WIND Mobile to release the Nokia C7


  • Syrenz

    Yay Nokia. Meh Symbian.

  • MacMan

    Replace symbian with WP7, then maybe I’ll buy

  • andriy

    wow, i hope wind doesn’t consider this phone a high end phone lol

  • WindUser

    Nokia C7? Seriously?

    I’ve been Wind customer since 2009, but I’m loosing hope when it comes to Wind offering NEW devices.
    I hope they prove me wrong on this…Soon

    • A

      the nexus s is comin to canada if that interests u

  • keyzink

    Would be a great buy if it retails at $350, making it only $200 on the WindTab.
    Symbian may not be for everyone, but Nokia’s build quality is beyond reproach, their radios are superior (which mean better catching and holding on to weak signals)and the specs on this one are great too. Nokia phone cameras and the settings you can tweak give great shots, almost as good as with point and shoot cameras. Not to mention, Ovi Maps, which is probably the best navigation app on any smartphone today as it can be used offline (BIG advantage!!)

  • Concerned

    I am totally interested. Yipeeeeeee

    But price does matter 🙂

  • Freebie

    Symbian…pfffft. And as for WP7…those tiles on your home screen make it easy for Android to walk all over you. Nokia…ok.

  • Max

    How come Wind always get those shxxty phones.. Sometimes having great plans aint not enough 🙁

    • tbr

      Because they are consistent.

  • thilan29

    I was using a Nokia C7 I imported until recently. It’s actually a very good phone and should get better with the imminent PR2.0 software update. Screen is really nice and accurate. Haptic feedback has to be felt to be believed. Weak points (that may be addressed with the update) are lack of portrait qwerty, and the fact that the browser can’t play full flash content (only flash lite). Besides those I really liked the phone. I only sold it because my friend was looking for a phone that would work with Wind ironically.

  • Claudiu

    The Nokia C7 is Pentaband 3G > it will work with ANY carrier in Canada and all over the world. I’d say this is a big plus.

  • Syrenz

    To all those saying WIND gets crappy phones, they are getting the Nexus S (like everyone else actually).

    I really want to see them start carrying some HTC androids though.

  • Jonesy1966

    Just read through the specs, it doesn’t seem to be a bad phone for the money.

  • NokiaC7

    This is an AMAZING phone and price at $350. They will sell many.

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      ” This is an AMAZING phone and price at $350. They will sell many. ”

      To sell many you have to have many.. Wind is famous for never having stock.. and at 350.00!! on a sub par network, dropping calls, 1/2 duplex, billing issues, insane wait times for help.. home zone that becomes an away zone that becomes a no zone.. at 200.00 it is still a stretch! sorry wind yet again it is too little too late.

  • Daniel AJ

    What makes this phone really special is that it works on all five HSPA-frequencies currently used around the globe (850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz). There are only two other devices that offer this, and both are more expensive: Nokia N8 and Nokia E7.

    To my knowledge, no other manufacturer makes any pentaband HSPA phones.

  • pasuljko

    Say what you want, but Symbian ^3 is very solid smartphone OS. Not as flashy as iOS or Android but very stable and usable. If you are using phone for email, occasianal browsing and media playback, this phone is a good choice.
    Not to mention it’s pentaband and has free Ovi Maps that you can use without data connection (so no data chanrges when roaming or outside Canada). Try that with any Android or iPhone.

  • Daniel AJ

    Oh, something else that is cool on the C7: Ovi Maps! It will save you buying a car GPS, as it comes with voice guidance. Worldwide, in many languages. You can even record your own voice. And, what is a big advantage over Google Maps, you can download all maps (using WiFi or s USB cable) before you leave, so you won’t have data roaming charges (which in the case of roaming overseas easily reach more than 350$). And it’ll work as a GPS in places where there is no coverage (very important for Wind customers, eh).

    The Nokia N8 has two options to charge it, with a standard Nokia charge or through the micro USB port. I’m not sure if the C7 offers the same flexibility.

    • thilan29

      The C7 does have the dual charging feature. I was using my Nokia E71 charger with the C7 and it was perfectly fine.

  • Lol

    Good addition to WIND’s line up. Nice price too it’ll probably sell

  • MXM4K

    Pentaband phone? Very nice. More power to the people, you can choose (almost) any carrier in Canada with one device, and any HSPA provider worldwide on top of that.

    I have no experience with Symbian, but I’m sure it’s solid. Most people just do phone calls, email, facebook, twitter, and browse with their phones anyway, and I’m sure it does a fine job with all those.


    It’s funny to see the Wind fangirls get excited when a phone which is 2 years old gets released!!! lol

    I have friends on Wind who swear up and down that the Motorola TX720 is one of the top Android phones, even when I mentioned that it will never be updated. lol

    By the time that the Samsung Nexus S is released, that phone will be at least a year old!!! And you really think that the Small 3 can sell that phone for under $500 bucks with no contract?? lol

    • thilan29

      The C7 came out at the end of last year, making it about 6 months. 2 years old?

  • GoWindGo

    thilan29, no point in arguing with a Rogers fangirl like The Assasin. Girls like that love to spread lies. She was probably the one in highschool doing all the gossiping.

  • SalesMan

    hmmm I have a HUGE feeling that there will be A BOGO DEAL with this new phone… 🙂 *hint* I am 100% sure that there will be a BOGO deal.

  • Pablo Moses

    Thanks Wind, I’m in.

  • Cyrano

    it would be great if they also selling the N8 though
    I still think N8 is a steal

  • Plasma

    It has NFC too.

  • mahdi

    how do i join to get a phone