Rogers and Fido increasing text message rate to $0.20 March 16th

Rogers and Fido have decided to increase the pay-per-use text message rate to $0.20 per text on March 16th (increase of $0.05). They have posted a note on their site that states this is for all non-premium (sent or received) text messages or any texts sent above the amount that’s included in your plan. Here’s who this change will impact:

– This rate change will apply to the following customers: Pay-per-use text messaging customers (who do not subscribe to any type of text add-on)
– Customers who DO NOT subscribe to an unlimited text messaging add-on
– Customers who send more texts than those included in their text add-on allotment

We had a quick conversation with Rogers spokesman Keith McArthur and he stated that “The vast majority of customers won’t be impacted since 95% of text messages are sent/received within plan buckets.” The reason for the increase is because Rogers is “continually investing in our networks and in new innovations such as text blocking and SMS monitoring tools that will help our customers manage costs and easily upgrade or move to a plan”.

Incoming texts are free for both Rogers and Fido customers who sign up for a text plan and they start for about $3 a month.

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