Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 10,000 apps


  • phew

    10k apps??!!!! When I open the marketplace, it only shows about round 1k apps…. where r the rest??!!!

  • TheCyberKnight

    One interesting metric is that it took 4½ months to reach the 10K mark, which ends up being faster than the two other major marketplaces.

  • Nick

    I guess you could argue that every additional thousand apps means there are probably a few extra gems in there, but at this point I would think every app store has most of the best apps. The real key in the future of app wars is going to be making sure the top apps make it to your platform, not padding your numbers by adding crapps. (did I just invent that word? :D)

  • Keith

    WP7 is having some teething issues but the state of its app store is not one of them–it’s thriving. Now we just need millions and millions more subscribers. I do believe the WP7 UI will entice sufficient numbers in time–it is that good.

  • jellmoo

    While the rapid gains being made are incredibly impressive, people should remember that app quality is more important than app quantity. Microsoft needs to be aggressive in getting big names to commit to WP7, and shore up their app catalogue that way, rather than being satisfied with 3rd party implementations of popular services.

    This stat *is* an impressive one though, and something Microsoft should be using in add campaigns. The fastest growing app store is something tangible that can be spun to help attract consumers. They just need to make certain that the apps that people need and want are there, and provided by first party developers.

  • dan

    You dont know anything about the app quality.. Do you guys have a Windows Phone 7 device? Have you tried every app on the marketplace? No didn’t think so, so stop pulling this stuff out of your rear end. What this shows is there are a lot of people jumping to Windows Phone 7, whether it be developers or normal consumers.

    GO WP7

    • jellmoo

      Actually I do. I had a Samsung Focus. I’ve downloaded many apps, both free and paid. So yes, I know quite a bit about app quality on WP7. I am not jumping on it. While it isn’t the ideal ecosystem for me at this point in time, I happen to like WP7 and feel it has a great deal of promise.

      But, it needs better first party app support. Until services like Dropbox, Pandora, Grooveshark and the like produce their own WP7 applications (not 3rd party providers) and Microsoft themselves providing a Live Messenger app, there is a severe disconnect. Right now services like these are clamouring to go mobile, but all that means is an iOS and Android version. Microsoft needs to have these companies include WP7 in that same thought process.

      10000 apps is a a start, but they need to jump on that. They need to use that stat in marketing and to attract the notice of top tier developers.

  • ELNY

    Good for WP7, altho I would never leave Android for it, I’m glad they will beat RIM. I can’t believe they ONLY have 30k apps, in the YEARS they have been active, while WP7 already has 10k. Yes, it’s quality over quantity but just like posted above, out of every thousand there will always be a few gems in there.

  • TNSF

    They have more apps than customers! 😮

  • Bong Sniffer

    in other news, a Donkey fell in a hole in the dessert…this is so sad

  • Sub-Joker

    I can’t see my comment and I can’t repost it coz according to the website it’s a duplicate post. Thanks a lot Mobile Syrup.