Videotron releases the Nokia E73 for $199.95


  • TomatoGuy

    I love how every phone released by Videotron costs significantly more than the same one on WIND or Mobilicity.
    Videotron – low wireless subscriber base, Big3 attitude.

    • JFrosty

      You do realize that the HTC Panache, one of the three phones mentioned in this very article, is $479 with Videotron and $499 with Mobilicity, right?

      Also, anyone buying a phone outright in Quebec just doesn’t get it.

  • Amadeus

    If you live in Quebec, where Videotron is, WIND and Mobilicity coverage isn’t there.

  • Fresh

    I have this phone on mobi and it works well. It looks great and has a solid build. Using the keyboard is a delight. Of course it’s Symbian and not Android, but for basic smart-phone needs it does the job – and at a great price. I’ll upgrade when the phone I want comes out in about a year, but until then this is working fine.

  • rebel gardener

    For those that have this phone, can you create a wifi hotspot with this phone. Does it need a special app, if so what is the name and how much does it cost so I can factor into price of device.
    Is it a touchscreen?

  • urbanelitist

    Looks great! Hopefully Nokia will update it in the future.