Rogers investing $80 million to bring 4G HSPA+ network to the Maritimes

The Maritimes is getting some love today from Rogers. They announced that they’ll be investing $80 million over the next 2 years to bring their 4G HSPA+ network to the area (the peak download speeds could reach up to 21Mbps). Rogers says this will bring the latest Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and tablets to the area and will cover 1 million people in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. The build out is starting this month and will be completed sometime in 2012… by then Rogers will probably announce LTE (true 4G speeds) will be coming to the east coast.

Ken Marshall, Rogers President for Atlantic Canada, proudly stated that “the freedom and choice enabled by the expanded Rogers network will change the way we live and work here. In more places than ever before, the Rogers enhanced 4G HSPA+ network will be readily available, making communications better and easier for new and existing Rogers’ customers in the Maritimes”.

Source: CNW