Canada Post releases iPhone app

Canada Post has released a free iPhone app (and also works on the iPad and iPod touch) that allows you to track your packages and locate post offices. Pretty simple and to the point – to track the package you just have to type in the tracking number and to find a post office it uses GPS for nearby locations. Canada Post says they are working on a BlackBerry app for early 2011 but no word yet on Android, Windows Phone 7 or webOS.

Louis O’Brien, SVP and CCO at Canada Post said “we have seen an increase in the use of mobile devices to access our website, and we expect demand for mobile-enabled services to continue to grow. We’re pleased to be able to launch this application just in time for the holidays as this is the busiest time of year for many of our customers.”

We’re more curious about where Canada Post stands with launching wireless devices in 2011.

Check it out here at Canada Post