Motorola XT860 4G officially coming to Bell “this summer” (dual-core Android 2.3)


  • Petephone

    …and ROGERS reply to BELL’s upcoming inventory intros is ???????

    • Petephone

      Nevermind having mob flash dances, BELL is dancing in circles around you with upcoming smartphones.

    • Munir

      Don’t buy a motorolla. U’ll be stuck with outdated OS just like my XT720 @ 2.1
      NEVER MOTOROLLA. boycott them and they will learn the lesson…

    • M1LK


  • Alex Perrier


  • Eric

    And if Motorola could release software upgrades quickly…

    • KingK

      They do in the US.

      Starting to get better here on Bell.

  • kg

    Good news for those who have been waiting for a new QWERTY device. Will consider this instead of the bold 9900.

  • Cody

    Hopefully the keyboard won’t peel up on this one..

  • TheTigerTek

    I wouldn’t buy any Motorola product esp at launch.. I bought the Atrix.. I had to change it 3 times.

  • JK

    another dual core from bell. yep, i’m impressed. still waiting for telus to do something about it.

  • crunch204

    yeeeahhh bell! you know what it is!

  • Kemist

    Why do i have a feeling The other 2 will GRAB every phone after BELL finishes there device rampage.

  • Andrew

    Why can’t one of the non-evil(or at least less evil) phone company get awesome phones?

    • Sean

      Wind has a dual core phone …

  • Andre Avigdor

    Rogers is really falling behind Bell in the Android dep’t… I am with Rogers but broke down and bought a Galaxy S2 from the UK… it’s an amazing phone… by far the best handset out today on any platform!

  • TWiT Commander

    Isn’t this just an HSPA version of the Verizon Droid 3?

    • Sean


  • jellmoo

    Now *that* is a ridiculous sexy slider.

  • rassal

    Well, TELUS, WTF are you! We are awaiting good news… i was expecting this phone to be at Telus since they had the Milestone… but nope… exclusivity to Bell…

    Now TELUS has to wake up, Bell is getting all the icing on the cake and they might as well end up with the cake also… Good one Bell… that will be a killer phone.

  • EmperumanV


  • Colin

    Wait for a minute. So this is a “Superphone”, what Bell is calling it, but both Bell a Motorola said that this is the “World’s Thinnest QWERTY Slider Smartphone”.

    So they can’t get their PR BS straight, now?

    • emma

      “Superphones” are still smartphones in essence… it is just a new category that Bell invented for marketing purposes.

    • wowBell

      @emma: Bell didn’t invent the word “superphone”.

      It’s already a widely used word used in the mobile world by bloggers, reporters, and avid mobile phones enthusiast.

    • Colin

      I realize that, I was just poking fun at their PR not keeping it straight.

  • Tim G.

    Wtf are rogers and Fido doing? Bell is blowing then out of the park with duals.

    • Dimitri

      Fido gets whatever Rogers tells them to get. Remember Fido is owned by Rogers. Rogers needs to step up and start getting new phones. Bell is kicking them out of them mobile phone sections. I heard a few days ago people are starting to leave Rogers and going to the companies with the newer phones and stuff. I might do that aswell. Sucks tho I have to pay 500 to switch to bell:(

  • Stupid

    Aweful Keyboard.
    Same as other Moto keyboards. Almost to the point of there may as well not be one.

    And it’s Motorola, which means it will be sh*t in many other regards.

    • KingK

      The keyboard is much different and improved.

      Still better than any s**t device you have anyway.

  • wowBell

    Wow! I am impressed with Bell.

    I am really considering leaving Fido and jumping ship to Bell.

    Good job Bell!

    • Beso

      I dont get why you should jump ships and go to Bell just because of the phone … !

      if you have a sick plan with Fido just buy the phone without contract, unlock it and be done with it …

      Thats what I did/do whenever I find a very good phone that I like I buy it and unlock it and use it on Fido because I have a very very good plan that with Bell/Rogers/Telus dont have (well they do but more $$$)

      I want to try out Wind but the reception is piss poor and I dont live in Toronto so Mobi is out of the pic!

  • Kemist

    Bell is ringing bells around rogers and telus

  • Brayden

    Kinda reminds me of an HTC Touch Pro. I loved that phone. definitely taking a look at this guy.

  • daveloft

    I noticed you left out how much RAM it has. Is it the same as the Droid 3 in the US with only 512MB or did they realize that it should have more?

    • monsterduc1000

      Atrix is a better phone over this one as it has 1 gb of ram and the Tegra 2 dual core over the XT860’s 512mb of ram and TI Omap dual core. But if you need a slider, this would be the best bet for now.

  • FadedSpark


    As long as it has the unlocked bootloader we were promised.

  • Amar

    They should call it the Milestone 3, much easier to market and a catchier name. It’ll also look like they’re dominating and taking even Telus’ old exclusive phones now, that would destroy everyone else. But seriously Bell… Sensation 4G: exclusive, Atrix: exclusive, Samsung Galaxy S2: exclusive, now the droid 3: exclusive. Bell is destroying… If WIND and Videotron didn’t get the Optimus 2X, that’d probably be on Bell’s network too…

    • emma

      there was never a Milestone2 in canada so it doesn’t make sense to call it Milestone3?

  • JaYK

    Emma did not state Bell invented the word “superphone”, she merely stated Bell created a new category to their existing categories.

    • emma

      Thank you 🙂

  • Corks

    Will be getting this, but its droid brethren from south of the border. Verizon is selling it for $450 outright (american dollars no less), while Bell will probly want $550-$600 like all their other “superphones”. And because I swore that I would never give Bell my money again after my contract ended

  • Melted

    Motorola? Thank you, but no. Never again, I don’t want another XT720 BS….

  • m82a1

    i love how its marked “4g”, but if you go on to motorolas site, it says “14.4 mbps” = hsdpa / 3g….

  • Anthony E

    The phone looks nice, just like the milestone 1 did, but I fear Motorola will F users over again so I won’t buy any of their devices.

  • kyle

    jesus can ppl not have any patients? im on telus and im fine with. don’t think that telus isnt going to release a dual-core phone. their not going to let their competition dominate them. they;ll just randomly surprise us with new phone like they usually do….

  • Lucas

    you know what i realized? when u compare the same phones from canada to the states, they are the same price (on contract) but in the states they are only 2-year. 🙁

  • Mackenzie

    I love my phone (Motorola) I got it 2 weeks ago and loves it