WIND releases $25 “Uncontainable25” plan that includes Unlimited local calling & picture messaging


  • espink

    Good deal for those who want the bare mim.

  • Don

    Everything but voicemail and data for $25, not bad at all.

  • Big 3

    They need a plan below $25 for medium usage. either 100 mins or unlimited is too much of a difference.

    This $25 plan is still a fair deal. But they do need to make some alters on their data add ons since their $40-$45 plans make the data add-ons useless.

  • Amar

    And this is the plan everyone has been hoping for! They should keep the 15 dollar plan though unlike Mobilicity who took it off. Otherwise now WIND finally has a great 25 dollar plan, was hoping for this for awhile, now I don’t need it because I’m on the HAITF plan and get more for less!!

  • Justin Credible


  • Joe

    No point releasing new plans or phones since wind is closing their business soon since federal court gave them the boot. Hey wind is the 45 days up yet that the federal court ruled you need to stop running your business within 45 days and close up. I hope you guys close up your services is terrible not worth the $10 savings per month. With rogers I’m getting unlimited calling which includes long distance with no roaming charges across canada. Unlimited text and picture messaging. Unlimited international text messaging. 6gb of data which is better than winds 5gb capped data then throttle to a point its unusable. Includes caller I’d and voicemail. Whocalled, name display, call waiting, call forwarding, ringbacks, all for $60 per month which is a lot better since rogers has a more reliable network than wind and rogers has a canada wide coverage. Rogers has way better voice quality. Faster has better indoor signal strength than wind.bye bye wind I tried your services but you failed and second I’m getting better value at rogers for a better service

    • Strowg9

      You’re not comparing apples to apples Joe. The only way you would be able to get this amount of service for $60 is through a corporate plan, or intense bartering with customer retention after being with the company for years.

      What Wind is offering here is their public offer price. To get what you outlined with Rogers according to their public pricing guidelines, you would be charged well over $100/month. Mentioning that you manage to receive this for a severely discounted rate is irrelevant.

      Furthermore, the 45 day grace period will be by no means accurate. It’s headed to the Federal Court of Appeals, where it will likely be overturned. At minimum, the case will be stuck in the court system for some time.

      I can’t imagine why you would want to defend Rogers like you are here. While the merits of Canadian ownership can be debated, there is no question that the Canadian mobile market desperately needs competition. The industry is currently able to leech tens of billions of dollars out of consumers–a situation which will hopefully be changing soon due to these startup companies. I think you should be welcoming them, not condemning them.

    • iknowyou

      great plan you got there! Can i just walk into any rogers location and get this plan? or do i have to go and sleep with Nadir Mohamed, and then a sign a 3 yr contract ?

      Until i can get fair prices at a good value with out opening my legs, i stick with wind!

  • Joe

    @strowg9 nope I’ve only been with rogers for a month and I called in and asked for a better deal they gave it to me without any argrument. Rogers simply said they want to keep their current customers and will compete by giving out better deals for better value. Do you think rogers is going to just sit there and let the small fries try to gain their market share, I don’t think so. And second wind has no I mean no chance winning the court battle. They broke Canadian laws and regulations, even if the Government changes the laws still doesn’t change anything for wind, since wind broke the laws before any changes were made. Its like murdering someone one day and you get charged and go into court, but then the Government chances the law and say murder is ok, doesn’t change the fact you got charged for a crime before the law changed, you will still go to jail if found guilty. And the saying goes you pay for what you get. If you pay very low prices like the dollar store yes you will have value but no quality same as wind low price good value but bad quality. If you shop at holt renfrew you’ll pay way more but get excellent quality product same as what rogers offers you. Premium brand versus a low brand. I’m only paying $10 more with rogers and getting the same or even more with rogers. $10 is not much at all for way better quality service. Wind is like shopping at the dollar store. I’d rather have quality like holt renfrew like rogers

  • Terminator

    Wow after a 2 or so week absence from this site I see the trolls are still at it.

  • Justin

    “we’re told this plan is never going to expire.”

    Never say never.

  • Ian

    Why does WIND have the LAMEST plan names in the whole world ? They should have called it The Local 25 plan. Easier for the customer to identify and remember it. Does the marketing team need help ? They suck balls… Uncontainable, irresistible, irrepressible, unbreakable, unshakeable, holiday miracle, festive cheer, winter wonder, unstoppable… Yeah people, these are WIND’s plan names, I’m not making it up. They’re trying to sound intimidating and come off as a joke. Fix your choppy network and then we’ll talk.

  • brendan

    all of you people need to chill. the names are lame, yes,but it makes it seem unique and stands out. wind may have lower quality calling and shiz. yes we know,but some people can’t afford to go to rogers and spend 60+ dollars cuz not everyone is as priveliged. Wind is good for youger users and the elderly cuz you can get it with a child’s allowance. Rogers may be better for those that actually depend on the clarity and reliable network. if you want great plans with a low price tag, go for wind. if you can afford rogers and want quality and service, go for it. have a good day

  • dan

    So basically this is the same as the mobilicity $25 plan without Caller ID??


    • heyhey

      it has caller id no voicemail

    • dan

      My bad, it is exactly the same..

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Dear Mobile Syrup:

    So, it seems that it’s ok to make ignorant comments about Wind shutting down in EVERY SINGLE article about Wind Mobile, but if I post a link to a petition that happens to be relevant to the discussion, my post is removed.

    Since I limited posting the link to comments related to Wind Mobile as opposed to spamming EVERY article’s comments like some people here do REGARDLESS of the topic of discussion, one would think it wouldn’t be an issue.
    Apparently I was mistaken.

    Anyway, it’s your site, and as such you have every right to do as you please, but the fact that the anti-Wind rhetoric posts remain while my post is deleted seems biased to me.
    On that basis, I will no longer be posting on your site.

    And to those who are thinking about posting a response with more anti-Wind comments: The petition will continue regardless, and rest assured, I will never see your responses anyway. Knock yourselves out – preferably literally….

    ****To Terminator, Regulator, Jonesy1966, and Justin Credible – I wish you guys luck.

    • Jonesy1966

      NB, a lot of sites don’t allow posting of live links on their site over concerns of the content within the link. Maybe try phontically writing the link, ie: Use (dot) as opposed to .

      They’re working on a new forum set up, apparently. Perhaps this won’t be so much of a problem in the future, but please don’t stop posting over it!

  • dave

    Does anybody else find the ‘local calling area’ a bit confusing or a change of direction? The $15 plan includes 100 mins PROVINCE-wide calling, and additional minutes are 10 cents… but this new $25 plan (although unlimited) still lets you call only the local calling area… calling somewhere else in the province outside of that area costs 25 cents. Also, long distance (say out of province, or to the US costs 15 cents on the $15 plan, but 25 cents on this new plan.

    Yep, I know for most situations its a better deal… but one of the things I liked about Wind was the simplicity of its plans – my pea-sized brain could handle it better when ‘bigger’ plans were supersets of the ‘smaller’ ones 😉

  • nuclearbroccoli

    Ok, conditionally forgiven. Post is back.

  • RiteNtheJugular

    I feel that with Winds Foreign finances that their aim to portray themselves as “Canadian Based” is quite deceitful. And im proud that our government is actually calling them on this fact. Plus look on Winds web site, their first point of disclaimers is “subject to CANCEL or CHANGE without notice” Sound trust worthy to you?

    • RoccoStiffReddi

      well with 90% of the funding.. and 100% of the control.. you are right on the money. Wind had hoped to secret deal would have fixed things but as some have pointed out an appeal would be heard and it was.. quashed.. NB loves that phrase.. his petition and now this.. and in the end.. wind will have to face up to what they have tried to pull.

  • rob

    nice, although ther is already a CANADIAN company offering this.

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Oh veggie man saw your rant on wind.. poor baby.. Wind is in trouble and you know it.. closing up locations and also the call center.. what have you to say about that? Now they have filed the appeal and your petition is quashed.. but hey mobli can take up the slack.. so no worries

    So no comment on the closing of the call center? Peterborough workers told of the closure in the summer.. no comment? renewing some store leases now not being done.. is this a sign? well?

  • RICO

    Why do you people care so much,wind are the same as every other company in it to make money. Competition is good I agree, but who cares about any of these companies, you losers defend them and their plans like they’re your family. Get a life. Oh! now my plan is 10$ cheaper a month 9 and I drop lots of calls). Great I can buy 1 beer in the bar with that huge saving, lol.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    @RICO – We defend them because:
    1)They actually listen to us. We suggested things we want to see, and they have implemented many of those suggestions.
    2)They offer unlimited packages, with no time restrictions. That is something the Big 3 have NEVER offered us.
    3)They offer decent plan rates.
    4)No extra fees. No 911 fee, no ridiculously high 411 fees, no activation fees (If you’re buying the phone from them of course, otherwise I suppose $25 for a SIM could be an activation fee), etc.

    Quite frankly, I’d both defend and set up a petition to keep Mobilicity in business as well if I felt it was necessary at some point. Oh, and speaking of petitions: www(dot)gopetition(dot)com/petition/42714(dot)html
    Please sign if you want to help keep Wind going.

    Unlike some people here, I’m not Pro-Mobilicity and Anti-Wind or vice versa. I’m more Pro-Wind/Mobilicity and Anti-Robellus (Not the nick!) I simply want the most competition we can get, and I chose Wind simply because they own the most spectrum so they will eventually have the largest coverage area.

    Long story short, if Wind doesn’t offer the coverage you need, try Mobilicity. If Mobilicity doesn’t offer the coverage you need, try Wind. Just try to avoid the Big 3 if possible. Neither Wind nor Mobi are perfect, but it’s better than the alternative.