NorthernTel flips HSPA+ network on in Timmins


  • HighDefiniasian

    Pretty decent lineup for a small carrier in the North even if they are a subsidiary of Bell. Its so awesome that CDMA is going the way of the dinosaur here in Canada.

  • aviking

    Excellent for the people in Timmins.

    How’s the HSPA network going in ALL of Manitoba MTS and Rogers? Oh that’s right next year some time!

    I don’t even joke when I say that once MTS/Rogers gets HSPA going in Manitoba the rest of the country will already have moved on to LTE.

    Manitoba’s new moto “A day late and a dollar short”

  • Brad F

    Meanwhile: Rogers promises to upgrade its towers in Timmins to HSPA by Q4 2018, and will fix its failing tower in South Porcupine sometime in 2024.

  • Dan

    NorthernTel launched their New Liskeard and Kirkland Lake towers last week. So far the network is great and really fast. Especially when you compare it to Rogers where I was getting gprs if I got a signal at all. Rogers told me that New Liskeard was in their 2012 plan for 3G. How can Bell and Telus create a whole new 3G network and still beat Rogers in many areas? I realize that Bell got some money from the government but Rogers could have been part of that too. They just dont care about people outside the major centres.

  • Steve

    Bell actually commits to the rural areas, even if it doesn’t make money for them. Being the 130 year old phone company they understand they have a responsibility to provide people decent service.

  • Curtis

    It’s getting pretty funny that every time there is a story like this one, or something regarding Sasktel, a good portion of the comments are from MTS customers complaining (with good reason). I can laugh because I am one of them.

  • slype

    I visit New Liekeard fairly often and I’ll be happy once they upgrade to 3G. The edge network is so painful to use.

    Good to Timmins for getting the HSPA+.