BlackBerry PlayBook coming soon to Bell


  • Steve C.

    now that the iPad is basically destroying everyone i think it’ll be $499

  • Matt

    Does anyone actually care about the Playbook anymore? With the Xoom already out and the iPad 2 release imminent, RIM is an empty suit.

    • TheTigerTek

      I care about the PlayBook. I can’t wait to buy.

    • Todd

      Any particular reason you think that to be the case?

    • sookster54

      No I don’t care about the Xoom, f the Xoom and f Motorola.

  • Jean-Michel

    Everyone doesn’t digg the 800$ Xoom-wallet-eater.

    Some people would live just fine with a great safe OS to take a few notes, and since blackberry bought that company who does wicked apps, it’s awesome!

    • zorxd

      It remains to be seen if the Playbook will be any cheaper

  • pozi240

    Jobs rushed the iPad2 to market, because they were actually scared of the Playbook getting out first. Why, because it will be much superior product (specs don’t lie), and a good price point as well. The funny thing is, by the time Canada actually gets the iPad in thier hands (after the 25th), the Playbook will only be behind by a week or two (it will be launched before the 10th of April, don’t believe the hype). Also, I think you will see some wifi only Xooms out shortly at a more friendly $500-599 price point.

  • Vito

    @pozi240 – you think the iPad2 was rushed? Serously? That’s just silly. One could argue the original iPad is a better product than most of the ‘upcoming’ tablets in terms of design and app ecosystem. I’m willing to bet Apply maintains 90% market share on tablets. They’re not going to have the most features, but most people want something that ‘just works’ and aren’t interesting in figuring out an Android tablet – and a more expensive Android tablet at that.

    As for specs, do you think the average person cares that a Xoom has 1GB of RAM vs. the iPad 2 with 512MB? No. It’s all about the experience and Apple has that all locked up.

    That’s said, I’m going to get a Xoom for me and an iPad 2 for the wife and kids. Win-win.

    As for Wind “working on” getting the Playbook – please. I think they’re still “talking with Google” to get a Nexus one…

  • Todd

    Hands down, I’d rather have a PlayBook than the Xoom or iPad. Believe me, the QNX OS and TAT group is gonna rock the competition. I don’t drink the Apple “kool-aid”. I’ve used both the iPad and the PlayBook and the PlayBook is definitely the professional grade tablet. iPad? No thanks!!

  • sookster54

    I’m looking forward to the PlayBook, I was hoping Telus would ship it but Telus is more likely to go for the HTC Flyer, so I may buy the PlayBook outright from Bell.

  • Big 3

    wouldn’t mind going on a contract since the tablet data plans are cheap.

  • SunHammer

    Telus ALSO confirmed they will be carrying the PlayBook. I got a flyer advertising it a couple weeks ago and “Coming soon”

  • Vann

    Almost all of the people who want a tablet are NOT people who knows the difference between 512MB of RAM and 1GB of RAM. They want two things, a device that is working well, and to be able to show it. That’s why I think Apple will stay the leader, even if the iPad 2 does not have the better specs on the market.

    Oh and BTW, I already own an android tablet, i love it and the iPad isn’t even an option for me.

  • Neil

    I think RIM is going to need about 20 Million Playbooks for North America. This Playbook is the leader of what is out there hands down. Internet with Flash. HDMI video output. 14 Million songs to down load. Blackberry Security. Hack proof emails. Need I say more.

    • klv


  • Roy Whitney

    come on Virgin Mobile announce it already lol. The anticipation is killing us. I hope they will have it 🙂