Rogers relaunches the MY10 Canada Wide and Messaging Plan


  • roger that

    I’m loving this. Contract with Rogers is up in Feb and excited to switch to Wind. Looks like more incentive for Wind to extend their “holiday” offers.

    • Ricky

      DON’t SWITCH FROM ROGERS TO WIND. And to anyone else out there saying Rogers can’t compete with WIND. There;s a reason, WIND’s coverage is absolute s**t. Their online coverage map isn’t updated. I’m currently on WIN looking to switch to the MY10 plan on Rogers. I got no service in Tsawwassen, according to what I was told when I signed up they were supposed to have service in Tsawwassen up and running by December 2010, been more than a year and still no service… and half the time when I’m inside my own house in the middle of their coverage area my signal drops. Not to mention that in the last week people on the other side of my phone calls haven’t been able to hear me.Yes the rates on WIND and Mobilicity are much cheaper, but that’s because of their SHIT service. My advice, DON’T SWITCH.

  • markthis

    Sure, like I’d want to limit myself to 10 people. And no capability to tether.

  • raymond

    nopt bad but for an extra five dollars u get everything with Wind or Mobilicity!!

    • jarr

      …. but you also have

      1) poor selection of devices
      2) unsubsidized
      3) lower coverage

      rogers still the big winner.

  • EJ

    Reasonable promo IF the 10 were unlimited voice inc/out. Rogers does not want to compete.

    • Stimulator

      Not that I want to defend Rogers, but I do believe it IS unlimited in/out for your 10 numbers, and long distance charges do not apply even if you’re out of your local area. That doesn’t mean it’s comparable to unlimited though… 😛

    • Rogers Rep

      But it is my friend.

    • wordup

      it is unlimited 10 in and out, what else would it mean? lol

  • XER

    So, let me guess… This is Rogers best reaction to all the hypes around!

    Are you kidding? 3 years term, of course this regulatory fee, no data, no call display, no VM, a tiny 150 minutes and I am limited to only have 10 people I can talk to… With Wind or Mobi, $40 will do the magic!

    Keeping coming up with this horrible plan, Rogers and 2012 will be the end of you before good!

    • Rogers Rep

      Then try Chatr.

      $35/m unlimited calling and text nationwide plus caller id and voice mail.

      Chatr is Rogers.

    • Ted

      LOL: I was told by the ChatR rep. that ChatR is NOT Rogers, it is a new company…. So, YES Rogers or NO Rogers or YES AND NO Flanker.

    • Ted

      1. ChatR: No Data
      2. ChatR: $0.25 cents per min. to retrieve voice mail
      3. Supporting ChatR = Supporting Rogers = Killing the
      new entrants = Back to Square One = Gouging Customers again

  • XER

    Oh… by the way.. I forgot to mention that I have a lady friend called Sandra who worked in a Rogers Plus store. She and her boyfriend switched to Wind in mid Dec for $40. Sandra is using Nexus S and her boyfriend is using a Nokia N8. Isn’t that sweet for this pair of love bird?

    Let me ask Sandra if she has more than 10 people she wants to talk to everyday! Hahaha

  • stevo

    this is very pitiful of rogers. they say with a this competition activity we came out with this promo. hahahaha lol…how bout coming out with an actual plan that will actually compete how bout coming out with a $40 plan like mobilicity and offer the same. now that would be called competition. and without a dumb 3 year contract offer this plan to everyone.

    • Rogers Rep

      We did.

      Chatr $35/m unlimited voice and text nationwide plus voice mail and caller id.

      Chatr is Rogers

    • michael

      if you wanted chatrs plan for $35 a month
      why not use winds $25 festive cheer plan
      same stuff unlim talk and text. Plus it costs 25 cents/min when you don’t have voicemail on your plan. (OR add it for 5/month with NO charge/min therein)

  • Bob

    rogers is going to have to come out with a better plan,, the public is seeing that now,,,

    if they dont,, it will be a slow but steady stream of people leaving as contracts are up,,,

    so its obvious with large number of subscribers they should be able to offer lower pricing and still make a healthy profit,,

    so rogers quit chasing your tail and be the lead dog,,

  • Brian

    Telus has had this plan for the last 2 months. And no GRRF. Plus it includes voice mail.

    Get bent Rogers.

  • RogersGuy

    I’m just throwing it out there, but the Rogers retentions dept. has a $50 Unlimited daytime minutes/North America wide calling plan they are offering in cancellation situations. I’m not defending Rogers in any way, but if you’re tied into a long contract, it may be worth the call. That combined with the $30 6GB plan and a free (comp) $12vp is a pretty killer deal.

    • espink

      Is that $30 on top of the $50 plan? or included?

  • espink

    What is Extreme Text Messaging? and what makes it better than regular text messaging?

    • Rogers Rep


      Text messaging has just been taken to the next level! From sending a text to a distribution list, to creating a personal signature to blocking unwanted texts, new Extreme Text Messaging features let you do so much more with text. Best of all of these new features are available at no additional cost for any Rogers wireless customer, whether you are using text messaging on a pay-per-use basis or as part of the messaging allowance in your plan or add-on1. And you can manage these new features easily via the My Account section of the Rogers Mobile Internet Portal.


    I won’t call Rogers.

    Frankly, if they are serious about the customers, they should proactively contact the customers instead of we calling them. They will simply let you stay on the same plan and continue to gouge you and the next thing you notice, you have a hole in your pocket burned by them. They will never learn their lesson and their senior managements are super tunnel vision that don’t plan to work at Rogers from a long term prospective, they only see short term $$ in their eyes ie bonus, stock options etc. Leave Rogers, this is the only way that this industry can be changed in this country.

    • RogersGuy

      I understand exactly where you are coming from, but the reality of the situation is that many people are outside of the WIND/MOBILICITY footprint (myself included), or don’t have the financial freedom to dump $500 on ECF fees and then purchase an unsubsidized handset. Sure in a perfect world, we’d all cancel and join the good guys, but it isn’t. My above comment was merely to help those who are in my situation as a screwed over Rogers customer.

    • Jonesy1966

      @Rogers’ Guy.

      Who’s charging those ECFs Wind? Mobilicity? Public?

      As you know the answer is Rogers, Bell & Telus.

      So if you’re so concerned about the financial concerns of Canada’s mobile users, I suggest it’s about time you killed these and other usury charges.

  • Peter

    This is very sad, still after a year since wind launched and mobilicity launched as well rogers still won’t compete properly. They are pitiful first they launched another brand called chatr which broke competition rules, then made false advertisement ads which they got fined $10 million then now they are making misleading claims against mobilicity which they will probably be fined another $10 million soon, even with all this competition out there, they still don’t get it, their stubborn a holes. Giving out pitiful promos which are no where close to competing for real is a joke. Rogers wake up and realize your promos aren’t anywhere to offer value. Come out with plans that are compared to wind and mobilicity now that would be competing, and close your pitiful brand chatr and compete with your brands you have now with rogers, and fido. Smart people are realizing the true value with Wind and mobilicity and will never go with rogers cause there’s no value there.

  • Bruce

    Rogers is very very aggressive lately.

    I switched from Rogers to Telus right before Xmas because Rogers is giving me a hard time.

    The retention department refuse to give me any discount/promo plan after I told them I will switch. (I’m not asking for some crazy plan. I just want what the new subscriber get. and I’m virtually a new subscribe as I only had 2 months left)

    Rogers should have started these promotions and treat the current subscriber better in the start. Not coming out with all these amazing plans AFTER people left.

    just me 2 cents.

  • Hilroy

    @jarr …. but you also have

    1) poor selection of devices
    2) unsubsidized
    3) lower coverage

    rogers still the big winner.

    1) Incorrect. You are free to bring your own phone to Wind and Mobilicity, such as the Google Nexus S. Also don’t forget both companies are adding new BBs in the near future.
    2) Incorrect again. Wind offers WindTab if you buy a from phone from them.
    3) Coverage is always expanding, both of these companies are just barely 1 year old and Robelus have had decades to build their network. Give them some time, their network will be large enough for most people.

  • Regulator

    150 minutes wow how generous!!!!

  • Me Ted


    “…. but you also have

    1) poor selection of devices
    2) unsubsidized
    3) lower coverage”

    1) wrong
    2) wrong
    3) irrelevant – I’m in the GTA 98% percent of the time. But that’s just me.

    • Stimulator

      Actually about 15% of the Canadian population lives in the GTA, and about another 10%+ live in the other cities that Mobi/Wind cover, so really about 1 in 4 Canadians currently have access to better choices! So you’re not alone! 🙂

  • slype

    After being with Rogers for 13 years, I paid the $400 to ditch them and I have never been happier.

    They should be contacting their customers and giving them decent plans instead of people having to call and threaten to leave. What a messed up system that is.

    I am spreading the word to everyone I meet about how great things are in a competitive market and that they have decent options if they leave Rogers or Bell.

    Rogers is trying to compete but by doing so, they are showing how out of step they are with the market.

  • Nico

    If this was $25 and included caller id and maybe more minutes, I might be slightly impressed. At that price it should include unlimited incoming/unlimited browsing.

  • JAWG


    So what did Sandra say does she have more than 10 people that she wants to talk to since we’re all waiting for the info…maybe she can’t respond yet because she’s using the Wind network.Ha!Ha!Ha!

    In any case,just because Rogers doesn’t give you what you demand like kids screaming for candy doesn’t instantly mean that Wind is better and why your whole angry philosophy that thousands are leaving the Big Three is just ridiculous…bottom line is there is no threat yet and with the cheap phones/infrastructure difficulties/lousy service including low rates Wind is probably struggling to survive and with the massive problems on Orascom’s side also who hold 65-75% of the shares this just adds more burden to the situation.

    I know your beliefs are only based on simple hate for the incumbents for individual distorted reasons,still the projected Subs are not even close to what they should be for Wind in the first year even though new entrant was competing with them initially indicating customers are remaining with Rogers/Bell/Telus,their Sub Brands and trying other Newbies and your assumptions are hilarious.And of course going to a Newbie you will pay a price in quality/performance and none of them are close to any of the incumbents.For this reason the incumbents basically simply have to wait and watch the Newbies burn themselves out,if they do begin to feel pressure all they have to do is offer similar plans and the Newbies are dead in the water as they can’t even provide better CS…pretty simple logic to understand.So don’t scream and wait for the changes.

    Although I went to Mobi for personal use since they are Canadian knowing this and they are far superior to Wind in every way in a much shorter period of time,they are creating a niche for themselves in the larger cities where they are licensed and that’s all they need which gives them the advantage…mainly why the the Big Three have always indicated they will be a threat in time if they survive and even though I don’t agree with their advertising/marketing/direction they are leading the way now after a slow start.

    So,thumb me down boys,insult my dog and jump up and down like lunatics,yet what some Fanboys here state means nothing and the real war is out there where action by people is more important especially against the CRTC/Government to correct the mess…when the majority of you leave this site you go on Facebook/Twitter/etc or your porn sites on your Androids and you think complaining with personal attacks on here will change the industry.

    Good luck with that one!!!

    • chall2k5

      Orascom owns ~30% of the shares… line with the US investor(s) ownership of Mobilicity(DAVE wireless) Although both companies have massive internationally financed debt loads

      the only new entrant who has most of the equity and debt from Canada is Public

  • JAWG

    Making money is evil


    Wow Jawg, if you even had a clue! Lol

    Ignorance will get you left behind little fella!

    Mobi is far more superior too huh? It must be the their small coverage zone.

    Enjoy staying the limited GTA Fool!


    Wow Jawg you really are off your rocker!

    Ignorance will get you left behind!

    Mobi is better than Wind in every aspect too?

    It must be that very limited GTA zoning you like? Fool!

  • ben

    There some thoughtful commentary here on both sides…

    I’d imagine that Rogers will report a big increase in profit next quarter when they count all the money they reaped from all the early cancellations. Bonus!

  • JAWG


    Right…anything you say…plus you get perfect service with WIND don’t forget!Ha!Ha!Ha!


    Talk about ignorance and having no clue,Mobi only bought licenses for the areas they are in which has high density in terms of population having an advantage in the bigger cities to maintain their infrastructure to grow…however Wind started by claiming they were going to be a national carrier where now they downgraded themselves knowing they never will be and bought licenses for areas they’ll never be in while sacrificing services in their home zones to expand cheaply .Wind’s home areas still suck after a year and Mobi’s are improving weekly with less flaws.Good luck FOOL!

  • Ralph

    This plan sounds great to me…after the hell wind put me through…

    Check this, I got a new phone from Wind at Xmas, and it was defective when it came out of the box. I took it to the point of purchase where the rep was talking to his gang of friends while half listening to what I was saying. He then told me that it was my problem, and I’d have to buy a new phone…refusing to give me my money back. I asked to speak to a manager, and he told me it wasn’t going to happen. They treated me like a joke in that store, and the whole time his friends were calling me rascist names (I’m Asian)and laughing at me. So, I decided to call customer service and explain my situation, and after being put on hold for 15 minutes, the rep told me had had no idea what to do. So now, I’ve got no phone, and my grandparents are out 450$ for a Christmas gift that didn’t work (that’s a lot of money for them too!).

    Forget Wind. Worst company ever. The only thing really unlimited is their horrific way of treating people.

    • tbr

      Your story sounds a bit fishy but if what you are saying is true you should contact the better business bureau and make a complaint.

    • Ted

      Sounds like BS to me. This usually happen in a Rogers store.

  • tbr

    30% you say Chalk, I believe it is more like 60% Orescom investment in wind. That is why the CRTC got involved. If Orescom only had 30% there would have never been a CRTC rejection of wind until Clementina came along and said it was a one time decision.

    Please Chalk get some facts straight first before you try to impress us with your knowledge.

    I personally do not care about the foreign ownership issue but the facts are the facts.

    • chall2k5

      Im not denying that they dont control ~70% of the debt, but as the structure shows (same with DAVE wireless) foreign ownership only controls ~30% of the voting shares

      @JAWG…i never claimed to have “perfect” service, but I am getting a repeater installed free of charge by Globalive next week should help boost my signal while i’m @ home, and yes, I still live inside future expansion zone, not Wind Home

      personally, I would rather see these foerign ownership restrictions lifted for telecom to help increase broadband and wireless penetration rates….the incumbents simply don’t want to compete….this new “my10” plan is evidence enough

  • JAWG


    Wind is crap and nothing about them is acceptable in my opinion,however I doubt if the incident happened like you stated and that simple employees earning minimum wage would act the way they did as it seems like a criminal/Human Right’s issue…so post the location of the store/your name if genuine and go after them by reporting back here.Unless it’s not an actual authorized store I can’t see this happening and if it did even if the CEO is an i***t I would contact him for a reaction.

    • michael

      JAWG. “it’s not fair” is all I hear coming out of your mouth.
      But please.
      Make your sentences make sense.
      WIND was allowed by the CRTC and they’re here to stay.
      Deal with it.
      Oh and BTW. Mobi hasn’t reinforced their network… not even since they opened. They just made the coverage map “more accurate”.

  • Max

    UNLIMITED Extreme Text Messaging
    UNLIMITED Picture & Video Messaging
    only to your my10 or to anyone ??

    • Peter

      To anyone (I have this My10 plan and can verify this).

  • Nico

    This plan should be $25 and include more minutes and caller id. For $35 it should include unlimited incoming/unlimited mobile browsing and caller id. It still won’t be as good as the new guys, but would be better than what Rogers currently users.

  • Bob

    if anybody in here is a fanboy,, its JAWG

  • JAWG


    On that note I agree,if the government is going to allow garbage into the market with the CRTC never changing anything we might as well allow others from the US/Overseas in and hopefully the most reputable companies will succeed…still it may kill the industry.


    Like everyone on our side our words do make sense,we have a legit concern against Wind-Orascom and if you can live with that level of corruption just for cheaper rates fine…however it has nothing to do with being unfair and more to do with dishonesty.If you support it or actually honor this garbage the situation will get worse in the future,both our industry and technology will suffer and guys like you will be responsible for what happens which got us in this mess in the first place…the main reason Wind-Orascom should be attacked is so it doesn’t happen again and I’m confident that in time with their record/history they will destroy themselves like in every other market they are in.Hopefully soon and faster out of greed.

    • chall2k5

      Wind is here for the long run (whether or not OTH/VC stay as the only investors, thats another question) but now they are established, they will succeed. I would like to see more investment in both Wind and obi by the US guys….maybe some reciprocal roaming agreements

  • JAWG

    Thanks BOB…you added so much to this discussion.

  • Guest

    This is a straight copy out of Telus which is the Voice and Messaging Plan 35 that was out 1.5 months ago…lol

    Rogers is really behind in the game…geeze!!!


    It’s funny how the Rogers posts have the most replies!!! Everyone is leaving Rogers is all I ever hear yet they still have the most subscribers and still make record profits!!

    lol you Wind and Mobifools kill me!!! lol

  • Bob

    you know what JAWG,, I will put my money where it keeps money in my pocket,, wether you like it or not,, maybe these start up companies are not perfect yet,,, but I supported rogers long before they had coverage that they have now,,

    Rogers has been screwing us over on pricing for awhile now,, and thats not the worst of it, there customer service has declined to the state of terrible in a quick hurry,,

    if you are so concerned about foriegn ownership,, where do you shop for anything and what do you buy

    JAWG you are the one who rants and raves to the point of pisssn people off, as you believe what you believe and want everyone to believe it (sounds like fanboy to me )

    maybe you should learn to say your point with less confritation and less pointing of fingers,,

    I dont know if you can see by now, but if you actually read peoples post, there is alot pissed off with rogers, with good reason,,

    there is my bringing to the discussion

  • HOwdy

    I signed on with Wind last week. Service is generally ok but it gets really bad in some buildings. I had no signal at all last week in the mall for example. I went skiing on the weekend and racked up a nice away zone text bill. The phone keeps switching to away zone when im at work even though im a few km away from the home service border. Im thinking about getting this plan from Rogers as I don’t think i call more than 10 people.

  • grr

    This must a joke right? Well done Robbers! You are really a funny clown!

  • Archangelca

    I am beginning to think maybe the whole marketing department of Rogers should be fired. False advertisements, not competitive promotions and etc. A high school kid could do a better job.

  • JAWG

    To answer your post Bob!

    (((you know what JAWG,, I will put my money where it keeps money in my pocket,, wether you like it or not,, maybe these start up companies are not perfect yet,,, but I supported rogers long before they had coverage that they have now,)))

    Did I say you can’t or stop you from doing that!

    (((Rogers has been screwing us over on pricing for awhile now,, and thats not the worst of it, there customer service has declined to the state of terrible in a quick hurry,,)))

    Wrong…the CRTC and government have been screwing you and the Incumbents are simply working in the flawed system that was established where soon all the Newbies will be acting the same way…proof is that Orascom was allowed to blatantly break our foreign ownership laws by allowing them in and Clement the hypocrite actually pushed this along.Can’t wait to see the new Spectrum sale from going on sale in the mess that will cause and why our professional group is warning them.

    (((if you are so concerned about foriegn ownership,, where do you shop for anything and what do you buy)))

    Don’t get off topic…we’re talking about the Mobile Industry in Canada…not fruits/cars/diapers.

    (((JAWG you are the one who rants and raves to the point of pisssn people off, as you believe what you believe and want everyone to believe it (sounds like fanboy to me ))))

    I’m not ranting you are and the reason some are pissed off is because they hate the truth and are Fanboys,individuals who don’t have an opinion and are blindly supporting Wind strictly to promote them with lies/insults/personal attacks for lower rates with no emphasis to technology or our future.I don’t care what you or others think of me or my side and if you need support to feel good you have issues.

    (((maybe you should learn to say your point with less confritation and less pointing of fingers,,)))

    Maybe you should learn to read my opinions with less anger and not support cretins who wish to ban people strictly because they don’t agree with you or you want to silence them not to be heard.

    (((I dont know if you can see by now, but if you actually read peoples post, there is alot pissed off with rogers, with good reason,,
    there is my bringing to the discussion)))

    I know there are a lot of angry individuals and they should be,however they are angry at the wrong people for the wrong reasons and backing Fanboys or corrupt corporations like Orascom is a joke that won’t change anything.So…scream all you want and try to crucify me for telling the truth like the rest in my group…but supporting the ignorance of the Fanboys and Orascom will only kill our Industry faster.

  • JAWG

    I am a Rogers Fanboy, please support Rogers…

  • JAWG

    I’m on Mobi you i***t and you’re a WIMP!

  • Just a Guy`

    Just Called a couple days ago and complained about some issues. Got a free phone and 100 dollars off my bill. Plus I got an upgrade to the new MY10 Package, Despite the fact that I’m not in school as of this second.

    One guy said it best. If your not satisfied. Get on the phone and Complain. You will get results. Customer Relations…Not support…

  • Doug

    Checkout their financials. These guys make the banks look like chumps. Rogers does 7billion in wireless alone and shows a profit of 3.2 billion. Ask your MP…..where is the competition? Who, in the current economic environment can boast a 45% profit margin. Our government shows no leadership, and it stinks of corruption.

  • Amber

    I was just wondering if I could call someone on my my10 that is visiting the US without it charging me extra?