Canadian Wireless Trade Show is happening September 15th/16th


  • zico

    I got my ticket 🙂

  • Big 3

    just 2 days is not enough..If any of the Big 3 were there as a speaker, i’d throw a wind phone at them.

  • Jeff

    Could someone going please talk to everyone there and tell them how we are all pissed off having to wait to get new tech, which is old by the time it reaches our hands.
    The Canadian Gov, The Service providers, the manufacturers, all need to figure out wtf the problem is and fix it, pronto.

  • darknight2ca

    i wonder if the speaker is just going to talk about the advatanges of LTE 4g this and that….just want someone to stand up and yell STFU and launch it already.. Canada is like the last one in the world to launch it…

  • Alex

    I got my pass, looking forward to hearing from companies like RIM about their new handsets.

  • S

    It’s going to be AMAZING.

  • Hani Rahrouh

    Iran, MikroTik Routers and Wireless Distributor

  • DAvid Singh

    Dont waste your time.. FLOP

    A lot of these wholesalers are thieves, i’d be surprised if they get 500 people showing up.

  • Jason B

    What’s the DATE?? 12 & 13.. or 15 & 16??? this is confusing.

    • Ted

      The event is on September 12 and 13 at the Direct energy Centre.