Sony Ericsson LiveView coming to Canada


  • Jordan

    Best thing about this article is the George Stroumboulopoulos part in the first picture!

  • Mel

    Wow, so awesome, this is a must have since we all simply cannot already do all that on our phones!

    Next up! TV remotes that tell you if your TV is on or off!

  • Bong Sniffer

    Someone explain to me the value of this product…its seems so damn useless..

    • Terry

      Think of it as a pager, but WAY more sophisticated.

      Sure, you could just use your phone, at which point don’t buy this, but there are times when gawking at your phone may be rude, not allowed, or unnessesary.

      Say you’re in class, or at work, or in a meeting, or on a bus and it’s just so dang crowded. This can come in handy….depending how much it is.

      Also I can’t imagine the music player would be useful unless there’s a headphone jack.

  • bummy

    ** fake call app on watch (for when you need to fake calls)
    ** music player (less fiddling with phone in pocket, and less screen battery drain)
    ** mute calls
    ** quick check your messages/emails/twitter; so you won’t need to keep pulling out your phone
    ** find phone feature (rings your phone in case you misplaced it)
    ** full developer support, i guess if somebody wants to make an app that uses phone camera, and LiveView for some Live-Feeds….

    Great for tab users, office people, music lovers, and gadget enthusiasts.

    Price I would assume be on par with the rest of the world, maybe 69.99?

  • Sub-Joker

    can I watch porn using this??? this way I can watch all the porn in public and at work without anybody noticing.

    amazing invention.

  • Zeake

    I already have one of those… Yeah it’s call my CELL PHONE!!!

  • Ryan

    Still can’t imagine paying more than $15 for this. Otherwise, I’d rather just pull my phone out of my pocket. It doesn’t take that much energy to do so, it really doesn’t.

    • Terry

      Really? Something that has most of the abilities of an Ipod nano and you think it’s $15? When a Nano goes for almost $200 Canadian?

      This thing will be AT LEAST $100. Any higher then that though and it might be pointless to those who might want it.

  • Sub-Joker

    As long as it view high definition porno I’m in for it (the nano cannot view porn, too bad).

  • halo

    I won’t buy anything that says Sony ericsson and Android on it at the same time.
    FYI they failed this product overseas.

  • David

    Reminds me of the InPulse smartwatch for blackberry… you know, the one that’s been languishing on preorder for over a year?

  • Amar

    Not to shabby, that’s actually bringing some innovation from SE to Canada, since it’s linking up with LiveView officially.