Gartner: Android captured 36% market share in Q1 2011

The latest Gartner Research report reveals that in Q1 2011 there was a total of 427.8 million mobile devices sold worldwide in First Quarter 2011, this represents a 19% increase over Q1 2010. The main reason is the global adoption of smartphones which represented 23.6% of total sales (85% increase from last year). The top 5 manufacturers were Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple and RIM but what about the OS? Gartner said that “Android and Apple’s iOS continued to dominate the smartphone operating system (OS) wars. However, the big news in the first quarter of 2011 was Nokia’s strategic alliance with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7, and the retirement of Symbian“.

According to the report Android OS in Q1 captured a 36% market share (up from 9.6% last year), Nokia’s Symbian had 27.4%, Apple’s iOS had 16.8%, RIM 12.9% and Microsoft captured 3.6% market share. Gartner also stated that “Windows Phone saw only modest sales that reached 1.6 million units in the first quarter of 2011, as devices launched at the end of 2010 failed to grow in consumer preference and CSPs continued to focus on Android.”

Source: Gartner
Via: WMPowerUser