Update: Bell to sell Motorola Lapdock for $329.95

Bell will be launching the Motorola ATRIX on March 17th at the 3-year contract price of $169.95. There has been several prices floating around of what we could expect the accompanied accessories of this powerhouse Android to go for. Earlier today Future Shop confirmed the prices we revealed last week (Lapdock was listed for $499.95, and the HD Multimedia dock for $129.95)… but we were just sent an email with updated limited time pricing of the Lapdock and an HD Multimedia:

Bell will be offering the Motorola Lapdock for $329.95 and the HD MultiMedia Dock for $129.95 for a limited time. As a reminder, the Motorola ATRIX is $169.95 on a three year term.

More soon…
(Thanks Alanna!)