BCAA: 57% think the roads are safer since banning the use of cellphones while driving

B.C. banned the use of hand-held devices while driving a year ago and a recent survey by the British Columbia Automobile Association says that drivers are more alert ever since the law went into effect. The survey of 2,139 drivers showed the following stats:

– 57% think the roads are now safer
– 34% are paying more attention to the way they drive because of the law
– 14% of drivers still talk “frequently” (more than once a week) on their cellphone
– 13% say they continue to talk “occasionally” on a hand-held phone
– 4% continue to read and send text messages “frequently” (more than once a week) while driving
– 7% said they text “occasionally.”
– 89% said they do not text while driving
– 88% said they identified talking on a hand-phone while driving was dangerous
– 80% (1,711) said they frequently observe other drivers talking on hand-held phones.
– 55% of the 1,711 (941) say they give a dirty look or gesture to the driver to get off the phone. 3% roll down the window and say something to the other driver, while 2% write down their license plate number and give it to the police.

There has really been no firm numbers on how the ban is going in each province. Back in November the CAA conducted a nationwide survey of 6,000 Canadians that revealed 88% of people said text messaging while driving is a “very serious” safety threat and the biggest safety concern.

Source: CNW