HTC “Vivo” launching with SaskTel April/May?


  • cody

    I’ve always wanted an incredible (1 or 2), and Canada gets it, but on Sasktel :S Wow, would have thought it would be one of the big 3 if at all.

  • fussymussy

    so verizon is CDMA right? Or are they 3G? wil Bell get this too?

  • barry

    what the heck is with the back moulding? it doesn’t look good.

  • JAWG

    This looks like a nice phone. I hope Wind comes out with an AWS version of the HTC Vivo. Also, I love Wind with all my heart. <3
    Go Wind Go!!!

  • Sean

    Front looks like an iPod touch but without the home button

  • JAWG

    I could see this phone being used on Mobi with good voice quality and improving Data transfer,not on Wind where it would be useless considering the way the network is with instability…Wooooo Hooooo…Go Mobi Go!

  • Sub-Joker

    weird, the verizon version is not exactly the same as this one. the curves are more (which I find is nicer, this one looks like a phone with an extended battery cover).

    SaskTel??? is it gonna be on QuebTel as well??

  • Dave

    Bell will be launching this phone toward the end of March or early April.