Rogers to release a new premium “Data Priority Service”?

Here’s an interesting topic that will certainly garner some comments. We got tipped yesterday from a reader who received a Rogers urVoice survey that shows they are thinking about implementing a “premium” service. It’s called “Data Priority Service” and if Rogers is ever experiencing “network congestion” then those customers who sign up for this premium service would be sent their data before the millions of other customers.

Here’s a summary of the “Data Priority Service”:
“The Data Priority Service is a new premium service that guarantees that in the event of any wireless network congestion, your data will be sent and received first. In other words, the Data Priority Service ensures that during busy network times, a subscriber’s data is always sent first, so if the subscriber to this service is web browsing and/or watching an online video on their mobile device they will be less likely than a non-subscriber to this service to be affected by any network congestion”.

Would you want this service and would you pay for it? Or do you everyone should be on the same playing field and no tiered data services when it comes to delivering your data?
(Thanks Matt!)

Update: It seems that Rogers might be asking $10 for this service

Update #2: We’ve heard back from Rogers and although they cannot comment on rumours but “say is that Rogers always designs products and services with the customer in mind. As a result, we test many concepts and ideas with our customers. Sometimes we’re actually considering launching these ideas, but often we’re just testing concepts. Many of the ideas we test never get launched based on customer feedback.”