TELUS Motorola Milestone upgrade to OS 2.2 now available


  • rulerxy

    Wow. That didn’t take forever..

  • Nick

    Link is broken. Needs tweaked to just be

    • Ian Hardy

      Thanks Nick… the link is now correct.

  • Preacher

    gota tell people at work im sick so i can go home and update it

  • Prof-KOS

    I got this phone on the first day of availability. By 3 weeks after the broken 2.1 update I had gotten rid of it and moved to a Nexus One. I haven’t looked back at all.

  • Anthony E

    About effin time! There better be a total of ZERO bugs!

  • zorxd

    Should have been 2.3 but better than nothing.

  • Jay

    That’s my phone! 🙂

  • Matt P.

    Based on the update information, it looks like it is still the same buggy update that Europe and Asia got, with people’s screens reverting back to 16 color, DSI Errors, sluggish performance, reboots, and an all around inability to perform normally as a phone.

    I’ll pass and stick to my CM7 rooted version, thanks.

  • Anthony E

    Hey, Matt, you want to post a guide on how you rooted your Telus Milestone? All the guides I’ve seen so far are pretty bad.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Why in the world is Motorola upgrading a phone with an OS version released in May 2010?

    • sookster54

      Yup they took way too long on this, funny when the Milestone was first released it was Canada’s top end phone but shortly after the Milestone’s release there was the Samsung Vibrant and the HTC Desire. Also the Milestone is Motorola’s only non-US device that they’ve actually updated. Expect the Atrix to take forever for an update, if at all.

      The bright side is, that this actually got updated. LG on the other hand decided to skip the 2.2 update and go to 2.3 for June on the LG Shine Plus (which is currently 2.1), that’s what Motorola should’ve done but they’ll make some stupid excuse like “hardware not capable” just like they did with the Quench, Backflip, Cliq, Charm, blahblahblah.

  • Geoff

    I can only wish that my HTC Hero was getting 2.2 :(.

    • Matt P.

      You can easily put 2.2 on your phone, or 2.3 for that matter. At least you don’t have a locked bootloader, meaning you can put full roms on your hero as opposed to the workarounds the milestone has to worry about.

  • monsterduc1000

    Did the update and all seems well so far. Haven’t done a factory reset yet, but what has to be done to keep all the info on your phone?

    • monsterduc1000

      Did a titanium backup and factory reset and all is well!!!

  • JohnNS

    CyberKnight: Because they advertised it as a feature a year ago….

  • Anthony E

    Anyone having issues with mobile hotspot? It keeps telling me to contact my provider. I’m with Fido and I definitely have free tethering for my data. Checking to see if anyone else has issues before calling Fido to cry :p.

    • simon

      Anthony E….did you use the 2.2 upgrade from the Moto site to upgrade your Fido milestone? I have a (formerly) Telus Milestone running on Fido and want to know if this upgrade works without problems.


  • cs

    I did the update, but my market crashes. Anybody have the same problem?

    • sookster54

      CS, go to applications and find the Market app an clear data and cache, see if that works.

  • monsterduc1000

    The phone was a little sluggish after the update so I did a Titanium Backup (need root), factory reset, then reinstalled everything with the restore function on Titanium backup and all was good other than the stock home screen sometimes being laggy when leaving an app. Fixed that up with the Launcher Pro app and all is good on the home screen front. The stock browser is now better than Dolphin so I switched back to it, but I may try opera and a few others to see which is the best with 2.2. Also installed Flash 10.2 and it works pretty well. It can slowdown some pages but it is still nice to have it. And the two most important things, Universal Androot still rooted the phone and Milestone Overclock works just as good as before.

    Pretty happy so far but it has only been a few hours since I did all this so hopefully it continues to work well for the long haul, or until I replace it with a dual core htc or samsung…

  • Chris

    It just made my phone really really slow, and it’s hard to use now. Whoop Whoop!

  • bob

    Now all you Milestone owners can feel the pain of the Hero owners. It is nice to run 2.2 or 2.3 on the Hero though. 🙂

  • Jeff

    thanks for the link, got 2.2 installed

    but no Flash? How do I install Flash?

    • monsterduc1000

      You have to get flash 10.2 from the market.

  • pout

    I got the same problem as Chris my phone is so slow now…

  • Anthony E

    For people with slow phones, did you follow the step where you were supposed to disconnect, reboot, and reconnect then continue to run the update program?

    It was a pain in the a*s to get through those steps because of how slow the phone was going, but after they were done the phone was fast again.

    • SeeJay

      I did go through that step and my phone is so slow as to be virtually unusable now. Actually, it is unusable because it burned through a full charge of battery with two phone calls over 4 hours!! I waited a year for Moto to assure us the best possible update?!?!

  • Anthony E

    I asked earlier about the 3G mobile hotspot not working. After lots of searching and not being able to find an answer I started screwing around on my own.

    For some reason during this update all my APN settings got deleted. When I created new entries I specified the one for as “default” in the APN type field. Removing this got tethering to work. Just leave it blank if anyone is having the same problem as me.

  • JBR

    We don’t feel the Hero pain because we’re not stuck on 2.1. The upgrade is nice, now I can actually make better use of the 16gb card…. yay for install to SD. Seems to be running well, few app problems but nothing major.

  • kumiriko

    Now the wait for 2.3

    • sookster54

      Knowing Motorola, the Milestone will be EOL soon, the Milestone 2 has been out since October in EU and there seems to be no sign of one coming to Canada and even if it did it’d be way too late.

    • emma

      doubt 2.3 is coming to the milestone, this is probably the last upgrade it is getting

  • drizzo

    It may be premature to even ask this, but is the upgrade worth it? or should i have someone root the phone for me and install a custom rom?

  • Jem


    Why isnt my phone displaying the stock Froyo launcher!?? the one with the phone icon on the left, the browser icon on the right, the app tray toggle in the middle and on the far sides the dots to display how many panels are to each side of the screen ur currently on)

    Can any enlighten me pls?

    • Andrew

      Motorola uses their own launcher on the Milestone, not the stock android one. You can try a home screen replacement app like ADW launcher to get the icons at the bottom.

    • monsterduc1000

      Launcherpro is really nice for home screen stuff.

  • Andrew

    I upgraded my phone yesterday. So far, so good.

  • chemicaltree

    I was actually wondering about the launcher myself. I was looking forward to the other. Home screen replacement the only way?

  • crazzzik

    Starting from the first day it was a crap phone. In about a week the headphone jack came off, although we thought it was headphones. Month later – constant reboots. My only hope was for 2.2. After the update it took me two hours to move all my apps and install app2sd, thats how slow it was. An hour after that I receive a call on the handset and watch my cable plug in and out several times a second. It is the biggest piece of s**t after all the netbooks with GMA500 on board.

  • Shane

    I’ve updated my Milestone to 2.2 and it was entirely unusable.
    After doing a factory reset it works as expected.

  • Trevor

    I can’t believe it’s as buggy as it is. After all that time to get it right. All I really wanted was flash support but at the cost of slower performance and complete crashes? I’ve had to pull the battery to reset it 3 times already when it froze up. Dolphin, stock and firefox browser all have sluggish, unwatchable flash performance for me (even overclocked) but Skyfire plays smooth although at a slight visual quality hit. It is nice to know Universal Androot works great with 2.2. I know we aren’t getting 2.3 but how about a 2.2.1 hotfix?

  • Nancy28

    After months and months of disappointment I literally woke my husband up while cheering for joy when I saw that 2.2 was FINALLY available. Everything installed fine and I immediately moved a few apps to the SD card. I downloaded a few more…noticed the Market is now the old version…and moved them to the SD card as well. Then I received a low memory error. I think I reboot the phone 3 times and now it is showing I have anywhere from 50-55mb of memory. Things initially seemed good but in the last 24 hours the phone has slowed right down to the point it is not quite unusable but extreeemelyy annoying. I uninstalled a number of apps to make sure that wasn’t the cause, checked running applications, etc. etc. and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. I can’t watch videos on Youtube..I get about 2 min in and an error occurs. It takes forever to bring up my phone book and then twice as long to initiate a phone call. I gave up on trying to use the browser. Dial up is faster. Guess Im stuck with this thing for the next two and a half years. yay.

  • jst

    did anybody using rogers with unlocked milestone have tried it ??

    cuzz last update from telus phone wouldnt want to take apns


  • jst

    well judging from last comment before me i will wait and see cuzz im moving next week and i cant have any problem on my phone right now

    anybody on rogers with milestone tell me if it work



  • kassey

    hi, has anyone that is with mts tried this?
    does it work ?
    im scared its gonna brick my phone