs you are right on this)
      3- Both new and old account need to be under the same name.
      4- It will only work once , so it has to be your first time doing it.
      5- You need to take a new agreement wether you`re going to fido or rogers.
      6- If u go from fido to rogers and u meet all the criterias all ecf + decf will be credited after 15 days , If you do the opposite all ecf + decf after $100.00 will be credited after 15 days.

      I’ve seen many customers do it and i even recommend customers to do it sometimes. If u meet all the criterias do your HUP , wait till the credits post on your invoice then do your one time intrebrand migration certified to work !

    • tiesto1989

      1-year seniority with Rogers, not 1-year into the contract.

  • Dimitri

    @ HK_Forever.

    You need yo get a new phone & a new plan with Fido if you will switch from Rogers to Fido. The plan you have with rogers only stays with Rogers. Fido might be able to give you a equal plan you have a Rogers if they want too.

    • HK_Forever

      Ok, because Tsubasa said “Make sure you get your Save HUP or upgrade first from Rogers then jump.”

      So I move to fido to finish the remaining contract with Rogers right?

  • Dimitri

    @ HK_Forever

    Nope. Once you port you’re number over to Fido You will lose everything with Rogers. You become a New costumer of Fido now. Which means you have to sign up with either a 2 year plan or a 3 year plan with Fido in order to pay the $100 fee. He made a mistake since you can not Save you’re HUP. You start fresh once you leave Rogers & you go Fido.

    • HK_Forever

      Oh I see, but once I move to fido, my Rogers contract is finished even though there are 2 years left from a 3-year contract? I don’t have to pay extra to cancel beside the $100 fee?

  • Dimitri

    @ HK_Forever

    Yup. Once you port you’re number over to Fido, You’re contract with Rogers terminates & all you have to pay is your last bill & the 100 & that is all.

  • Cadet

    i have the x10 mini pro (brought unlock elsewhere)
    i hope to upgrade it to a x pro (aka: S.E.X. Pro)
    which i would not mind to sign an ‘agreement’ then =]

  • choy

    Is the Xperia Pro single or dual core?

  • Alex

    BTW, samsung galaxy Q = samsung gravity smart already released on T-mo

  • Alex

    Xperia Pro is single core, think of it as an Xperia Play with a keyboard instead of the gamepad. Same specs as the Arc too (except for the screen).

  • Bob Chan

    is it possible to buy a phone from Rogers and use it on FIdo? ._.

    • Dimitri

      Nope you have to unlock it.

  • alex

    The Optimus 2x should start shipping as soon as august 4th, and fido plans to introduce a 10$/100mb data option aswell as the option for a 10$ flex data package(already available through retentions)

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Thats nothing!! Wiat till you see what WIND has in store!

    MORE Huawei phones, some Alka-Seltzer ones too! So do not get fooled into buying a phone with a warranty and manufacturer support! buy a WIND one and get the peace of mind knowing that your phone is not covered by the people that made it!