Nokia C6-01 heading to Bell this March


  • Joe

    I assume there are releasing the North American version of the C6-01?

    It’s not that interesting as a phone goes, but it does have penta-band like the N8. That means it will work on Bell/Telus/Rogers as well as WIND/Mobilicity/Videotron.

  • Claudiu

    This phone is also Pentaband 3G just like the Nokia N8 and it will work with every carrier in Canada (including Wind and Mobi). I hope it will be easy to unlock just like the Nokia N8 from Rogers.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Yet another handset that Wind could not get. When is Wind going to be a leader? Are they happy to get the crumbs that the big 3 drop? So I would have to buy it from Bell to use on the swiss cheese network? is Wind even gong to be around for the release? Or is Mobli going to buy them?

    • Endi

      It doesn’t matter whether this is an “official” wind phone or not… you can still use it on their network without any problems. You could get a decent price for an unlocked one online from sites like newayci, many times such sites/stores offer better prices than the big 3’s no contract price

  • Mo s

    The Symbian operating system is dead. I was with nokia for 4 years and didn’t see a great deal of innovation. The way the symbian sign security works made me switch and never look back to their unreliable OS.

    • Colin

      So your pissed at Symbian because it’s hard to run pirated software with their SIS signing security?

  • Max

    I used Symbian phones for over 10 years and LOVED it. And then I’ve switch to Android since: Have to say that Android is Smarter but not necessary better. The reason I am saying that is because not all Android phones get “upgrade” on the OS, and it is driving me crazy. Many manufactures keep making so-called high-end Android every 6 months but do not offer next OS upgrade. That’s how they ship millions of smartphones a year. I would have to say it is a SCAM! At least for Nokia, the are not only focus on the hardware, but also provide regular updates on the OS/performance regardless older or newer models. I believe it is what Nokia makes their name for: taking care of their customers. I would not mind getting a ^3 phone until Android OS reaches a mature stage: Do not want to keep buying an other Android for the .1 or .2 OS different.

    • Stuntman

      I disagree that Nokia provides timely updates. I had a Nokia N97 and after the V21 firmware which still had serious bugs, I got nothing since. V22 was supposed to be out last summer, but on Bell, no such update was ever available. I ended up switching to an Android phone back in November.

      Nokia sure didn’t take care of any customers who purchased the N97. That has tainted many long time Nokia users.

  • wiley

    Coming from an Android 2.1 HTC Legend user, I agree with MAX! Android/carriers need to updates phone much easier and also O/S upgrades should be available immediately, like windows XP updates etc…

    Too fragmented right now…..

  • justin

    Does anyone know when the HTC Legend 2.2 update will be available? Android updates in Canada take forever & the US is always way ahead of us.

  • Tangodelamuerte

    But, Symbian is such a boring platform. Nokia makes solid and reliable products, they just need to put Android or WP7 in it. Pentaband phones are the way to go.

  • Vitor

    There is nothing really wrong with Symbian^3. It’s a lightweight OS that works fantastically. It doesn’t need strong processors with a load of RAM, like Android. I have zero complaints with it. The only thing it lacks is the sheer number of apps that Android has. Though I am using Maemo right now, so it doesn’t really matter to me.

  • Vitor

    Also, it’s worth noting that the C6-01 lacks the keyboard of C6-00, which is a damn shame! If it had a keyboard, it might’ve been a buy for me.

    • Nado

      Rogers is supposedly releasing the E7 and that’s got a keyboard (same OS).

  • Mick

    Do you find car models confusing? BMW for example, like most other car makers, also has several different versions of their X3 car, e.g. the X3 E83 (aka the 2004 model) and the X3 F25 (aka the 2011 model), yet nobody calls that confusing. But probably because the company is called Nokia and not BMW, an even simpler naming scheme (C6-01) suddenly becomes confusing.
    You should put some more effort in hiding your bias.

    • Chuck

      the name is pretty lame. Out of all the names in the world why would they pick something so close. dumb marketers

    • Colin

      I agree, why does it seem that every phone has to be named as a synonym of Fantastic, Great, Lust, or Achevment?

  • JAWG

    I agree with Mick,MS is bias on a lot of things and not neutral…your comments make it obvious who you support and not support and opinions should be left to posters.Plus a new system should be introduced to not allow impersonators where they can be removed and allow remarks from all sides.In this case what is so confusing about C6-01…now if it was C6-017655094567654537 you would have a point.Ridiculous that you would focus on the name and not the product.

  • bobc

    I got a C6-00 from Bell last tuesday, it was a great deal. I quickly noticed that Exchange, used to sync my mail, calendar and contacts did not work properly. From Nokia I found that an upgrade to its Symbian os was available in Europe.
    I logged a request for an upgrade on wednesday (they promissed a reply to my question in 72 hours). I am still waiting for a response from Bell.