Nokia CEO: “Our #1 priority is beating Android”

On Friday a fresh mock-up of a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device surface online and another concept has shown itself during their press event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The designs look familiar but clearly with these 2 mock ups they are showing how they will possibly have a high end device and a mid-range. Probably the most revealing statement was during the Q&A yesterday when a question was asked to Nokia CEO Stephen Elop “Which is better for Nokia. Windows Phone 7 that still has Samsung, HTC and LG involved, or a Windows Phone 7 that is only Nokia?

Elop stated that “the best answer for Nokia is to have an ecosystem with other players who are innovating and competing with Nokia and contributing to that ecosystem… this has shifted from a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems. More than anything this ecosystem has to compete with Android, with Apple… And that will come if there is a good competitive environment in that area… As we achieve our first priority of beating Android, we’ll be competing within the Windows Phone ecosystem as well, but our #1 priority is beating Android.” Check out the video at the 2:30 mark.

Source: Engadget