Apple iPad 2 event on March 2nd: “Come see what 2011 will be the year of”


  • Gmac

    Finally yay

    • bummy

      agreed. as much of an android fan i am ( i love honeycomb ), I’ve still been looking forward to this event for a looong time!

      Lets see if Android is done playing catch up! OR if Apple comes up with something innovative this year!

  • XER

    If this thing supports AWS, then the big three is indeed is deep sh1t!

    • Terry


      If the Iphone 5 on the other hand has AWS support, that’s a whole other story…Maybe, dunno if people can swallow buying an $800 phone upfront with MAYBE a $150 tab system.

  • baconeater

    I am not an Apple fanboy, but I am excited about this. I can’t help but think though, that with all of the Media information and disinformation that the iPad 2 will be underwhelming. That is unless they introduce the pseudo retina display.

  • mike

    Apple won’t release a higher resolution ipad because it would cause fragmentation. The only one they would do is double the resolution, and all the rumours point to that happening in the ipad 3, as it’s probably too expensive/too soon to do that now.

    Like the rumours say, ipad 2 will probably have better use in sunlight and be slimmer and have the dual core cpu and dual core gpu inside. Maybe some other smaller stuff I’m forgetting.

    • zorxd

      Can the iPad really have a higher resolution than the macbook anyway? Would this really make sense?

  • Zeake

    “that the iPad 2 will be underwhelming”

    Their product have always (with the exception of user experience) been underwhelming, but that’s not why so many buy them.

    And I know that can be argued, but I’m just saying…

  • TheTigerTek

    Wake me up when the PlayBook is released.

  • Shnur

    Finally! I wonder what the delay to Canada will be?

  • Chris Marle

    LOL RIM you suck. I bet iPad 2 will be available in Canada before tour PlayBook and your product will be a DOA.

    • Chris Marle

      *before your PlayBook

    • barry

      I’m getting a playbook, can’t wait!

    • Chris Marle

      If you’re lucky, it will be out at Spring 2013 🙂

    • mAc-warrior

      Agree. RIM are too little, too late to this party. They aren’t even in the ballpark of consideration for the vast majority of tablet purchasers. Their software is old and slow and without a physical keyboard the Playbook will have no differentiation from the rest of the market. Add that to the number of deficiencies that RIM has (Wifi issues, lack of connectivity without a BB, etc.) and the picture becomes even clearer.

      I believe that even iPad 1 would dominate the Playbook in terms of sales. If Apple brings out iPad 2 before RIM can even show a final prototype of the Playbook (as currently appears) then Playbook is DOA. Sorry to the RIM fans, but it’ll be iOS, Android, and WP7 that will be the only contenders in this space.

  • Nick M

    2011 will be the year of me continuing not to give a crap about Apple.

  • Ida

    Playbook will be out really really soon

    with specs of 2008