Contest: Win an HTC Incredible S!


  • Doug

    Me WANT!!!!!!

  • Richard Lee

    I could really use an awesome phone like that from mobile syrup. Pick me!!!!!

    • Richard Lee

      My current phone which was a nokia 5310 just got destroyed. The screen is scrambled and now i really need a new phone 🙁
      !! Help me out mobile syrup

  • Marty

    Me me me !

  • Adam

    Adam wants!

  • MobileRetweet

    Loyal retweeter! lol

  • @sebascoulombe

    I want it, so I can sell it and buy a SG2 !

    • stgh

      and waste the chance of someone else getting it? thanks. haha

  • GDub

    Great Constest.
    Did I mention you look great today.

  • Eric


  • LifeInAnalog

    … And those clothes don’t make you look fat at all!

  • Danny T

    I work at the source, ill send you guys pictures of exclusive phones when we get them

  • wiley


    Hook me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rick G

    it’s pretty…. I could definitely use a phone like this… 🙂

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    Another awesome contest. Good luck to all! =)

  • Jamie G

    I would love to try this out… Can’t decide if I should try HTC or stick with Samsung and go GS2 when it comes.

  • JayJay

    Keep up the great giveaways MobileSyrup, you guys rock! Good luck to all 😉

  • Theda Prahl

    OMG, that would be so awesome… finally throw away my old LG…. good luck to everyone, but the crossed fingers in addition for me 🙂

  • Arber


  • Akshar Dave

    super like..:D

  • Julia Loucel

    What an Incredible Contest!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brandon

    count me in! another fanastic contest!

  • Jim

    Once again, great job Mobilesyrup

  • Alex

    another beautiful HTC phone

  • Annie

    I would like one 😀

  • Jen

    I tweeted and like your page 🙂 @jbinvan

  • Farhan Khan

    Nice to have one

  • Andrew Liu

    it will be a nice replacement for my crappy nokia c3.

  • Akin

    i want ^__^

  • Saffant

    Do. Want.

  • Carolina Dhabolt

    Awsome, thank you for this opportunity! @cdhabolt

  • Kev

    I would luv to WIN this phone.. I need new phone soo badly..

  • Octavio

    I want one, please 🙂

  • Andy

    Mobile Syrup thank you guys for all these contests!!

  • clint

    I would like one!!!!!

  • dizzy

    Damn, I literally JUST spent $500 on an unlocked one! 🙁

  • peterH

    Me want….. Please

  • brian j

    yes please

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    Tibor wants!

  • dmah

    I would like to have this phone, please!

  • Brad Hall


  • Dondro

    This would indeed solve my current phone quandary.

    Please don’t make me beg.

    P.S. Seriously though, I’ll totally beg. Just say the word.

  • mike

    Come on guy’s
    I’ve yet to win anything this year.

  • ron

    lets see some Incredible

  • V L

    Mobilesyrup with the great givewaways, as usual. Nice.

  • Terence

    Me want! Me no like BlackBerry no mo!

  • Skantha

    awesome phone i like it very much. what a contest in mobilesyrup.

  • Russ T

    Another awesome contest from the best Canadian mobile info site on the web. Winning an Incredible S would be a dream come true!

  • Jay

    I would be more excited if it said “Unlocked” HTC Incredible S… What’s the catch?

  • Eray

    I would love to upgrade to another phone because my cellphone is very old. This contest will be a good opportunity for me! Thank you in advance Mobilesyrup.

  • Ewen Cameron

    Great contest Id love to win this one.

  • BHH

    Wow pick me pick me – I never win!!!!
    Besta phone eva

  • ArupKumar

    mobilesyrup rocks

  • Cindy L

    Like it!!

    • Almitha

      Dear Dr. Kristi,My coworker yalwas wants to play chess, chat about some cool web site, or show me some youtube video when I am trying to work. How do I nicely either tell them to let me work, or quickly put up with their interrupting banter.

  • michael

    I sure could use a new phone.

  • Tiago

    w00t! I would love one

  • Dave

    me please!

  • Penny AuCoin

    This phone is gonna rock!!!!!!! Love the new HTC Sense!! Love HTC phones 🙂

  • David Evans


  • charrion

    My Nexus One is getting a little long in the tooth and this would be a great replacement.

  • Abi

    I have been having HTC experience for years now from the HTC touch to the phone I am using now Google Nexus one and this phone seem like a very good replacement for another HTC experience!

  • mike

    So many contest. This is the place to be everyday.

  • Augustine Law

    this is my dream phone OMG!!!!this is my dream phone OMG!!!!

  • Andre

    htc has one of the best UI’s hands down.. u see a lot of android phones but a lot of disappointing UI’s.

  • Daniel Lui

    I want to win one.

  • Rebellion

    Well it’s a damn beautiful phone, this will be the first contest I actually opted for through like it on Facebook.

    Will I be lucky?

  • Yolanda Wong

    HTC =) great phone!

  • Steeve Francillon

    Me me me pick me!!!!…

  • fahdil

    please ,me this time thanxs

  • Bryan

    Oh man, I need a new phone so bad! Love HTC. Wish Telus would come out with this phone!

  • Jeremy Liao

    retweeted the contest. would love to win!

  • copolii

    gimme gimme gimmme 🙂

  • Rhys

    Want one so bad but can’t afford to replace my junky broken Nokia candy bar feature phone 🙁

  • Ravi Ahuja

    I want to win. I have followed you on facebook.

  • larry

    would love to try the new htc since had very bad experience with previous models

  • Jay

    Take it…thanks M.S.!

  • mike

    Over here, over here !!!

  • Emil Fernandes

    HTC sweetness!

  • 1ace

    amazing contest

  • Karano Matthews

    ii really need a new phone mobile syrup , this would be sweeet for me .. ; )

  • Specimen Yarp

    It will take a lot more than this to get me to use Twitter and facebook.

  • Marty

    That’s Incredible….

  • Sharath Daniel

    I badly want this 😀

  • Deborah H

    I would love to win this! *crosses her fingers* 🙂

    Good luck everyone!

  • said elarafi

    i lovet i lovet

  • Farhan Khan

    Nice to have it

  • Akshar Dave


  • Carol

    I like you on facebook – love your contests 🙂

  • Jack Davis

    I have the Nokia C6, but I think this “HTC Incredible S” will beat that hands down!

  • Margaret Imecs

    I don’t have a cell phone, please pick me, I really need this to win!

  • rija owais

    i have always wanted an HTC ..
    it’s one of the hottest phones ever .. i can’t afford one that’s why i’m trying to win it somehow =) …
    please gift me this beautiful phone =)
    i’ll be very grateful
    =) LOVE HTCs =)

  • rija owais

    i liked u on facebook and i’m trying to post ur page’s link to my friends too so as to get u guys more likes .. pls do pick me =) thanks again =)

  • rija owais

    even joined u on twitterrrrrr

  • David Harding

    I’d love to be selected the winner.
    Thank you, Mobile Syrup

  • Sunny

    I hope I win.

  • Kevin

    I want this~ i need to replace my 3 years old phone~

  • sam pryor

    i really want to win one because me and my family cannot afford one
    and my phone was £9.99, my dad’s £99.99 and my mom’s was £79.99
    so lets really hope i can have 1