Bell Samsung Galaxy Tab drops to $549.99


  • Sub-Joker

    Still not the 200 to 300 dollars range it’s supposed to be

    • Tom

      Agreed. Even $400.

    • daveloft

      How do you fathom a device like this could hit $200 – $300.

      Do you expect the latest Smartphone to cost that much without a contract?

  • Dabba

    I would say 350 is a fair price for this, considering no Super Amoled (excuse the spelling)

  • Mathieu

    People buying these very expensive 2.2 tablets now are making a huge mistake.
    In a couple of months, Android 3.0 tablets will be available in Canada for the same price or maybe even a lower price.
    500$ is the price of a perfect high-end tablet unlocked.
    The Galaxy Tab is a good 2010 tablet.
    Now that we’ve seen the near future at CES 2011, no one should be 500$ for this tablet.

    • daveloft

      The device is very easy to Root and it’s a popular unit. There should be lots of options to run 3.0 on the Galaxy Tab.

  • David

    I am writing this on my galaxy tab. I bought it just before xmas and I love it. Worth every penny and I am enjoying it months before everyone who is ‘waiting’ for Honeycomb.

    I flashed it and can now make phone calls and surf the web with the tab on my existing cell plan even though i live in North America. I was also happy to find out that the Galaxy Tab will likely be upgradeable to Honeycomb 🙂