Nexus One to officially receive upgrade to Gingerbread “in the coming weeks”


  • Mark

    This means the HTC Desire should easily be able to accommodate Gingerbread too, given the similarities of the two devices. Now lets see if Telus and HTC can get on that sometime in the next 8 months.

  • Karam


    You can get this upgrade sooner by rooting your phone.
    Google has released the source code for it so it should be available to rooted phones in a few weeks!

    By the way, the new HTC Sense is sickkkkk!!!!!!!

    • Mark

      Yeah, I know. I’m just not much interest in rooting. Every rooting advantage that appealed to me was brought to my device by froyo. But I might change my mind when the manufacturers warranty is up in another 48 weeks.

  • tbr

    Translation, we have some Nexus ones we have to sell so we had better upgrade the OS to boost sales because people are only buying Nexus S.

    • zorxd

      No. This is called product support.

  • tbr

    zorxd, you have to think like a business man not a consumer.

    • Sub-Joker

      The prices of the N1 already dropped when the NS was announced. with the 2.3 upgrade or not, the prices are still gonna be below the nexus S.
      I was disappointed coz I though Google said the N1 is the first phone to receive Gingerbread. so I was hoping to get it last week before the launch of the NS. but I hope to receive it before the end of the year.