Virgin Mobile lowers International and U.S. Data data roaming rates


  • Don

    So it went from insanely ludicrous to just ludicrous. That’s… still really bad.

  • Malek

    Also bell roaming fees went down. go see on

    • Freebie

      That’s because bell owns virgin mobile, same company, same deals.

  • David Evans

    $10.24 and $25.60 per MB, sweet jesus!
    Why don’t you take my arms and legs while you’re at it.

  • Vasyl

    I cannot believe that somebody will pay for this scam.

  • dan


  • A

    WOOT from 56,000.00 per gig to 10240.00 per gig… I can have my Camaro SS now… 😀

  • kad

    the new robber barons

    they will eventually get their backs broken by the people… I hope

    hell we should nationalize the telcos !

  • Max

    Don’t forget to watch Marketplace on CBC tonight at 8 EST. Canada’s Worst Cellphone Bill: The Sequel

  • Lol

    Weak, I loved paying $51.20 every time I was roaming >:(

  • jonesy1966

    Rates are coming down but not nearly fast enough for most. I’d say the new competition is doing what it’s supposed to and putting pressure on the Big 3’s usury fee structure.

    Is Virgin being groomed to be the new Solo?

  • Rookie

    Still cannot match Wind .. 20$ / MB . EU only 5$ /MB …
    and not hidden fees..
    Does virgin has hidden fees like network connection fees.. ?

  • Hilroy


    • Don

      The bank charges me $42.00 for a bounced cheque. There’s a lot that the government needs to do.

  • Mo s

    Not bad if you’re in the states or Europe and you desperately need to use GPS,

    • Don

      What does GPS have to do with data connectivity? Unless you mean using a navigation app like Google Maps.

    • Luqman

      I don’t see how that’s relevant to this. You don’t get charged for roaming if you are within the country and subscribed to a carrier within that country. For example Rogers won’t charge me roaming if I’m using my data within Canada, same with the US and EU. Its fine as long as you don’t go over your usage limit or leave the country.

    • Mo s

      of course I mean navigation. When someone is lost in the middle of London, you can just type in your hotel name and you’ll be guided there. Way better than taking an expensive cab or asking strangers I’d say.

  • carl

    roaming charges should have a honest price to them. why can’t all the carriers globally have roaming agreements that only charge you what the data actually cost them to provide it but just a little profit without gouging. like it only costs them 1/3 of a penny per mb as stated by a expert on marketpkace. why charge over $50/mb. should only be maybe 0.20 cents per mb and they still would make a huge profit

  • Don

    When I went to Mexico last December I asked about travel plans and was quoted $7.00/MB. So wonder if that went down as well.

  • QueBall

    Seriously that’s crazy high even when compared to other companies in Canada.

    Telus charges $3/MB for USA roaming ($25 for rest of world) at their regular price and $1/MB for USA roaming if you add their $10 USA data pass feature.

    Not shilling for Telus, it’s just I find it shocking that Telus has comparatively good roaming rates. I thought all the major companies matched just about all aspects of each others plans, but I guess not when it comes to roaming fees.

  • rob

    way to go bell, and still be the highest.

    even rogers goes 3$ per meg on the smallest travel pack, or if you go to the US regularily, you make your data paln canada/US for 10$ more.

  • JFrosty

    Holy damn, and I thought Videotron was kind of expensive at $2/MB in the States.

  • Jesse

    51 dollars per megabyte….geez, when I went to Tennessee it was $10 a meg with TELUS and I thought that was expensive…


    It’s still very expensive but at least it’s a step in the right direction Virgin. Don’t complain, others companies really charge $50/mo.

  • Government needs to act now

    Government needs to get their act together and start regulating the wireless industry. Tony Clement needs to get his head out of his @rs and get going with regulations. Clement looked like a foul on Marketplace with a load of garbage. CRTC this CRTC that. CRTC is totally controlled by rogers, telus, and bell. We need to fire the CRTC and then the GOVERNMENT puts in place real regulations to protect consumers. These high plan prices need to go and go now, high cost for contract cancellations needs to go. The only cost the consumer needs to pay back is the cost of the subsidized phone they got, minus how many months they already paid for service. If the phone cost $300 and you had service in a 3 year term by only used 1 year, it should look like this, you paid over priced plan for 12 months of $20 per month equals to $20 x 12 months is = $240 then you only need to pay $60 to break the contract. If lets say its a $700 Iphone 4 with a contract. you paid over priced plan of $20 per month, and you decide to break contract early after 1 year. should look like this.. $40 x 12 months of service = $480 so you only need to pay $220 to break contract for whats left to pay the phone off. And the industry needs to change.No more charging all customers the same on plans. If someone subsidizes a phone the should pay $20 to $40 more to pay off the price of the phone. But after the phone is paid off the plan goes $20 to $40 cheaper. And if someone decides to buy a phone in full price in cash, then this customer should have a cheaper voice and or data plan cheaper than someone who has a subsidized phone. And no more 3 year contracts. only a 1 or 2 year. and no more credit checks as no more post paid plans. all carriers should be doing what wind and mobilicity is doing by that customer should pay bill upfront before use of service, this way it helps the customer to never be over charged as the customer is in charge of their use. and helps the carrier by no more dead beats who don’t pay their bills. And no more bad credit reports for customers and no more collection agencies after you because you pay in advance. And no more charging for incoming calls as the other caller already paid for the outgoing call means no more double dippin. no more charging for incoming texts as the other party already paid for the outgoing text no more double dipping. And wireless industry needs to have more regulations internationally for roaming agreements, no more charging 300,000% over market price. lets be serious telus, bell, and rogers, only costs the telecom $4 to offer data overseas but charge $15,000 to the guy in marketplace show from a BEll phone. Do you actually think this guy owes you this much and how do you expect normal customer living on a normal salary to pay this kind of charge, sell or second mortgage his home to pay you which only cost you $4 to provide the service. We all need to get serious here and put in place regulations here in Canada to stop this fraud from continuing in our market. It doesn’t cost the telecom companies the same as it did in 1990’s here to make or receive calls anymore, its all over IP service and the telecom uses data to place calls over the internet just like voip or skype costs very little to the telecom now for a 10 hour cellphone call now only costs the telecom about $0.20 but the telecom charges the customer over $240 dollars huge mark up in price. and long distance costs the telecom the same as if it were a local call because its over IP data like voip. But they charge a racket for long distance. and voicemail and caller Id should be mandatory they provide it free as it costs them $0 zero to provide it. and system access fee, government regulatory fee should be history as its a scam and made up fee. And regulate that all calls should be unlimited just the same as a home phone, why is wireless different for telus, rogers, and bell but home phones they provide be unlimited and wireless not, wind and mobilicity is doing it, why shouldn’t they. and data should be unlimited as well, again wind and mobilicity is doing it why shouldn’t they, and we need regulations in place to put a cap on wireless price plans. and telus, rogers, bell and the rest of them should have to follow. its 2011 for crying out loud wireless service should be cheaper as technology changes which creates cheaper cost of running a service for the telecom companies. Infrastructure is already in place and already paid for, costs become lower because the costs for going totally IP over void makes outgoing and incoming calls totally cheap for the telecom which they should pass on the savings to the consumers as well. NO more of this $16.9 billion profit, time to give back to the consumers, perhaps instead of being greedy overzealous companies and instead of $16.9 billion perhaps go down a few notches like $8 billion profit who’d have more happy consumers and give up your private jet, start running a business in a normal office building like everyone else and not spend $450 million like what telus is gonna be doing to build a new state of the art headquarters building. How bout telus you give back that $450 million to the consumers by lowering your prices and give more services and features. And Tony Clement needs to get off his high horse and start doing his job or get fired. He’s hired by the tax payers which are tired of the big 3. He needs to listen to his boss’s which are the tax payers and get moving on regulations, and stop receiving kick backs from big 3 to put a blind eye on the matter, regulations regulations regulations. And more competition, and give the 700 signal in this coming auction to the new guys for free as the big 3 got some for free in the past. And more regulations in place to force the big 3 to use there signal bandwidth or lose it.

    • Jake

      Really? Really? You honestly think once the Government gets it’s hands on anything they would just please everyone and say “Hey, we don’t like making money, so here you go! $5.00 unlimited plans for everybody!” Yup…really sounds like the Government to me. The only thing that is going to see the costs go down is competition, if you are waiting on the “Goverment” than you and your wallet will be waiting a long and expensive time.

    • Jake

      Really? Really? You honestly think that once the Government gets their hands on this they are going to just say “Here Guys! We don’t like making as much money as we possibly can, $5.00 unlimited plans for everybody!”. If your idea of cheaper plans is calling in the Government than you are indeed foolish, or work with them. The only way you will see a decline in pricing is with competition. If you and your wallet plan on waiting for the “Government” to save you, you will both have a long and expensive wait.

  • aka

    @Government needs to act now

    You lost me after “Government needs to..”, I just scrolled down the entire wall of a post to the next one..

    But I agreed with others, $50/MB is insanely expensive, but down to $10/MB in US?? On Bell the rate is relatively down to $6/MB US for smartphones, and $25.60 / MB internationally, but in 25 kb increments? Why?

  • aka

    I like the title of the original document, they had the galls to call it “Awesome New Data Roaming Rates..” & “Keep reading below for the hot deets!”. ROFL

  • JohnMike

    I will translate this in plain english for everyone, please do not judge me: “My great people. It is dark days for the communications companies like us. Since everone figured out the racket behind roaming fees, and our outrageous 1000% margin of profit that used to pay for our sweet 20 millions mansions (all of the boards members had at least one of these + a house with servants in the outskirk of town), we had to cut on the price and lower this to a 500% margin of profit. While we will not eat lamb for breakfeast, dinner and supper every day anymore, we will still be able to afford a 15 millions mansion to barely host a 4 people family and their respective low-salary (60K/year) servants.

    God save us all. (PS we just fired 400 custommer service reps but that doesn’t matter because they didn’t do s**t).

  • GT

    50$/mb hahahahahahhahahahahahhahah, hehehehehehehhehehehe, nice 🙂