Rogers to release a new premium “Data Priority Service”?


  • Terry

    I wonder if they have internal bets at Rogers to see how many i****s fall for and pay for services like this?

  • Kim

    I wonder if this will be considered throttling?

  • Endi

    I think they should just upgrade the network as they normally would. Why not make it gradually better for all instead of good for a select few?

    • Nadeem

      thats how an ethical company would go about it.

  • TomatoGuy

    Only Robbers could come up with something like this despite all competition that’s going on right now. They are digging grave for themselves, that’s for sure.

  • Chris O

    The thing that concerns me here, is that instead of upgrading their networks to avoid this kind of “congestion” they will instead just sell this priority service.

    I’m curious as to exactly what kind of congestion they are running into, and if their network is that congested, shouldn’t they upgrade their capacity, not sell this junk?

  • Gussy

    Its silly. Sure some people will fall for it. But Rogers risks alienating the rest of the customer base by releasing this. It could backfire quite bad.

  • saltorio

    I can see it now. Rogers rolls out this service and all of a sudden we normal customers start seeing major lag in their network. Their response: “You can pay an extra $10 to ensure these standard network slowdowns don’t affect you.”

    • EatMyShorts

      Exactly what I thought when i first read this.

    • krazyt

      Seriously! I live in Richmond, BC and have an iPhone 3GS and I’m seriously thinking of just going back to using a “basic” phone just because I’ve been having so many issues with the poor data speeds that constantly time-out. I already pay $85/mth to Robers and they want an extra $10? Thanks but NO, I’ll downgrade back to ancient tech. 🙂

    • TheMaster

      That’s exactly the point…I’m surprised that only few people realize this tactic to increase pricing on their plans.

  • Don

    Giving bandwidth priority to people who pay extra? Garbage like this is why we need net neutrality laws.

  • skeptic

    More likely the people that don’t pay will have their bandwidth downgraded during peak hours.

  • David

    I guess this means that Rogers have finally given up, on labelling themselves the ‘most reliable network 🙂

    Note: Telus and Bell offer this to all their customers (for free)

  • Phonemodo

    I think it may be something more along the lines of allowing customers higher speed access, like how Bell is charging a $10/mth premium to access the 42MBPS network

  • HighDefiniasian

    That’s pretty amazing that Rogers would stoop to this to offer “priority” data services. I feel sorry for the average consumer schmuck who gets booted off their data stream for someone who is prioritized because they pay more. Data should be stable for everyone!!!

  • EJ

    In before JAWG’s inevitable “Rogers doesn’t swindle like Orascom” garbage

  • Cziggy

    Boooo, less a*s rape

  • RIOT

    RIOT!!! RIOT!!! RIOT!!!

  • Miknitro

    Robbers indeed!

    Carp provider, premium pricing.

  • Reggie Noble

    I’m currently with Rogers and I never really had any serious problems with my data or reception. This new priority add-on is a foolish idea and the funny thing is that people are going to get suckered into adding this to their plan by Rogers CS agents.

    If people are dumb enough to add this service, then it’s the customers fault. They’re called “Robbers” for a reason.

  • Fenton

    Rogers already has a similar service for voice. Wireless Priority Service (WPS)gives priority voice call access to organizations approved by Industry Canada. The cost is $10/month. Search the Rogers website for “WPS”.

  • Mark


    We at Rogers value your monthly fees, but we really don’t want to spend the money to upgrade our network to provide our valuable customers we promised them in their contracts. Therefore, we will begin throttling your data plans so that it puts much less strain on our inadequate infrastructure. However, for an additional outrageous monthly fee, we will unthrottle your account so you can enjoy the service we promised you in the first place. We realize that this might be an inconvenience, but rest assured that a Rogers executive will get a generous bonus thinking up this scheme which will surely result in a sizeable uptick in our stick price one day in the fiscal year.

  • jarr

    it’s a good idea for the company to make back money on its investments.

    all of you would do this too if you invested money into something and wanted to make profit instead of giving things away for free.

    for example, most people would agree that it is a “good idea” to “flip” a house for a “profit” rather than for a “loss”. further to that, most people would agree that it is a “good idea” to “flip” a house for “greater profit” if given the opportunity.

    not a hard thing to comprehend, but most of you have no business sense at all so it is pointless trying to convince you otherwise.

    • JP

      @Jarr – Do you know how Rogers is going to use these additional fees? Are they spending the fees to upgrade their copper to fibre?

      If you know something about that isn’t explained in the post, please enlighten us. Otherwise don’t make up false analogies and then say that other people are the ones without business sense. You obviously don’t have a clue either.

    • Endi

      They make a lot of profit and I not against that at all. What I am against is Rogers continuously taking an underhanded approach for new sources of revenue by adding perceived value to something that really has no purpose. How do I know that this won’t create more congestion for those who do not opt in because they decided to prioritize certain data streams? Also, you example is highly flawed. Property usually rises in value due to the simple supply/demain correlation, however technology actually depreciates, and does so rather quickly but can you honestly tell me that this is leading to lower prices from Rogers? Why does a value pack give me less value now than it did a year ago? because of “Extreme” text messaging… what a joke, my phone can already do those things without their system..

    • jarr

      sure. i’ll respond. they aren’t charging these fees to make up for any extra capital that it will take to provide this service proposed. you are correct.

      what they are doing, is charging these fees to recoup the cost of ALL THE BILLIONS OF CAPITAL THEY HAVE ALREADY SPENT on the network, over the past several years.

      look up the term “Return on Invested Capital” and “Return on Equity”, learn a thing or two about finance and business, and then talk to me.

      you guys simply don’t get it. it is very VERY expensive to build a wireless network. you bozo’s think it is as simple as “putting up a tower” and “wiring some cables”, all at the low cost of what, $100 bucks a cell tower?

      try again.

    • Marty

      @Jarr Even though your comment actually doesn’t make any sense, I’m pretty sure I understand what you’re trying to say. The profound “business sense” that you possess tells you that if you can charge more, you will make more!? Which business school did you attend? The problem with charging people for this improved access access is alienating customers who believe that they are not being treated fairly and hence the reverse of your wise thought might happen: you charge more, you make LESS. GASP!

    • Max

      Sure businesses such as Rogers is a “for profit” corporation. At end of the day, it is how much money they cash in. However a corporation of this magnitude also has social and moral responsibilities.

  • darylscool

    lol look at these clowns. priority data? what’s next? priority texting?

    • J Diddy

      I could definitely see a priority text service rolling out that guarantees your texts get to their recipient right away.

      In regards to the data, I wouldn’t be surprised if they started throttling their speeds in order to get some customers to buy this priority data service.

  • Vineet

    looks like they are recovering the $10M fine which was slapped a week ago by charging $10 from every customer…

    • Dan

      pulled the words right out of my mouth!

  • Andrew


    And thankyou for confirming for everyone here that you work for Rogers. What an i***t you are if you think something like is in anyway acceptable.

  • OMG Ponies!

    My ROFLcopter goes r-r-r-r-r-ripoff.
    So by my calculations, Rogers will begin primetime throttling of mobile data just before this goes live.
    All in order to “prevent” network outages due to congestion, instead of fixing the upcoming issue by upping capacity.
    Oh wait… silly me, that would mean investing in their soon to be replaced network once LTE goes live, and then switching that $10 charge to allow “4G” connectivity a la Sprint in the US.
    They’re taking your money one way or the other, and most will follow suit.

  • John

    I am rather concerned that my provider (Rogers) appears incapable of delivering my data service for the fee I am providing. For them to even propose an “extra” fee to ensure I get the service I am paying for to begin with is er….lets just say I can see a class action lawsuit brewing. CRTC will likely get involved in this pronto as well.

  • Ben G

    What a cop out! Upgrade your network, don’t advertise the same speeds to everyone then only guarantee it for thhose who pay premium prices. What happens when their crappy network is so congested that everyone pays for this service? Who gets priority then?

  • JAWG


    Don’t be a complete i???t!

    Why is it that jarr made the only logical remark that is sensible when it comes to running a business as he understands the purpose behind this and all of you only base your moronic opinions on hate towards the company that is 100% irrational with absolute asinine comments that have no meaning .

    As for Orascom…they are corrupt with proven record in the courts and there is no disputing that.

    • Dom

      You didn’t really answer me last time JAWG. Does your pussy hurt? Would you like some ice?

    • chall2k5

      You say Orascom is corrupt? prove it….you have yet to back up your comments with any facts

  • Colin

    This is crap, if they start throttling peoples Data to get people to believe they need this 10$ charge I hope the CRTC gets involved, and slaps them with an even bigger fine. If they want to be like bell and charge the $10 for access to the 42mbps network or whatever thats fine, but throttling my service so that they are trying to force you to spend an extra 10$ per month for a service you should already get is just ridiculous. It’s not surprising that when countries are graded on their wireless networks Canada is always last.

  • Dom

    You’ve got to be effing kidding me. What planet do these assclowns live on and how do I ensure that I never end up there?

  • Rabbit D***os

    That’s brutal and it really undermines their network to begin with. Why am I paying for services that require extra fees to actually work?

  • Jim

    Great, as soon as this goes live expect plenty of slowdowns for 6gb subscribers to force us to pay more. Especially those using a lot of data. Rogers well never stop with the attempted rape.

  • Richard

    ok…ok… lets just take a look at this. Let’s assume that everyone signs up for this, then wouldn’t the congestion situation be the same? lol. this is lame s**t Rogers…

  • ahaa

    Unbelievable !!

  • halfsteppin

    One step forward and two steps back. This company seems like it will do anything to make a quick buck. Rogers, I have an idea on how you can really get your customers. Start selling meth. Seriously, I know you guys don’t have a conscience so why put some highly addictive meth in with your cell phones. The good thing about meth is you’ll never run out of customers. Even the ones that die from meth use can always be replaced.

  • Justin Credible

    So, this will be another more expensive System Access Fee.

    Absolutely ridiculous. A fee on top of your fee. Wow.

  • Edwin S

    this is exactly what we are gonna see happen if CTRC doesn’t step in and control this. We will start experiencing “congestions” soon after this service comes in.

  • Hollander

    Recall Fido used to offer an “extended network” $5 option where customers could benefit from the Rogers network on their Fido device. It was done away with due to the instant value proposition it granted competitors. Something stinks with this story. Rogers is all for making new mistakes, but making the same mistake twice? It would be a wireless caste system!

  • JAWG


    No need for ice Bro…my cat is fine.Thanks for asking!

    And some of you just can’t read!

    Rogers is asking “THEIR CUSTOMERS” if they are interested in this service which obviously doesn’t apply to any of you who hate the company for irrational childish reasons which is the minority and it’s their choice whether or not they pay for it “IF” it ever gets implemented…so what is wrong with that?God are you pathetic and brainless.

    The service each person is getting will remain the same and I have absolutely no problems regarding my usage even at rare times when there is a slight difference.It’s a lot better than my other Sympatico line in another city and all you guys are doing is making accusations with no substance.I remember years ago when Telus was having problems in Toronto with their network during restructuring and also handling the Police lines which were causing dropped calls,they asked if our department needed priority service and we did…so there was a small extra charge for that.With all the kids these days on-line wasting time strictly for entertainment and peak times being drained,I can see a lot of individuals going for this and if you claim they need to build the network better it can only mean that they are gaining more users rapidly.

    Honestly,is it wiser to stay with someone like Wind who supposedly only has 140,000 customers where you are paying slightly less for their plans,yet after a whole year in business with limited users you are also still dealing with pathetic CS/lousy reception/dropped calls/roaming in your own home zone/blocked ports/VM problems/erratic billing and unlimited that really isn’t unlimited depending on location that would kill any businessman…and with their debts/poor network building/lack of resources if they last at all in the future is it really worth staying with them for years losing all those funds hoping for improvement and not really having great performance unless you sit under one tower all day that works.Fido never became really great until they were bought by Rogers and with your sick immature attitude you believe the Newbies will take over the world only with cheaper rates.

    Moronic laughable beliefs!!!

    • chall2k5

      JAWG….I have yet to experience any dropped calls, VM issues, call quality issued, Data speed slowdowns, etc…. (within the advertised home zones, the only dropped calls I have ever received are in switching to Wind Away (oh ya thats right ROGERS)

      Stop believing every troll you see in the forums that receive money from RoBellUs like yourself, and start asking “REAL” people.

      If Wind’s network was really that crappy, people wouldn’t stay with them

  • CrazyHammer

    You all realize that if Rogers does this all other carriers will as well. Then you cannot simply switch away from Rogers. I believe this would be challenged in court before it every went live.

  • larry harvey

    Basically they are saying in a round about way “Your network is NOT built to handle the capacity,Instead of building it up we will sock you for choosing Robbers”

  • Lexcyn

    I don’t see how this can be legal since what you are paying for is essentially access to their network, but if their network doesn’t work as advertised is that not bait and switch? IE making you pay MORE now to get what they originally promised you (which is access to their network at the advertised speeds).

    I smell lawsuits or the CRTC stepping in on this one.

  • JAWG


    Regardless what you think or say I am not a troll and I don’t listen to trolls…all the people I know who have tried Wind left for the above reasons and I respect their opinions more as well as my own experiences.

    And your foolish assumption that everyone who dislikes Wind or is against them works for Rogers is a joke,plus many Wind employees are not that loyal who love to talk and I assure you that customers are leaving…and by you stating that you have almost perfect service compared to the rest makes your comments bias in the least and I simply don’t believe either you or Reg.Like Reg saying he gets perfect reception on Hamilton Mountain where even emergency services have problems using the best systems and military Z2Z units.What I find interesting is that on Wind as a customer moves towards a mast it doesn’t get a stronger signal and the weaker mast it was attached to doesn’t release as it’s supposed to,the network in short is struggling in the Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville area which causes dropped calls or poor reception maybe not even related to towers and is being built cheaply or too fast… after a whole year in the home zone it should be better and the last thing you want is to expand in this condition making the whole network weak.Not completely so for Mobilicity…they are better/somewhat stronger and if they only changed their direction/philosophy/attitude they could be good.

    Yet,I still say let people find out for themselves instead of listening to liars and don’t put down the Big Three just out of simple hate as their networks as superior with no doubt as the new entrants will take years to catch up if they ever do…simple but true.

    • Jawgs Mother

      Please pardon Jawg. He applied for a job posting at Wind mobile but was turned down based on his hygiene factors.

  • canadaboy

    Yup – building a business model that rewards them for having an inferior network compared to consumer demand. “As long as our network is below the demand level, we can charge more”

  • tbr

    I think they will drop the pricing on the regular plans soon to fight the new entrants. I think that with dropping the price on the plans they will degrade the service and whoever wants premium service will have to pay more.

    Just my speculation let’s see what happens.

  • JAWG

    You want to translate that in English!

    Perfect service/reception/network…anything you say Regulator!

    Increase the Meds…you’re funny you trained monkey!

  • john

    I think rogers is doing this $10 fee because of the court legal fee’s they must pay to Wind mobile for $10 million dollars, they need to get this money from somewhere. Rogers customers are stuck with the $10 million lawsuit.

  • Wireless Gangster

    as early as 6 months ago, Bell Telus Rogers always had the same price plan. So customers were confused as to what made them any different from other? but Rogers always had the upper hand because they were the only GSM network operator. But once Bell and Telus launched GSM, they were able to better compete with Rogers as they are able to offer similar hardware selection, if not better. Not to mention that Rogers GSM network is about 15 years old and Bell and Telus’ is about 1 year old. so Obviously the Bell/Telus network is better, simply because its newer. and at this point where Rogers is already loosing customers to the new companies and to the Bell and Telus as well is still thinking with their 15 year old mentality, milk the customer as much as possible, but what they arent realizing or purposely over looking is that unlike previous years, there is now some real competition in the marketplace. They should stop all this nonsense and get back with their game. they are the ONLY company that charged a $35 activation fee.. and all these factors are finally visually visible now.. just look at their last quarter report and compare it to Bell and Telus. Nadir Mohammad is running this company to the ground.. 1 day at a time.

  • Guest

    Ok Rogers, I surrender, here is my 10$, please don’t throttle me!!!

    Stupid Fawks!!!

  • Regulator

    Here’s a thought JAWG, there are multiple people on this forum who don’t like you, and don’t care about your posts so keep my name out of your mouth loser. I am not posting under multiple handles I leave that immature sh!t to you.

  • Regulator


    Traffic shaping has been standard with internet ISP’s for over 10 years so this isn’t a surprise. Nor is it a surprise that Rogers would try to rip people off like this.

    They have plenty of bandwidth, as JAWGTARD states, Rogers has an excellent networks in place (financed by overcharging customers for decades).

    This should be made illegal.

  • Justin Morgan

    Doesn’t anyone realize this is completely against the principles of Net Neutrality?

    Rogers is just shitting all over the concept of “open internet”.

  • Regulator


    You are correct, I believe it could also be fought as a form of financial segregation, meaning that they are basically giving priority to people who can afford to pay more, than the others who are already providing a service.

    I’m sorry I don’t consider having an expensive “data plan” a privilege when its $ out of my bank. The JAWG’s & TBR’s of the world like being fleeced because they are blind by their own ignorance.

  • Centro

    I was considering switching to Rogers from Bell when Palm Pre 2 is released, but maybe it’s worth it to just get an unlocked one and stay with Bell – I’ve never had slow data service…

  • dabba

    I will so happily pay for Rogers to be shut down!!!

  • JAWG

    Quit frankly I don’t really care what a bunch of immature unemployed kids or hatred filled Windies on here scream about that doesn’t represent the majority of Canadians like john who foolishly states with no knowledge of the real issues that Rogers customers will have to pay for the $10 million law-suit which is actually only a suggested fine that he correlates to the new priority service,legality regarding both the paying of the fine and the right for chatr to exist hasn’t even gone to court yet to be heard where there are reserve funds for this in every company (except your Escort Service)…something both Wind/Mobilicity should fear with their limited resources and lack of corporate support.

    Furthermore,another assumption that Rogers is losing customers daily to the newbies is an absolute joke when their sub numbers are growing significantly while the new entrants have stalled because of poor quality and it’s more likely that Wind for example will fail sooner if Orascom can’t sell their assets in Algiers soon because of their tax evasion without paying their massive fines…some of the moronic statements from certain individuals made on here are incredibly hilarious without any basis and shows your lack of logic.If you had any integrity you would not support real corruption which Orascom represents and wouldn’t it be ironic if war now broke out between N & S Korea because of their insane Dictator where all their hidden funds would be frozen.

    There are also multiple individuals on here who support our side,however they limit their comments because of thugs like you and as I already mentioned before you’re just a little COWARD…if you have a problem with me show up.You’re the one with multiple handles and I have no need for them since I say what I want unlike yourself who hides or imitates people poorly.

  • JAWG

    And what is wrong with Priority Service “IF” you choose to pay for it?

    When you need to send a letter you have the choice to send it either through Regular Mail or Priority Mail,how is this in anyway considered Financial Segregation if the document needs to be delivered fast and how does this in anyway impose on the rights of other users…your logic is absurd to think it does.

    Not everyone needs/wants this service unless you want to pay for it and I could see a lot of Lawyers/Doctors/RE Agents/etc going for it…especially when the pipelines get overloaded by teens watching porn on their parent bought units thinking they have the right to stay on all day and on top of that pay the lowest rates possible.There is nothing wrong with the Rogers network and in no way does this infringe on the rights of those that don’t use it,you’ll still be getting the speeds you’re paying for with only rare interruptions unlike the Newbies and not everyone should be equal…you talk about net neutrality and fail to scold those individuals who abuse the service.And trust me,if you were running a provider you wouldn’t be giving services away for free or structuring rates as low as possible not to make profits so people could spend their whole day on Twitter/Facebook where 90% of the communication is simply meaningless entertainment or junk.

    I love coming on here and hearing all the Captains Of Industry spew their garbage.

    • Regulator

      JAWG, you obviously do not know how ISP’s operate.

      For someone who spends his entire day e-thugging on various mobile forums, you’re not really in a position to discuss what is useful / useless.

  • Regulator


    You have tunnel vision.

    End of discussion


  • JAWG

    You’re filled with absolute hate…no ability to debate.You lie,make false accusation and are a complete low-life…a truly sad individual.Plus a coward.

    So do yourself a favor…allow people to speak and don’t get personal showing your ignorance if you don’t agree with someone.

  • JAWG

    I don’t go on other sites,so quit lying and making a fool out of yourself because you don’t agree with our side…who made you Mobile God.The only thug is you and you can’t even do that right.

  • Regulator


    My comments about ISP’s is based on my experience, education and various certifications to build, deploy, manage networks loser.

    Unlike you I don’t make sh!t up. You are the one filled with hate, hate for WIND. You have a way of trying to spin anything in favor of Rogers or BellUS ripping people off.

    You have a poor understanding of business, and do not really understand politics, or globalism at all. Keep supporting the Big 3 JAWG so they can cripple everything and everyone but themselves. Oh wait I forgot they did that for 3 decades or so.

    You’re known on WIND, Howard Forum, Crackberry too. People make fun of you everywhere you go loser.

  • Regulator

    JAWG you got punted off horward forums, don’t lie son. You have gone on to Wind as “justawiseguy” odd, how that JAWG is the acronym for that.

    You’re talking about asking me to come meet you at some Guido cafe in Brampton so that you can do what? Get your Chuck Norris on and TRY ( I said try) to challenge me to a brawl or something? Then you want to say I’m trying to impress people. Only a moron with no brains would act like a tough guy and challenge someone over the internet, while dropping that you’d be coming from some martial arts lessons.
    For all you know I could be a boxer, or a grapler, or just a fat blob. You have no idea who I am and what I am capable of and you start being an e-thug.

    I have ISP industry experience, I know how they operate therefore I spoke on the issue.

    You write long posts that reek of you trying to convince yourself that YOU know what you’re talking about because frankly most people ignore what you say.

    I never said I was mobile God. I just got tired of seeing your filthy remarks all over this site, and HF, and WIND previously so I stepped up.

    • tbr

      I don’t blame JAWG a bit. You make disgusting remarks about his mother who has passed away and you wonder why he or anyone else would want to meet you to teach you a lesson? You have taken it past civility on any human level but then again only an animal would say what you have against a deceased person which you are.

      I am surprised this forum is not monitored to ban a freaking a**hole like yourself.

  • Mike Lee

    All customers are equal, but some are more equal than others. 🙂

  • JAWG

    Get your facts right Ragulator:

    I left HoFo because like many it’s just plain boring where I can go back anytime I want as I still have an account and please don’t get me started on the Wind web-site,it is simply a propaganda machine filled with immature teens conning individuals to join claiming the service/network is great and removing/deleting any truth that is posted…that is not a way to run a reputable company that preaches “CONVERSATION”.Plus where are the on-line techies after a whole year as promised and by the comments individuals post now you can see it’s a joke.At least Mobilicity doesn’t do that and allows people to find out for themselves.

    It’s not a Guido Cafe as you put it,in fact you would be surprised as to what it really is in regards to nationality and you’re the one who instead of debating maturely insults my dead mother like a coward to defend yourself…you’re the thug trying to ban people who don’t agree with you and attempting to silence free speech which we don’t do.You’re the one also who is brainless and doesn’t have the courage to back your garbage.I don’t care if you’re a boxer/grapler/whatever,I know you’re a fat slob with big mouth/chubby fingers and you’re a wimp for making the statements you make behind the security of a monitor.You’re truly a complete fool…either put up or STFU.

    And let’s get one thing straight,the only person writing filth is you and you stepped up to nothing…your kind breeds ignorance and I assure you our side knows more than you.Get a life man and quit trying to be The Mobile Crusader in the fantasy game in your head.

  • Regulator




  • Pablo Moses

    Well someone have to pay for the $10 Million over the misleading advertising of Cheater (Chatr).

  • JAWG

    Like usual you have nothing vital to say…you’re a burnt piece stale bread!

  • JAWG

    Just like Orascom will have to pay $250+ million in fines for tax evasion in Algiers which has already been proven where the government now wants those funds before any discussion of sale for their assets goes through to merge with the Russians…however Rogers still has to go to court to see if the fine is warranted and the funny thing is that Wind really does have more dropped calls.Imagine that…so where is the misleading advertising!?!

  • MacMan

    This is so Anti net neutrality!!