HTC “Vivo” launching with SaskTel April/May?

We’re honestly not sure what to make of this so consider it a rumour for now – but if true it’ll bring incredible joy to those over in Saskatchewan. There were about 15 different email addresses on the complete screenshot and they all checked out correctly. According to what’s written it shows SaskTel will be launching the upcoming HTC “Vivo” and a request has been sent out dealers to order dummy devices.  The doc states that “HTC is the latest addition to our device supplier lineup and the new HTC Vivo device is scheduled for release in April – May.”

The “Vivo” is the code name for the mysterious Android device that surfaced last week that had Verizon branding on it. As for specs, runs Android 2.2 and has a 4-inch Super LCD touchscreen (with a resolution of 480 X 800). That’s all that’s known.

Again… rumour for now. More soon.
(Thanks tipster!)