Update: Bell Motorola ATRIX already put on sale, now $69.99 on a 3-year


  • hinds

    I think bell wishes they took the play instead! Lol

    • KingK


      Its just an xperia with a joystick.

  • cody

    Lol still not going to buy it, even if it were free.

  • Myles

    Contract prices keep getting cheaper and cheaper. It’s only a matter of time now before 2 year contracts are affordable in Canada.

  • steve

    I thought this was going to be the be all end all mighty droid? Fail.

    • k

      So what’s better?

      Every smartphone is basically free these days on contract.

    • Sub-Joker

      I tried the phone for a couple of days. and honestly I wasn’t that impressed at all. I mean sure there is a “dual core” writing when you boot the phone up, but I honestly didn’t see that huge speed difference compared to the Galaxy S or Nexus S (it actually runs on par with the speed of the Nexus S). I felt the screen is not as responsive as samsung’s Super AMOLED as well. yeah you’ll jump and say Tegra dual core bla bla, but honestly Android at the moment that can’t take advantage of that. I might think of grabbing one myself maybe by the end of the year when the prices are down, and when Android is fully adapted to dual cores.

      So you’re not getting much of that muscle being used but you’ll have to pay the higher price tag. Plus, I’m talking as a tech geek, most ppl don’t know what the phone is all about (the hardware specs I mean). and that’s why the 160 dollars price with 3 years contract is a fail. the 60 dollar plan seems more reasonable.

  • gbo

    I bought one the day it came out. An extra $100 in my pocket would be nice but I don’t regret (at this point) buying the phone at all.

    • Erik

      Call bell asap they credited me with the difference.

  • Clark

    The phone is great! This is just a reflection of how much profit the phone companies are making off us! We are paying way too much for our cell services – STOP ROBBING US!

  • crunch204

    source stores also have it for $69.99

  • Gerrald Peters

    I have read the problems with this phone-1- gets hot very fast, 2-no 4 G,3- Video not great , when 1080 p upgrade gets pushed out prob. will have great video recording.At new price of 70 dollars prob. good deal.

    • k

      No 4G in Canada. How do you want 4g?

    • emma

      the phone is capable to run at 4G speeds but we don’t have 4G in canada

  • PeZzy

    I suspect Bell has a huge customer turnover rate due to the number of complaints they get against them. Thanks to Telus’ lack of customer loyalty and Rogers’ lack of phones and lack of decent 3G, Bell can still replace their cancelled customers with new ones attracted to these promos.

  • Jean-Philippe

    I just called Bell customer service , and they gave give me 5$ discount each month on my 3 years contract because I bought my cell phone from Bell. So a big discount of $ 180. Yahoou! Thank Rhys and MobileSyrup!

    • Kevy

      I just did the same – the Bell store would not price match the $100 but Bell customer service (retention dept) dropped 10% off my rate plan for 2 phones…adds up to $396 over the 3yrs. When I bought the phones on opening day I also managed to negotiate no charge caller ID and voice mail for both phones for the 3yrs.

  • Ted

    I got the same $5 dollar discount, lol. So far I really like the phone. People who are disappointed, I would ask what your expectations were? It is after all, just an android 2.2 handset that just happens to have a duel core processor. Its ability won’t be seen till the newer OS’s can take advantage of its processing power.

  • mindo

    Lols, another moto fail. Moto sucks. Drop blur you worthless pos’s!

    Looks like sony is cleaning up their android act and Moto is gunning for their spot in last place! Lols!

    Great specs, horrible experience.

    • emma

      Why do people make a big deal about hating on Motoblur? You can defer the Motoblur setup on this phone. And if you don’t like the Blur and its widgets, you can just hide/delete them from the screen.

  • protoplaya

    I suspect they are lowering the price of the phone so that more people buy the accessories. I don’t think it will change anything. I’m sure not buying those accessories, that’s what a laptop is for!

  • Jason

    I honestly think this is because the phone has been a flop in terms of sales.

    I have one myself, and I think it is an update or two from being really solid. It’s impressive but needs some finishing touches.

  • LinkXXI


  • Ted

    If they lowered the price of the lapdock to the $100 dollar range, I’d buy one for sure. It being this early in the life of a new product, you’d think Motorola would be more interested in people adopting their technology ahead of netbooks and tablets, but it seems they’re trying to make money RIGHT NOW by insisting on this high accessory price. It would be better in my opinion to take a loss on the lapdocks to pull customers from those other platforms. Potential lapdock customers are choosing netbooks or tablets instead, which is Motorola loss. Strange since they seem to be commited to this idea……

  • k

    They lowered the HTC phone to Zero. You notice, everyone for is $0 except the Atrix.

    These prices are pennies compared to what you’ll pay over a 3 year contract anyway so Bell don’t really care if its $50 or $150 or 0$. Nice bonus if you buy for more but long term its all about subscribers.

  • k

    There’s already two updates coming soon. Enables “4g” in april.

    Naturally Canada will most likely get f****d as always but we’ll see.

  • darcyamendt

    I have one – complete junk

    Can’t send emails on the Bell network except using Gmail

    the mechanical design and location of the power up button causes you to push apart the 2 halves of the phone exposing the guts. The engineer of this design must have a drinking problem

  • Kristin

    Ok.. I’m officially pissed off. I paid $169.95 w/ a 3 year term on April 7th and they would not budge on the price. This especially stings because I was switching from Rogers and had to pay an ECF on top of this. It was only $50 but still. They wouldn’t even throw in a case or give me a deal on accessories! This phone is currently being offered for $99.95 on a three year term. It’s ridiculous that the price is jumping around so much.