Virgin giving Unlimited Data for 2 months… plus introducing MobileTV

As some current Virgin Mobile plans are set to expire tomorrow (6PM Early Calling, BlackBerry Student Combo 55/65 and Smartphone Student Combo 55/65) new and more exciting plans are coming. Thanks to one of our tipsters, effective February 4th here’s a rundown of what Virgin Mobile will be offering:

– International text promotion will be PERMANENT.
– iPad and Tablet plans are back! $20 = 500MB, $35 501MB and up. ($15 per GB for more data).
– UNLIMTED DATA for every Smartphone for the first 2 months (Permanent offer) After the 2 first months Virgin will send you a text message saying you’ve reached 90% of your Smartphone data plan.
– MOBILE TV IS HERE! For $5 a month per channel there are several to choose from: MTV, Much Music, TSN and more. We’re informed that this gives you 10 hours of mobile watching per channel plus It won’t use your data. $1 per hour if you exceed the limit.

Good stuff!