Update: Rogers to release the LG Optimus Pad on May 10th (and the Huawei S7)


  • Zirian


  • Dipol

    YES BABY!!!

  • Georgejia

    Great news, I guess Android is taking over. I guess there will be a subsidized price, but you have to sign a contract.

  • Steve Garon

    Why is this rogers launching this? Does it have 3G or is it wifi only ?

  • JC

    me like

  • david dee

    I am interested to see pricing. The US version: LG G-slate will be over $700 no contract, $529, after $100 mail in rebate on a 2yr with T-mobile. Given this i wouldn’t expect any bargains. I am still waiting for wifi only Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • schultzter

    You can get a netbook for under $200; and a full sized laptop for under $400. Why is a tablet almost $800!?

    • George

      well, most tablets are not cheap, the 3G version of moto and ipad4 cost as much. Also this one does 3D, I guess the glasses come with it are pretty expensive too.

  • djrudiak

    Is this the same tipster that told you March 17th was the launch date for Dell Venue Pro?

  • Jack

    How much is a reasonable amount for this Tab? No contract… my guess would be $699 given the US price… Also is Honeycomb any good compared to iPad?

  • Jamie Peabody

    Thats great news, BUT will there be any price plans for this tablet? I was kind of hoping for something for the playbook. but i just looked on there web site and it isn’t even listed. Yea Rogers!!!

    • JulienCV

      Thats because its not a 3G tablet, so theres no reason to give it a discount. We’ll talk once the 3G version releases this summer.