The Android 3.1 “Toshiba Tablet” coming to Canada this August


  • SaHiL

    Come on! Make some bigger screens. I want to replace my laptop with a tablet!!

    • Adam

      Tablets are not, and were never meant to be laptop replacements.

    • Justin

      Really? bigger then 10″? Have you even had a tablet in your hands? Anything bigger then 10″ would be too big. 9.7″(iPad) to 10.1″ is the only size a tablet should be. 7″ is way too small, im looking at you RIM

  • Jay

    10-inch display eh? That’s a nice size for a tablet. Not sure about the prices though. I’d like to see them a bit lower expecially on the 8GB version. Why the heck would there be an 8GB version anyway? 16 is the minimum I would suggest, even for a straight-up business person who isn’t interested in loading it up with music or movies.

    • Pinnacle

      What you may have missed is that there is a secure digital (SD) slot built in to the Thrive. You can insert a 32GB SD card and instantly have 48GB of storage.

      There is no storage restriction built in such as there is on an IPad.


    • Tom

      Oh, hold on – are we talking about a regular SD slot (versus micro-SD)?

      That would be great. Full sized SD are cheaper, faster, and easier to handle.

      I think weight is important for tablets, but the emphasis on thin is silly and probably precludes useful options like a full sized SD card slot.

      That’s not to say that the Toshiba isn’t thin – I didn’t look at the specs – I’m just speculating…

    • daveloft

      What your missing is the fact that so many apps can’t use the extra storage of the SD card.

      Google Music Beta, Rdio, Comixology, Titanium Backup and any game that requires extra data to be download to storage only seem to be able to use the first storage drive.

      I experienced this on the Galaxy S and was often running out of room on the internal drive and there isn’t much I use these days that can be moved.

      I will be getting 32GB and I would suggest others do the same, but at a minimum get 16GB.

  • sean

    You can get a 16 gig transformer for cheaper then their 8 gig and the only difference is no full usb port on the tab but it comes in the dock and the back ccolors which its pretty nice

    • Deep

      Yea, but the transformer is a hunk of crap. All these great reviews but no one tells you that the plastic casing on it will start creaking from the first hour you own it and a strong proportion of them have some to serious light bleed issues. Google it – you’ll see. I promptly returned mine and bought the Acer. Quite happy, but thinking of returning it and waiting for the Toshiba now.

    • Deep

      Thumbs down all you want boys – the problems with the transformer are widely known. Acer went back today, nothing wrong with the device, but the Toshiba looks good, so waiting for it.

  • Sap

    Finally, my favourite PC company has jumped into the tablet bandwagon – now I might start considering the tablet as a viable add-on to my e-life. 😛