Angry Birds for Windows Phone now available for $3.49


  • Michael

    Shouldn’t the Canadian price be cheaper? o.O

    • Sean

      At least the android market does price in your local currency

  • Alex Perrier

    At least there is a free demo!

  • rulerxy

    3.49 is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Len

    It’s free on Android. 1.99 on iPhone… why is it so much on Windows?

  • roman129

    Maybe it’s such a small user base, they had to price it higher to cover the development expense.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter, everyone else already got bored of Angry Birds last year.

  • Saffant

    Got bored of this game within 15 min of playing… overhyped imho.

  • Syrenz

    Really, after playing about 10 levels it doesn’t feel like anything changes the entire game. Just boring and repetitive with pretty visuals. (I can never understand why they keep adding more levels of the same exact stuff with just different backgrounds). Way overhyped and overrated.

    And price for WP7 is ridiculous.

  • bob

    That’s why a multi-currency app store is NOT a feature.
    Just pay in the seller’s currency. This way you don’t pay the extra Canadian tax.
    Credit card currency conversion is always cheaper than vendor’s currency conversion.

  • Question

    I don’t get the whole hype for this game there are many games better than it, and Plants vs Zombies is way better