CRTC says it’s mandatory for all telecom service providers to join CCTS

Frustrated with your service provider? You’re not alone. About a month ago the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications (CCTS) released their annual study and found that 51% of the total telecom complaints (3,747) were regarding wireless. Billing errors (44%) and contract disputes (35%) were at the top of the list.

The CCTS was created in 2007 and is an independent and industry-funded agency that customers can dispute issues such as billing, contracts and service regarding telephone, wireless and Internet providers. Companies with $10 million in annual revenues or more were mandated to join, but those under have always had the option to become members or not. However, the CRTC declared today that effective January 2011 all Canadian telecom service providers must join the CCTS.

It’s probably a good move for us customers… blowing the doors open to include all telecom players at all levels will certainly increase the number of complaints. Hopefully the CCTS has the capacity to beef up their staff and train them in time for January.

Source: Canoe