TELUS Motorola DEFY now available for $379.99


  • jmmm

    I wont ever be able to say : Yeah i did not answer because i was in the shower!!!

    • jak

      like a boss!

  • Georgejia

    I guess that’s it for April in Telus. Telus release this, the nexus S and the Fascinate 4G. Three outdated phones, I am thinking about switching. I think I can deal with bad customer service (other than that, BELL and TELUS are the same).

  • zorxd

    Well, at this price, it’s not bad.
    There isn’t that many phone around the $380 mark and the fact that it can go underwater is a bonus.

  • Nick

    This is just about the only phone I’d be willing to sign a 3 year deal for (if the price was right), because it’s the only phone I’m confident would actually survive the 3 years.

    • sookster54

      That is until you run into a technical problem (software, hardware like display not working or not booting) and Motorola aren’t going to back you up on that.

  • halo

    this phone had tons i mean tons of returns in korea due to manufacturing defects including light leaks of lcd.

  • cody

    That no-term price is VERY respectable!

  • scout247

    Buying this no contract tomorrow! I bought the T-Mobile one, but it did not work for Telus frequencies so I sold it to my roommate on Rogers. Whoopee mine will be all black, looks better than the white band on his.

    • zorxd

      Unless you sold it at a very low price, your roommate got screwed. The T-Mobile version will work in GSM/EDGE mode only on Rogers.

  • Daniel

    Purchased one today!

    So far so good, its so light. Going by the reviews I was expecting some sort of heavy brick.

    Now time to customize!

    • Carlos

      Daniel (and Scout247), let us know how it goes with your Defy. I’m curious to know how you like it after a few days with it.