WIND is bringing back the port-in credit promo starting March 3rd


  • chall2k5

    lets see Mobi copy this like they claim they dont

    • Kash

      Um, actually I got a port-in credit in Edmonton last month, so….

  • freezerburnt

    *SIGH* Yet ANOTHER amazing deal that all of us in the Kitchener/Waterloo area are going to miss out on again….. I’d port over immediately if I could.

  • Rogers Rep

    Ohh man are you kidding me? IO switched to Wind 3 days ago. I so got hosed!

  • EC

    SHIT, i switched last month and my early termination fee from rogers was $80

  • Industry

    You gotta expect wind will pull all these crazy promotions.

  • blackberryhomeboy

    wind is a piece of s**t,

    they are so desperate for customers they will do anything.

  • Len

    Nice promo… hope they still have these great deals by the time they get around to my city.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    @blackberryhomeboy – Seriously? A company offers you a credit to switch and you consider that desperate? It’s called a promotion. Go back to school.

    Oh, and before Rocco gets here to complain about it:
    If you want Wind to be around to continue offering promos like this, please sign the petition at: www(dot)gopetition(dot)com/petition/42714(dot)html
    Thanks againt to those that have signed already.

    • winddowg

      @ nuclearbroccoli you get 2 thums up

    • half-duplex

      I read on the howard forums your petition was tossed out? too many fake names? is that true? I think you are blind to the fact that Wind is in deep trouble. My manager was telling us we should look for new jobs since he was told from head office Wind has filed for protection. So is this why they say your petition is quashed?

    • Jonesy1966

      Half duplex, yeah I too would be concerned with my job if my boss was stupid enough to think Globalive or Wind had filed for protection. I’d start looing for a job now before your “genius” manager thinks he can run a store!


      How’s the weather, Rocco? If this how low you dig these days?

  • Joe

    $100 port in credit for a phone that doesn’t work in my house ir office is a joke. Even if wind gave me their service for free for life. I still wouldn’t Go back to them. Wind=garbage.

    • Jonesy1966

      Bitter much, Joe?

  • nuclearbroccoli

    @Joe – If you’re not with Wind currently, how would you know it won’t work now, even if it didn’t before?
    I have full coverage at home and at work, and I had neither when I signed up a year ago.
    You do realize that they are still expanding their network right?

  • Big 3

    $150 port in was better

  • winddowg

    @ joe what kind of drugs are you on i get less drope calls with wind than i did with telus

    • tbr

      That is because you have a special phone.

  • Terminator


    This site has turned into trash. Honestly, you’re wasting your breath, as we all did. I believe its the same 2-3 morons posting anti wind comments in nearly every thread. Some of us tried to debate with logic but these people aren’t able to reason.

    The owners of this site are also not fairly moderating the comments at all. It is quite inconsistent and straight up all they are mostly doing is cutting and pasting content from other sites.

    Save your energy NB, they are not worth it. Good work on the petition promo though, see you on a few sites.

    • tbr

      Terminator, what you are saying is that no one understands you and anyone who does not should be deleted.

      It sure seams that you are the one who has an antisocial personality. In many countries what you represent is called a dictatorship.

      What exactly do you mean by they are not moderating this forum? They allow morons like yourself to post ridiculous comments.

  • JustMeAndMe

    It seems that they are not doing so well as they cannot offer $150 as they did last year 🙁

    Also giving $5 monthly for any plan below $45 is more a joke than the real promotion.

  • mae

    wow some confidential information here eh ..

  • Dizzy

    Wind is not in trouble people. They actually have the finances and very deep pockets unlike Mobilicity who is in some serious **** with its investors. ( $12.50 / month plan .. LMAO …. no revenue… it was a quick Sub grab, but now no one wants to buy them due to loss of revenue )

    However, I do agree about Wind having terrible signal. It works fine when you are standing right next to a tower, but everywhere else its up and down all the time. I’ve been using it and still do, don’t like it at all but still better than paying $300 + a month for Rogers. Just got a public Mob phone as well, wanna see how that work our in comparison. If its better i switch, if not then I stay with Wind.