Poll: Is your next device going to be Android?


  • Francis

    I’m still thinking about the N9, if not, Android. Well, if the Nexus Prime is not 4.5inch I’m totally getting it.

    • KC

      Go for the N9! You won’t regret it and you’ll be casting your vote for the path that Nokia should have been on all along. Tell Nokia’s Board of Directors that Stephen Elop and Microsoft are the wrong choice for Nokia! There is only one way to do that and that is to vote with your wallet and choose the N9 over the Sea Ray.

  • Carl

    Samsung Galaxy S II for me!!!!!!!!!

  • KettleCorn

    Pretty set on the N9 and MeeGo.

    • KC

      Awesome to hear!! It won’t be cheap in Canada because it’ll have to be imported from most likely Hong Kong. But the more people that step up and vote with their wallets to tell Nokia what it’s loyal customers really want the better

  • Steve Dion

    I currently have the iPhone 4 and SGS2. Currently SGS2 is the best phone out there. And this is coming from and apple fan boy. It is light, super fast and a really really nice display. Can’t wait to see what the next iPhone will be like. Competition is great!!

    • MXM4K

      Well said! Neither brand would be as great without the other pushing them to be better.

  • jellmoo

    I’m pretty sure it will be WP7 for me. I’m really liking the features that Mango is bringing, and I love WP7 aesthetics.

    T o each their own though. The more competition, the better we as consumers will fare.

  • KidCanada

    Where is the option for H3ll to the muthafukin no! Cuz that’s my answer 😀

  • Reggie Noble

    I voted for Android.

  • roman129

    I’ve got a Nexus S. My next phone will be another nexus device. No bloat, minimal bugs, updates straight from Google, no fiddling needed.

  • KC

    Look at that! Blackberry right up there neck and neck with iPhone. Warms my heart to see Patriotism like that. RIM needs all it’s loyal users now more then ever to get it through the transition to the bright future of QNX superphones.

  • astudent

    I was in the states on Friday, I saw more android devices in 5 mins than I did in Canada over the last few months.

    • Stuntman

      In the US, only AT&T had the iPhone for many years. The other carriers pushed Android and if you did not want to go with AT&T, you probably got an Android. In Canada, the iPhone was available on all 3 major carriers from practically the beginning. It’s not surprising that there are more iPhones in Canada than the US and more Android in the US than Canada. Also, BlackBerrys are rather popular in Canada as well. It took a while before Android is able to gain market share in Canada compared to the US.

  • Dustin

    iPhone for life <3

  • Brad F

    Android? No thanks. I’m a geek, but I like to get away from that on my phone.

    WP7? I want to, but it’s just not there yet, software-wise.

    WebOS? Same as WP7.

    Symbian? You’re funny, MobileSyrup.

    BlackBerry? Yes, I love sinking ships. (that’s a no)

    IPhone? It’s sort of lacking, but could do if jailbroken.

    Bada? Shows promise, but it’s not going anywhere.

    F**k it, I’m getting a flip phone.

    • Stupid

      Cheapo phone that can text on a cheapo plan and a 7″ tablet with 3G would actually save you a fair bit monthly and give you more power overall.
      Or you could even screw the texting and just skype or im through the tablet.


  • Victor

    I went Android and regret it. The upgrade to 2.2 came VERY late, and when it did, it disabled my camera! Also the backlight/screen now illuminates itself randomly, and for long periods of time, cutting my battery life in half.

  • AwesomeP

    I’ve had no end of trouble with my Android the last month or two… so not for me. Probably get one of the new Blackberrys.

  • astudent

    I have an iPhone, android and wp7….what do I pick? I just switch between them lol. Well I’ll put wp7 because thats where the sim card is now.

  • TeknoBug

    I love Android but I am a long time Blackberry user, I will wait for the next generation of Blackberries with QNX.

  • jim

    Android phones have one thing in common thier batteries suck. Come 11 oclock you are afraid to use it cause the battery is almosy dead. No thanks. Also even the best ones are still compared to iPhone 4 which came out a year ago.

  • user

    HELL YA!!!

  • Zirian

    Always will get future Android phones and have been using them for the past year now. Been through 7 with the ones I currently have.

  • DigitalMann

    I plan to pick up a Bold 9900 next month. I like the physical keyboard and there aren’t many Android phones with this feature to choose from.

    I’m interested in wp7 and look forward to what Nokia brings to the table.

  • MARS

    In the U.S, all you see is Androids!!! It’s always us Canadians that sooo far behind!!

    • Downhill Dude

      GS2 in Canada before the U.S. So there.

  • Mathieu

    My next phone will run Android for sure … most certainly a Nexus phone to get pure Android and the latest update before anyone else.

  • jpbaril

    I whish my next phone would be a Meego phone. Hopefully Meego will still be alive.

  • FadedSpark

    I voted symbian to be facetious. I just bought an SGS II

  • Gab

    I expect higher android users on phone sites than iphone sites just because android has more products and news.

  • Jake

    Poll is a little bias.
    Let’s hype up the Android love and have a big picture of a cute little alien guy to attract all the Android fan boys, the as who is going to buy andriod.

    Mobilesyrup pushes Android more than any other OS. I think they attract mostly Android users to this site. BB and Apple users don’t frequent this site as much.

    • Colin

      I absolutely agree, it’s bias because the whole question is about whether you would be getting an Android handset. The question should have been, “What handset are you going to get in the next year”, and list the OS’s. Also, Meego is missing from the options, there were an awful lot of comments about people getting Meego next.

  • Nick

    I have a Nexus S now… to be honest, I sort of hope RIM gets their act together and blows the doorknobs off with their 2013 lineup, otherwise I’ll probably stick with Android. It certainly hasn’t disappointed, although it’s still rough around the edges in some spots in ways my 2nd gen iPod isn’t.

  • Frederick

    Android!, but the pol is kind of badly build, each time i refresh, or return to home page, than click to see the comment , i can vote again

  • Stuntman

    I plan on getting a tablet soon. Trying to decide between the Eee Pad and the iPad. Both products are good, I’m leaning towards the Eee Pad. Still doing some more research before making my final decision.

    • Sean

      I have a Transformer and they are really good tablets, they are the only canadian tablet to run android 3.2 as well as a beast of a tablet that handles almost everything you throw at it

  • Lang

    I loved my Bold 1G and never thought I’d choose a touchscreen over a physical keyboard. It broke down some time ago and I’ve since been using an iPhone 2G. I’ve also had ample time to play with my friends’ iPhone 4s and various Android phones, and now I can’t see myself sticking with RIM when the competition offers better apps, larger displays, stronger hardware, and optimized operating systems.

    I don’t quite know which phone to go with yet (better judgment says the Galaxy S2, but I’m waiting for MobileSyrup’s Infuse review before making any moves), but it’s definitely going to be an Android. I think Apple has an excellent product in the iPhone; I just like having the freedom to mess around with different ROMs and other such customizations.

  • Mark

    iPhone 5 – if the phone design is different. Other wise the current one is good enough and very happy with it.

    QNX based smartphone without a hardware keyboard – do want. Love the gesture movement based UI of playbook.

    N9 – if it’s released on Rogers hopefully or if it drops significantly in price, it will be my final choice. Will be content to skip other phones.

    webOS – if HP produces a non-keyboard webOS phone, ill jump to it if N9 isn’t cheap enough and the newer iPhone is not compelling.

    Rest – don’t really care.

  • brando

    HTC Incredible S, got the new OTA upgrade and im good till next spring when all the new devices come out will be the time ill think about another Android device or if the rumors are right and RIM did good on the super smart QNX phone then i might have ro think abiut it

  • V____M

    Are you serious? Why the f**k would my next device be one made from stolen apple tech?

    • mike

      No sorry, Apple stole the Iphone Ideas from Samsung, and stole the name Iphone from Cisco, and stole the name Icloud, get your story straight

  • Poodz

    So we know that 70% of phone blog websites picked android last time. Lets see how many pick it this time. Hardly accurate data.

    • Jake

      Down to 60% so far.
      Looks like Android is losing support even with the bias poll question 🙁

  • random

    I have been hearing alot recently that “android is loosely based of ios,” “android is stolen iPhone tech.” I had an iPhone now I have a android. I do see similarities (learning of each other, that’s how technology gross IMO) but can somebody please explain the technicality of it because I just don’t see it and it sounds like either trolling or fanboyism. I guess they’re one in the same to certain extent.

    • TeknoBug

      Just ignore that “stolen apple tech”, it’s the same guy trolling over and over. Little does he know that Apple has stolen themselves.

  • mike

    my next phone will be bb torch 2, bb’s I find are way more relaible than any other phone, Android batteries die after a few hours, updates are to slow sometimes never come cause phones end up being not supported no longer> Iphones have notification issues and customer is stuck with only the memory what you got, and can never upgrade the memory, like changing the micro sd card like on other phones. And I like the fact of supporting a Canadian company like RIM based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

  • Brian

    Nope, going with BlackBerry 9.77% (221 votes)

    What a shame. If you’re going to dodge iOS, at least pick an operating system with a competent software upgrade plan like Android or Windows Phone 7. Hell, I’d take a Symbian dinosaur over another lackluster Berry at this point

  • mike

    but the fact is, very where you go, someone is holding a blackberry in their hand, I very rarely see anyone with an android. I see a few people walking around with a (sam)Iphone(sung), brackets means really a samsung Iphone, since Apple stole all the ideas from Samsung. Once you go blackberry you never go with anything else. Blackberry’s are the first smartphone and will be around for decades to come. Iphones right now are only a trend and trends die out eventually. Androids will be replaced with something else down the road. WP7 has no chance, symbian is already dead.

  • Oneforall

    I’ll never get why some Android fans (especially the ones on the FB comments) always feel the need say F*** YOU APPLE AND YOUR ITOYS. ANDROID RULEZZ/ANDROID 4 LYFE!. Very mature of you guys.

    I’m waiting until the iPhone 5 to come out to make my decisios. And by then 45 new Androids phones will probably be out so if I don’t like the iPhone, then I’ll get an Android, but either way this Blackberry has to go! I can’t deal with it.

  • laweege

    i voted android. i have an atrix and i really like it. when i’am ready to buy again say in two years i will of course research all. i think by then wp7 should be there in a big way. i just don’t see how it can miss.
    a smart phone that will be an extension of your computer in your hand. since 80 or 90 percent of the worlds computers run windows and your mother can work it or your five year old and they market it that way, what would make the most sense to people who just want a phone that works and it’s on a system they already understand and know how to use.
    not everyone wants to tinker with there phone look at the success of the iphone. a good phone that just works.

  • Getreal

    Mike is right. Blackberry is everywhere. I went down the Android road once with a Samsung Galaxy S phone. What a hunk of junk. Android sucks. No updates, force closes, lagginess, and very crappy battery. You can take Android garbage if you want but I will stick with iOS and RIM for my future needs. Looking at potentially getting an iPhone 5.

  • Jonesy1966

    I voted BlackBerry for 3 reasons:

    1) The hardware is second to none. I have never in my 26 years of using mobile devices found hardware as reliable and as well made;

    2) The Bold’s physical keyboard is peerless. There is no way that anyone can convince me that a touch screen keyboard is the way to go, there are far too many drawbacks, for me anyway. The texturing of the Bold keyboard makes it far easier to touch type and tping is much faster and more reliable as a result;

    3) OS6 448 was a pain in the butt and came close to convincing me that my next phone should be something other than a RIM product. Even though it’s just been a couple of days since 615 came available, all the complaints that I had previously have been erased and I’m back in the RIM fold again. QNX is going to be a killer OS when it’s launched next year and there’s certainly enough life in my 18 month old Bold to wait.

    As someone said early in this thread, each to their own!

  • Philippe Gaboury

    I’m hoping I can get an iPhone come Fall since they currently aren’t supported on my provider’s network (Videotron). If the new iPhone is still unsupported, I know I’ve got great Android choices to fall back on.

  • pnkilmartin

    I just upgraded my 2G Samsung Flip-phone on Saturday to the newly released Samsung Galaxy S II….so yes my next upgrade will be…err…was an Android phone.

  • Rob

    Dumping my (awful) Blackberry Torch as soon as I can reasonably justify buying a Galaxy S 2 and unlocking it.

  • RobUncorked

    What do I check to say I already bought an Android?

  • Harris

    Windows Phone 7.

  • JB

    If carriers in Manitoba don’t get the Samsung Galaxy S II by the time the iPhone5 comes out, I’m going Apple.

  • Eli

    As a current iPhone user the Android platform just has a greater appeal to me for a lot of the reason it appeals to others. I hate iTunes as well.

  • EraqEE

    I voted no way ’cause I had a pretty bad experience with Android. Will not consider a touch screen phone ever again. For this reason, I’m waiting for the Pre 3 and Blackberry devices to come out before I make my final decision!

  • jim

    I love how andriod fan boys thumbs down anything negative about android. they are a very defensive group of nerds. haha.

  • happyboy

    Iphone is a pice of sh@#$ so Android is the way to go just get a high end one even my lg optimus one kicks iphones a*s

  • mike

    hopefully they don’t use this poll like the last one to give ppl a sense that what they are reporting is accurate. Because i’ve now voted on it from the same pc twice 🙁

  • SoiMiruku

    Depends battle between the next iphone or SGII
    Most likely SGII because that phone is BEAST!!

  • freezerburnt

    Already have my S2, so there’s your answer already. In the future though…. well I’ll be paying attention to what RIM manages to come out with (considering how it’s also my hometown) and to where WebOS goes. But I’ll most likely stick with Android 😛

  • Adam

    I don’t think this poll is very accurate the way it’s presented. I think more people are likely to vote if they are switching to Android than those that are not. They might not vote at all. It would have been better to merely ask which OS people were going to use, rather than say “Are you going to Android?”

  • A. Carmine

    Hell-to-the-NO, I will not be going Android. The operating system has tons of potential and definitely ranks higher than BBOS but it’s in the same position as BBOS, no apps.

    It’s getting support from major corps now, only because it’s spreading like wildfire, remember Windows 6.5 was the same way though.

    iOS will definitely be next as soon as they make a version that runs on Wind Mobile freqs (1700 aka AWS)

  • JL

    Where’s the “I already have an Android device and am loving it!” option? 😉 Last phone was a Blackberry 9700. Prior to that was the iPhone 3GS. Absolutely loving every minute with my Nexus S, but looking forward to TELUS getting the Sensation so that I can switch to that. Either that, or buy and unlock from Bell. =) GO ANDROID!

  • jack1059

    Originally had symbian and liked it despite the clunkiness. It really did do absolutely everything I wanted.
    Switched to android and was at first thrilled with the speed, customisation, then became annoyed at the flaws that started to show through.
    Will be upgrading in the next 6 months and am stuck between nokia n9, an iphone, or a new android phone, in that order of preference.
    None of the platforms are perfect, and you have to find what suits you best.

  • WIND

    BOLD 9900!!!!!! Lets goooo RIM.

  • blackprince

    Nokia “Sea-Ray” is my next phone. Nokia and WP7 Mango, don’t mind if i do.

  • danny

    I love the android software BUT. I think it needs better hardware, Most of the current android devices in Canada lack battery life and signal strength, especially when you are in a rural area. NOT EVERYONE LIVES IN A CITY !!.
    Because I spend a lot of time on my phone and need something with really good signal strength for now I’ll have to stick with blackberry even though I prefer the android OS.

  • Rob

    Currently on Blackberry mostly because of work… used to have an Iphone… so im either looking to go back and get the new Iphone or get the SG2 with keyboard… But never will I get a Blackberry EVER AGAIN! crappy outdated hardware .. no thank you

  • canadian

    I love my HTC Desire and fully support Android. However, once the Blackberry’s start running the new QNX OS, I may give them a try.

  • mean keen

    This poll is just ridiculously biased. I can’t imagine why mobilesyrup would even phrase a question like that and why they would ask it two years in a row. You might as well just make the website an Android fan page. I have an android phone currently and do love them, but for the love of god, could you just present some unbiased mobile news and polling?

  • Dingemans

    I already have the samsung galaxySII and I’m loving it!
    I Iphone before, but Iphone doesn’t have the same technology as Android OS has.

    Greatest improvement, loving it!!