Video: Apple iPad 2 lineup in Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton


  • Terry

    Those poor demented honkies.

    • tye


    • Luqman

      I bet you my life that most of them already own the first iPad. But with Steve Job’s unbelievable Maketing skills, the human brain is shut down when you are buying any iProduct at released day, in this case the iPad 2.

    • TomatoGuy

      Ian, did you get up so early just to tease those poor people waiting in line with your new iPad2 that arrived yesterday?

    • bHill

      This people is the same kind of people that are going to the Charlie Sheen show and that made the guy to schedule a second show. They feel the urgency to be at the front of everyone. Sad.

    • JSmith


  • Nasir

    That’s a far cry from the original iPad launch, but iPad 2 will still do well. I am going to wait to see the other tablets out and then make my decision. Now with RIM supporting android apps, the playbook has the hardware, software and the ecosystem.

  • k


    At least stand for something good in line.

  • Peter

    I really enjoy how fat that first guy is.

    • Amadeus

      This is a stupid comment….

  • JR

    Pathetic indeed. But also amazing. I mean what other company on earth has it’s customers literally sleeping on the streets just to hand over money for a gadget that will be outdated in less than one year!!?? I can only dream my company has such support!

  • fred

    a 63Gb version ???? Wow …. i dont want the 64 but def this one !!! 😀

    I wondr if the 63 would be cheaper than the 64 😀 — maybe no tax!

  • Bob

    Losers !!!!!

    its hardly a upgrade from original,,

    • Dr. Dre

      well maybe they just want 2 ipads? 2 is better than one.

  • Me Ted

    The first guy needs to be fatter. I guess to him it’s just like lining up at the buffet.

  • jellmoo

    Drove by the Apple Store in Downtown Montreal and I would estimate that there were anywhere from 30-50 people in line. Mind you, this is outdoors and not inside a mall.

    I hope that they find the device to be worth it.

    • Sub-Joker

      lol, really?? the one at St. Catherine?? haha, I’ll go check it out now to see how’s the line.

  • barry

    lol fatty in front in the red shirt just says it all.

  • JSmith

    two words: HEY KOOLAID!

  • Er

    WOW, these People need to get a life!!

  • crunch204

    apple sucks

    • Larry

      Crunch I wasn’t a big Apple fan until I got and used an iPhone about 3yrs ago,My experience with the iPhone has turned me into a fan.I just bout a MacBook pro The pro has almost no bout up time the battery lasts for days 100 times faster than the Sony I had before.And no known viruses at this time,Surfing the net without fear priceless.

  • Larry

    My 10yr old dauter has an iPad her Grandfather bout it in Phoinex Airazona for $100 less than here no tax,Probly why USA is bankrupt.My sister also has one she won.Bouth love them dearly.I almost never get to use my daughters.If the 2 is as good as the original witch I am sure it is you would have no wories about buying one.

    • JSmith

      Home schooled?

    • WindUser

      Apple products are obviously for people like yourself.
      Too bad you didn’t use one while making this post, since apple would AUTO-CORRECT your numerous misspelled words.
      Dumbed down iNation of ego-centric followers.

  • Sub-Joker

    Well, some people have no life. combined with pea sized brains, I can see why this happens.

    I don’t think I will ever stand in line for any gadget just say “I was the first to get it”. even for me I prefer to get my gadgets online coz it’ll save the time to go to stores at all.

    • 3000

      Yes but you are obviously drooling over the iPad2 yourself and wishing you could be at the front to the line otherwise you would not be reading this article.

    • Sub-Joker

      Not really, I’m just happy coz I was given a brain that functions normally.

      If I’m going for a tablet. I think the Playbook would me my pick. 3MP camera front, 5 at back, browser that is is more comparable to a desktop computer, REAL multitasking, and the ability to download android apps or blackberry apps.
      of course, that would be my current option. But I think Honeycomb tablets will be the way to go by the end of this year. The problem with honeycomb is that it doesn’t have many apps at the moment and there goes some of the tablet excitement.

      Putting all that aside. I wasn’t really impressed with the iPad2 to begin with. what did apple do?? made a couple of holes in the casing to fit the camera’s from the iPod touch?? no thanks apple, but I know one or two things about today’s technology.

      Anyways, I really don’t know why i’m arguing with you. I think tablet prices are steeper than they should be. my limit for a good tablet would be in the 300-400 range max.

      have a good rest of the day.

  • wildspin

    I wonder how many of them are scalpers who will immediately send the ipads to China.

  • rob

    why do people who look like they don’t leave the basement much need a portable device?

  • Big 3

    Do some early birds still break the devices in front of other people who are lining up on day of release?

  • EmperumanV

    I don’t think any line this size or even bigger is worth for this device. I mean true its dual core and supposed to be better than the original iPad, but there are three drawbacks in which it can be compared to the Playbook/Xoom.

    First is Flash, I bet if you view this webpage on an iDevice, you won’t be able to see the embedded YouTube video.

    Secondy, the front facing cam is VGA. The Playbook has a 3MP front and 5MP rear both capable of shooting full 1080P video. The iPad 2 can only shoot 720P. At least the Xoom has a 1.3MP front cam I think, even though they can’t shoot full 1080P but with future updates they can.

    Thirdly, the ease of multi tasking. I played around with the Playbook and Xoom and the ease of multi-tasking is amazing, not to mention widget fun with the Xoom if you are a die hard widget user.

    To top it off, the web browsing experience. Its so much better with Flash again and HTML5.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Apple here, just having my two cents. They’re great products but the pricing can be less expensive and they can improve on a lot of things.

  • Sammy

    Talk about stupid people…what people will do for ipad refresh with camera.

  • Sid

    Where am I today? Oh look I have a job!

  • JB

    I guess the people in Laval are upset about the Canadiens losing 7-0 last night to the Bruins, and have nothing better to do then to protest the iPad 2 launch in Quebec. *Look at them all* lol

  • Stuntman

    I wonder how many of these people were paid a couple hundred bucks to line up. There are reports in the US that some people were paid to line up and buy 2 iPads. They then handed them to some guy who probably intends to sell them in Asia for twice as much.

    • Sub-Joker

      I think that is clever.

  • dr happy

    ahahahaha… apple fanboys… always good for a laugh 😀

  • sookster54

    LOL sheeps lining up at the gate to the meat grinder.

    This is what happens when a product gets advertised to no end, The Blackberry Playbook, and most Android devices (except the Verizon-Motorola ones) hardly ever get advertised which is why the Motorola Xoom has been hurting on sales. If they were advertised more, they’d sell more just like Apple are.

  • Will

    Some are lining up because they actually want the iPad 2, but I think the majority of them are there to flip it for profit. Either way, yes it’s freaking impressive that Apple can do this…..

  • sookster54

    Oh and notice in the video how 9 out of 10 people the camera operator walks past are using an Apple device? Doesn’t seem to be many newcoming users.

  • JSmith

    That fat guy in red looks a lot like Michael Moore..LOL

  • OMG Ponies!

    Who lines up for these things!? Get a proper nights sleep and order it online… I would rather find out what issues devices have at launch from someone else. ;-D

  • Angus

    It’s a bit of a scam because of Apple’s policy of controlled built in obsolesce by withholding hardware features, so they won’t give you everything at once like Samsung or Blackberry. As a result you need to buy many versions of the same product, no wonder they have billions in the bank?

  • Quantum

    What happened to the Steve Jobs who always leaving comments with this iPad? Oh right, he is in the line waiting for iPad 2.

  • JSmith

    What’s Michael Moore doing there in line..LOL


    If I was a manager and saw one of my employees who called in sick in one of these videos, they would be out of a job the next day!!!

    If Apple dropped an iPad 3 tomorrow there would still be a lineup!!

  • playbook


  • on99

    based on the video, the line in toronto was shorter than i expected. fortunately there are not really that many on99 people in toronto… 🙂

  • blackprince

    Three words

    Windows Eight Tablets.

    Bring on 2012!

  • John

    wow..never seen soo many sheeps…

  • apowerranger

    look, another product that everyone gets down on their knees in front of steve jobs for. congrats morons, the upgrades are crap that should have been there in the first place