15% of Rogers Wireless customers have two or more phones on their account

Rogers has the most wireless subscribers in Canada – according to their Q3 2010 results they stated 8.9 million. There is no firm number of how many are using basic devices, messaging devices or Smartphones. In the most recent report they only state that upgrades have been “predominantly BlackBerry, iPhone and Android”.

An article in the Winnipeg Free Press reveals a more interesting and staggering statistic of a growing Rogers customer base. John Boynton, EVP of Marketing for Rogers said that about 15% of Rogers wireless customers have two or more phones on their accounts and most are business related. The main reason for customers to carry around multiple devices are for various reasons: to separate between work/personal, it’s fashionable and that some manufacturers don’t offer the features they really want.

Boynton stated “The approach of all things to all people gets you something super expensive, so a lot of people end up paying for things they don’t want… Manufacturers will keep making devices that appeal to a certain group of people who will be willing to pay for the features of those devices.”