Google: “Please tell Canadians to send their CVs in”

If you’ve ever wanted to take your love of Android past the device and work for Google, SVP and CFO Patrick Pichette says 2011 will embark on “the biggest year ever” for hiring. Google currently has 200 employees in Canada, this has increased by 50% since last year and is expected to increase by 50% this year too. The hiring will be taking place in 3 cities: Toronto (sales); Waterloo (mobile applications on other products); and Montreal (engineering and sales).

Pichette stated that “Please tell Canadians to send their CVs in… We’re not really tied by a quota – anybody who’s a great fit, we’ll hire them… We are an unconventional company… And we’re looking for unconventional people.”

Google currently has 22 open positions and you can check them out here
Source: Globe