Mobilicity offers up $100 Mail-In Rebate with PlayBook and smartphone purchase

So far Mobilicity is the only carrier to offer up a promo for the PlayBook. They have created a $100 mail-in rebate but you’ll have to lay down some serious cash first. The deal is that when you buy the PlayBook ($499.99 or $599.99) and either a Bold 9780 ($499.99) or the Curve 3G ($299.99), the rebate form also says the 8900 but they don’t sell that BlackBerry, then sign up for one of their plans you’ll get the 100 bucks sent to you.

The promo is on until May 15th and the fine print states that “To be eligible for the $100 Mail in Rebate the purchased BlackBerry device must be active on the Mobilicity network for 90 days with a Mobilicity plan that includes Data and BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS).”

Source: Mobilicity